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    After the success of the hardcore tourney this event will be at dmen tap as well. Based on a suggestion by Tom I've edited the prize structure. Official sign ups will start in two weeks. I need at least 12 sign ups to hold the event. Also there will be a satellite event for a free entry. Date to be determined in august.
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    1991 predictions

    1991 is here & with it new divisions & rivalries! Here’s my predictions: AFC east NO: 10-6 KC: 10-6 Rams: 9-7 TB: 4-12 NO w/ NOS is always going to be the favorite as last season he played w a nothing team & had best record in aFC. I think KC w/ new coach Tecmobo & stud RB Bo jackson makes a very tight race between NO/KC for the division & other getting the wildcard If Rams finish 11-5 it wouldn’t be a surprise & this div could send both wildcard teams from. Tampa w the best roster top to bottom will continue to get 1 win better each season as were 3-13 last season. AFC central nYG 12-4 Miami 11-5 NYJ 8-8 Seattle 3-13 NYG/Miami 2 games are going to be the 2 best Tecmo games of the season as both owners can play at upper echelon levels - and both have rosters that are perfectly put together for them. Look for Emmit to dominate this season baring an injury. Miam’s pass attack is ridiculous & his LBs are OMG nasty. I would LOVE to have both games sent to Prime for streaming NYJ- T bone made the playoffs last season by winning div for the first time - his offense is a good team w 63pc Rypien, 50ms terry allen, and 63ms/75rec WR Flipper Andersen & even marv Cook at TE Problem is QB is 6ms so he is vunerable To sacks & on defense All world LB LT aged. He still is going to be a beast but that 56 to 50rp, and 50 to 44int will show at the end of the season as his ints will take a hit. This team lives and dies w LT. If LT gets favorable conditions then watch out but I see 8-8 (give or take 1 game either way) is realistic. Seattle - Eifer is taking his bumps along the way- he is headed in the right direction just going to take a little while to get there. He has a fun roster that is only behind TB for top to bottom talent & he can take over w LB as his rookie last season hit a gain & lead the league in sacks. If Eric Allen can pitch in this season w 4-6 ints that’s all Eifer will need to go from 2 wins to 4 win team. Expect them to give NyG, NYJ. miami tough Games later in season. AFC West SF ?? Pitt 9-7 ATL 8-8 Cin 5-11 being my division I won’t give a prediction for my team on W-Ls. coming off the best record last season but a tough loss to PHI in playoffs hurt my team. Marino hit his first gain in his 8th season so 69pc should make the 2x MVP more efficient - Rookie Gary brown hit great roll to be 50ms, Sam graddy is now 44rec which won’t matter coming From Marino & Lonnie young hit his 2nd straight gain to be at 69int. All that taken into consideration SF should dominate their division but I wouldn’t be surprised if they take a step back vs the new division foes. Pitt - DT won the title last season & hit 2 gains to important positions, WR & DB. This could be another average reg season for him or he could go on a vendetta destroying everyone for doubting him last playoffs. 9-7 I think will be close & if he’s in playoffs he’s the favorite for aFc to go to Bowl again. ATL - the skill is there but the roster is missing that 1 standout bonefide stud. Kosar is 50pc - rb 50ms - wr Moore is 56/50 & if wasn’t for his 56ms would be only offense player w a number higher than 50. Defense same thing. A lot of Average 50 numbers. Their lone 63ms dB is a rookie w 44int. Even so prime finds a way to be 8-8 maybe 9-7. Bengals madtown is getting better each season (A LOT better) & his roster is interesting as he has the studs at RB (Humphrey), DL (Washington 75hp), LB (Romanowski, aged Singletary, & Andre Tippett), & DB (Chuck Cecil 50ms w/ high Hp & Leroy Butler 69/50) but they lack a quality QB as Erik kramer & Andre Ware are both 44pc. Kramer has 75 avoid block which helps him let the ball go but he’s 6ms. Ware is 19ms but 31 avoid pass block & he was in Oakland as a backup last season. On a plus note Madtown had Flutie w same numbers as Ware so he will be comfortable throwing the ball since he did w/ flutie For good yards. Look for Bengals to be 5-11 bc of the competitive division they’re in. Who will take on NFC?
