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    My Top Ten Moments in Chicago for some hardcore Tecmo: #10: Meeting Tom And the crew at D-Men Tap. Great venue, great music, and very friendly atmosphere. Tom did a great job with everything to make this a fun experience. #9: meeting and playing new people live. I love the smaller tourneys because they are a little more personal. Got to actually talk with Rockman, TecmoBo, Flo, Shellabey, and play Mort and Rockman live for the first time. Both turned out in losses but I am a sprouting Bozai Bush that is getting trimmed. I did play Shellabey and did get a win against him. He did kick my butt in SFII. #8: Trojan doing the announcing and his SF II and MK skills. Man is good at all three trades. I did get 1 Win with E. Honda out of 20 matches. Thanks for the media footage and ass kickings. Your dedication and time given is appreciated 10 fold. #7: Brian! This guy is classic. I got to play him and he didn’t disappoint. His Experience is not the best but his personality and enthusiasm is top notch. He does a great radio report as well when commentating. I think also set a record by biggest loss. #6: The Hardcore rules. It really made things tricky and made you think about Tecmo in a different way. Mort bamboozled me with a tier 2 selection and then dropping to tier three in a Raiders vs Vikings match up. I also screwed up with taking the Redskins in tier 3 and Rockman taking the Lions. Gagaga goo #5: My Brothers George and Jock announcing my game. I was cracking up. Those two said some funny stuff and I don’t think they paused or made an actual play by play call. If you want to listen go to the TGFN replay on twitch at the 5 hr 8 min mark #4: Hanging in Chicago with the brothers. I wish they would of played in the tourney but their presence made the trip worth while as well. #3: Great bracket play. We saw some big upsets. Tom over Gats, Hank over 8-Bit, Flo Over Mort for the Championship. It makes Tecmo completions exciting with new competitors winning these tourneys. #2: The nostalgia of being at a live tourney. It’s awesome whether you are new to a Tecmo event or a veteran. The excitement of playing with your childhood NFL legends makes it great. Also the excitement of playing with people cheering, booing, or talking shit makes the experience great. I love it! #1: It’s Tecmo Super Bowl one of the best if not the best game made. Here Here to to the Hardcore Tourney in Chicago. Hopefully there will be another.
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    @suicideking81 I signed up yesterday. So, I will be there. I saw Leif at my tournament in Fishkill. Great guy.
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    I'll be cashing in my 4th place hardcore finish so Tom Stahnke can pay for me. My scrub roommate Gats can pay his own way in.
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    Some pictures from the event:
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    Wow, a real celebrity making the trip to Minnesota! And he might bring his roommate! 😁
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    This is something I enjoy about our smaller tourneys up here in the PNW, although for the most part we have the same core of guys, but every so often someone new shows up or someone old pops out of the woodwork. The time you get together beyond actually playing is almost as good as the battlin'. Catching up, playing other shit, or just talkin tecmo and life. Live Tecmo is the best. Tourneys are the shiznit. Live seasons... They take too long right? Although there's something for that issue...
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    46 DAYS UNTIL CFT 2!!!! Couple of BIGG NAMES HEAH! Let's start with the scrubs... These 2 guys haven't seen the CFT gridiron and won't in 2018. BTW Peep that sick Smokey set of Cards for the Chargers. For my this guy will be on the CFT gridiron for the first time come July 28 And finally, the 2 guys who OWN the number 46 in tecmo. Both are studs. First, for @TheProfessor we have a TE extraordinaire, suiting up for the CFT 2 , it's... before he switched numbers to 85. And for who else, @~Tailback King~ The Yanny to Lonnie's Laurel... Cue up some Too Short, Mack Attack cuz his secondary got Cedric Mack and Tommy MAC!
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    Time to move on. Nothing more to see here. Rant is now over. Tecmo Philly is the next stop for the Tecmo Tour.
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    Since Tecmo is an Actioned Packed game why not have some Action Packed cards. This free raffle prize will also have special meaning come the tourney. He will be bringing some friends too.
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    Atlanta, GA - 6/8/2018 - Tecmo Atlanta

    Right off the bat your playbook has a problem because of the race defect you know exactly when run 2 is coming. Should have put wolfley in. 1. Your first pick you threw way too soon with so many guys open and the qb slightly underthrew it to the rb amd got picked. There was no need to rush it there with everyone open 2. Second pick you threw to the rb and deion was way too close for you to do that and he got back and picked it. 3. Went for it on 4th and 15. Not too likely of a conversion from their where a fg might have helped. 4. What happened on the final play of half. Looked like a botched arrow trick as you threw short. 5. I only counted one fumble which definitely came at a bad time. 6. The scott case int was unlikely but it also came with only 30 sec left in the game so your chances of winning would be small needing an onsides if your wr had caught that. Homer had some int worthy throws but most were throws to rison which is less likely then throwing to rbs and low rec wrs bs deion. I only counted one fumble. The last two ints were desperation and you really cant expect a lot out of phx passing game. You had some bad luck but also some int luck that could have been avoided.
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    You don’t want to miss @SammieSmith33‘s brothers J-Money and The People’s Champ on the color commentary!
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    It was unfortunate. Tough to play through that many TO's. Kudos to the winner, he play well throughout the event.
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    Awesome. Hoping to make it out for the one next Friday in Columbus. Thanks!
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    I guess this forum... I'm still busy but I signed up as some dead money for both the Tecmo and the Tetris Attack the following day (no idea how that hustle is gonna go). If any of you want some T&A practice after the Tecmo, I should be available (although I likely will hit up Valley Forge NP at some point).
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    What can be expected at the promotional events? Single elim tourney?
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    Since my last post wasn’t deleted oddly, I’ll let Bruddog’s post prove my point. The Tecmo gods giveth and they taketh away. Just thought you weren’t giving the winner any credit (which conveniently changed after my post was deleted. Interesting. You or a friend must have forum supervisor powers, I see.). Congrats to HomerFu!