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    @homerfu congrats man!
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    It was unfortunate. Tough to play through that many TO's. Kudos to the winner, he play well throughout the event.
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    Well Congrats @suicideking81 2nd place is nothing to scoff at either. The Tecmo Gods always have their say regardless, I can attest to that.
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    Thanks again to everyone who came out! See you next year!
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    Editing TSB Intro

    This isn't necessarily a trivial thing Check out the following thread Taken from here. Almost everything you'll need to get you up to speed will come from this thread.
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    1st Place - @ImFlo Overall Tournament Record (8-0) Wins paid entry into: 2nd Place - @mort1237 Overall Tournament Record (7-1) Wins paid entry into: 3rd Place - @allamerican1569 Overall Tournament Record (6-2) Wins paid entry into: 4th Place - @hankthetank Overall Tournament Record (4-4) Wins paid entry into: Group Results: THE GOAT GROUP Joey Gats 4-0 Darth Rockman 3-1 Hank The Tank 2-2 Sean C. 1-3 Brian H. 0-4 TECMOBO GROUP Tecmobo 4-0 Kevin C. 2-2 Peter S. 2-2 Donny B. 1-3 Joe L. 1-3 FLO GROUP Flo 4-0 Da Shark 3-1 8-Bit 2-2 Phil N. 1-3 Anson M. 0-4 MORT MAGIC GROUP Mort 4-0 SammieSmith 3-1 Shallahbey 2-2 DJ Psyko 1-3 Joe M. 0-4 RSG and DPS GROUP Tom S. 3-1 DPS 3-1 Kumasi 2-2 Marcius 2-2 Stevie Jay 0-4 When I go through the Tecmo Tour Stat Cards I will have more detailed statistics coming soon.
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    Just for the chance to meet tailback king in person makes all CFT a must attend event.
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    Make sure to watch the stream. Here's the link to the entire broadcast from twitch.tv/tgfnretro
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    TSB trivia game

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    TSB trivia game

    my only issue is #36
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    TSB trivia game

    ANSWERS (AV in parentheses): 1-Warren Moon (166) 7- John Elway (203) 8-Steve Young (171) 13-Dan Marino (216) 16-Joe Montana (146) 20-Barry Sanders (150) 22-Emmit Smith (170) 26-Rod Woodson (190) 27-Steve Atwater (98) 32-Marcus Allen (142) 36-Leroy Butler (109) 38-Eugene Daniel (81) 41-Eugene Robinson (123) 42-Ronnie Lott (161) 46-Tim McDonald (92) 48-Wes Hopkins (72) 50-Mike Singletary (159) 51-Sam Mills (126) 56-LT (182) 57-Rickey Jackson (160) 58-DT (138) 61-Nate Newton (105) 64-Randall McDaniel (164) 65-Gary Zimmerman (131) 67-Stan Brock (115) 74-Bruce Matthews (210) 76-Steve Wisniewski (138) 78-Bruce Smith (223) 79-Ray Childress (110) 80-Jerry Rice (250) 84-Gary Clark (107) 91-Kevin Greene (121) 92-Reggie White (218) 95-Richard Dent (119) 96-Clyde Simmons (114)
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    We have a winner. Congrats to HomerFu
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    A live look at me trying to hold off all advancing Summer Plans with kids and family to keep August 4th open for Tecmo Tomfoolery.....
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    Another free raffle drawing prize. This one is great for your personal collection, introducing your baby to Tecmo legends ( caution: don’t let them play with helmet), or a great Tecmo chew toy for your dog. Either way your making out huge (lol).
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    I want to thank Greg for running an outstanding first tournament. From the space, to the raffle prizes, to the little Tecmo touches that add so much more to the day. It was a lot of work and having to survive a power outage just added more to the day! Also, looking at that f'n trophy! It's hard for me to have an adequate description of all the day's events, but maybe I can at least recap it from my perspective. I'm still in a bit of shock that I survived the day as the last man standing. Especially the way it happened. Here's my best summary of the day. Group Play- First I want to say that I really enjoyed my group. I thought it was fun, and I think it's always fun when everyone in the group wins a game. Also, I think everyone ended up winning 2 games on the day, so double win! Game 1: Rams - 21 vs. Det - 38: Lost to Ed's Lions 38-21. This was a case of a couple of unlucky breaks and complete dominance on Ed's part. He amassed over 400 yards. He ran the ball well with Barry and I gotta say it was one of the best Rodney Peete performances I've seen. I couldn't stop him. I think 38 points is the most I ever gave up in a tourney. At that point, I thought it was going to be a long day. I didn't know it was going to be my only loss. Game 2: Raiders 31 vs. KC 7: Angelo called the matchup and I picked the Raiders, not knowing his playing style. I didn't want to give him Bo in case I couldn't out-tap him or if he was a good runner. It ended up being the right call as the Raiders defense did enough to stop Okoye and Co. early. Game 3: Chargers 21 vs. Min 7: I called the matchup and Andrew picked Minny. Again, not knowing someone's style means you could be putting a good defense into their hands. Luckily, I was up big early by two scores. Andrew adjusted pretty well and I think we exchanged TDs second half. The Bracket- I won my group, but being 2-1, I was a #8 seed. Looking ahead, I knew I would have to face the #1 seed (Erik), but I tried not to think about it. Round of 32: Browns - 14 vs. N.O. - 0 (forfeit): Unfortunately, this game never really got completed. I won the coin toss vs. Bryan and figured I would call a lower tier matchup since he was new to tournaments. In the one and done bracket, I wanted to give myself any advantage I could. Thanks to QB Browns, I was up 14-0 in the second quarter when POW! the power went out. After a 10 minute outage, the power in the place came back on. Bryan unfortunately told me he was leaving and I ended up taking the forfeit win. Round of 16: Raiders - 14 vs. Chi. - 7: Ray and I always seem to face in any tournament we both attend. He called the matchup and I'm guessing it's because he felt like he could run the ball with either team. Having played earlier with the Raiders worked in my favor as I was able to get ahead with the first score. It was a tense fourth quarter, but the Raiders held on. Quarterfinals: Chargers - 17 vs. Den. -14: Erik, the number 1 seed, knocked me out of the New York tournament in the round of 8 last October on a last second play that still rung in my head. That tourney was my best performance in the last two years and to have it slip away in that fashion stung a lot. I like both teams, but stuck with S.D. and the magic of Billy Joe. The Chargers started the game ferociously, breaking out to a 14-0 lead until late in the 2nd quarter. Erik had the ball at half, but he wanted to make sure to be within striking distance. Too much time was left on the clock before the half and the Broncos cut the deficit to 14-7 at halftime. Broncos had the ball and Erik marched down the field methodically and next thing I knew it was tied 14-14. I had the ball in the 4th quarter and after a hard-fought first down, Butts cut inside and fumbled the ball. Broncos recovered in Chargers territory. All I could think was that I couldn't believe I blew a 14-0 lead and was about to lose. Luckily the Tecmo gods were smiling upon me as Erik marched inside the 30 and then Humphrey fumbled the ball! Chargers recovered with about 3 minutes to go. I knew that I couldn't risk turning the ball over again, so I was able to run the clock down and march into FG range. John Carney nailed the kick with less than 10 seconds to go and down went the #1 seed. Another crazy tight contest with Erik as usual. Semifinals: Chiefs - 23, Mia - 21: From what I gather, people think of this as a bait matchup for me, being that I like Dan and the Dolphins. That being said, so does Barletti as I found out. It's another matchup where I don't mind either team but I felt I would have a more balanced attack with KC so I picked them. This was another tight game and I really felt Barletti had the edge, especially early on. He's a good passer and the Dolphins are a top tier passing team so it was hard to stop. With Miami up 14-7 late in the second, I was faced with 4th and 7 in my own territory. I decided to go for it and KC converted the first down. This allowed Lowery to kick a FG before half to make it 14-10. KC scored on their first possession of the second half to take the lead 17-14. There was a bit of a misstep on Miami's part in the 3rd quarter, putting in Scott Mitchell and throwing a bomb to try to go for a homerun ball. KC picked off the pass and helped turn the game in KC's favor. The Chiefs were up 17-14 when they had to settle for a Lowery FG to go up 20-14. On Miami's next drive they moved the ball quickly and Marino caught the bottom receiver (Duper) who broke a tackle and outran my guy for a score to take the lead 21-20. I truly believe that it was a blessing that he scored because I didn't think I could stop the pass at that point. The clock would have ticked down too much and I wouldn't have had enough time for Lowery to do his thing. There was about 3 mins left on the clock when I got the ball and the Chiefs got into FG range pretty quickly. There was under 30 second on the clock when DeBerg spotted "Chicken Alfredo" Roberts wide open over the middle. The ball bounced two pixels in front of Roberts, but if he would have caught it, it would have been a TD. It was a risky play, but I thought to try it because who knows what happens on a FG, especially under pressure. Luckily, Lowery is almost always money, and the Chiefs won this one in the final seconds. Finals: Cowboys - 16, Jets - 13: This was the third time I was playing Shawn in a Tournament Final. Needless to say, I was 0-2 against him in Finals and 0-2 against him in tournaments all-time. In the last NJ Tournament, 4 years ago, Shawn and I faced off in a SD-TB matchup in which Haddix made a clutch INT to seal the deal. I also lost to Shawn two years ago in NYC against Tampa (again) with Minnesota, scoring a measly 3 points. Shawn called the matchup again this time and went Cowboys-Jets. I snatched up the Cowboys and their defense came up big. After squandering an opening possession, the Cowboys kept the Jets out of the endzone on a goalline stand and forced a FG. It was 3-0 Jets in the second when I was able to finally score my first TD against Shawn in four years. The Jets kicked a FG to make it 7-6 at half. I was happy just to have the lead at halftime. While the Jets had the ball to start the 2nd half, the tide turned when O'Brien threw a pick on a called play. Emmitt and the Cowboys then marched down the field and scored to give Dallas a two score lead. In the 4th, with the Jets near midfield and just out of field goal range, they went for it on 4th and 10. With a called play, the Cowboys took over on downs and it seemed all but sealed with under 4 minutes to go. Just then, with 3 minutes left, Aikman threw his first pick. Jets got a quick JJ to bring them inside the 5 and punched it in with 2 minutes to go. Not getting the onside kick, it seemed like the Cowboys had this in the bag. But, on a called play and a remarkably ill-conceived toss across the field, the Jets got the ball back with 23 seconds to go. One final play. I called pass 4 (shotgun). Jets called the other shotgun. Eason drops back... but too far back. The Cowboys D-Line swarms him and sacks him in the endzone for the safety and a Dallas victory. 16-13 final score. gg Shawn Final Comments: It has been 11 years since I last won an in-person tournament. That was the first ever tournament I ran in NYC and the venue closed a few months later. After Erik hosted a tourney in CT the next year in '08, I didn't really think Tecmo was going to be a thing in the Northeast. But slowly the Tecmoers started coming out of the woodwork. Finally winning one again, after finishing second five times, definitely means something to me. While I participate these days more for the camaraderie, I feel happy winning one again. Thank you Greg for a great tournament and thank you to all the Tecmoers for keeping the game alive so that I can continue to have the "Tecmo experience."
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    Update: Where I've Been

    Sorry for not being more responsive. I was waiting to make a huge announcement involving our tournament manager with customizable data points where you can literally make a reactive database for ANY title you wish, but, then the unthinkable happened. In the last 8 weeks, I bought a business and moved to Jacksonville from Tampa to run said business. In addition, my Tecmo Madison partner and best friend (Casey) took his own life. Tecmo has been a bit of a sore spot since and I've pretty much checked out on it since that happened. A lot of you met and got to know Casey. He was a super happy, creative and talented man. He really enjoyed building the new Tecmo Madison, the new responsive database and our esports tournament manager which we were about to roll out. I hope this feeling passes but as of now, every time I look at what we built, I tear up a bit. Going from talking to someone nearly every day to then trying to understand what they did is super, super heavy. If you're a praying man, say prayers for his family and also mine. There is a lot of hurt and confusion going around. As of now, I have zero Tecmo plans in the near future. I am swamped with work but also have a heavy heart. If you are hurting, reach out. You know me. I love all of you and would give you my all and have in many cases. Let this be a lesson to us all and let's not bury anyone else anytime soon.
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    Bitter much? Three non-Scott Case INTs sure sound like defensive stops to me... :)