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    In honor of the Hardcore being on 6/9. I have Ranked all #69's in TSB Keith "Not Phil" Sims LG Dolphins and his 69 HP Popcorn Making Power Darrell "Alexander" Hamilton LT Broncos 56 HP (Highest on Broncs Line) Les "is More" Miller NT Chargers and his 56 HP 38 MS "WorldWide" Will Wolford LT Bills 50 HP protecting QB BSD's Blind Side Todd "the Bod" Kalis RG Vikes and his 50 HP Houston "Popcorns at 69HP" Hoover LG Falcons and his 44 HP Tim "Can't Lurch if he tried" Krumrie NT 31 MS
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    HSTL S46 Draft Format Ideas

    If everybody does this the way it should be done, I think it could be a pretty interesting idea. You don't draft your own team, but instead are given a "rival's" team to draft. So what it comes down to is you trying to draft the worst team possible for them to use. Instead of QB Eagles going first, you'd have the CHI QBs, or the TB Oline, or whoever, you get the drift. If you're "rival" is a good runner, draft them the worst RBs. If your rival loves to back and B, get them the slowest WRs. It's a crazy idea, but i think it would help improve everyone's game and would make for some great conversations. And it's a great way to piss people off while playing within the rules Edit: oh, and we could still use any draft format, so we could go with TecmoBo's, or any other that we've done before.
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    TSB trivia game

    Majik got it. Some of the NES players retired just prior to the Genesis and SNES versions, or were just left out due to being free agents.
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    Only 2 days away now from the Chicago Tecmo Championship Explosion! The #2 team to look out for? The San Francisco 49ers! The 49ers are arguably the best team in the game led by their two stud offensive talents, Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. Joe Montana is tied for the best accuracy in the game with an 81 Pass Control Rating. To top that off he has an incredible 75 Avoid Pass Block Rating and a 19 Max Speed to make him a mobile QB. Jerry Rice is simply the most talented offensive position player in the game. He has a phenomenal 81 Reception Rating, a blazing 69 Max Speed and 81 Ball Control, which means he will fumble less than other players. At receiver no one is better than Rice. Combo his 81 Receptions with Montana’s 81 Pass Control and you will be catching almost everything including passes in double coverage. In this format, Jerry Rice is a great option at Running Back, as he would be the 2nd fastest player in that position in the entire game. If you do choose to put Rice at running back the other position players on the 49ers have the hands to fill in for Rice. John Taylor has a 63 Reception Rating, Brent Jones a 69 Reception Rating, and Tom Rathman has a 56 Reception Rating. The only drawback in this scenario is that you will lose some speed at wide out as your fastest options would be John Taylor and Roger Craig at 50 Max Speed. Coming into the tournament, you definitely want to have a game plan on how you want to configure their offense as they will be used often in Tier 1. Also, don’t forget back up QB Steve Young has a 25 Max Speed, which allows him to escape nose tackle dives if you want to open up your playbook options more. On defense the 49ers are stacked at every level. Michael Carter and Pierce Holt both have a 69 Hitting Power on the D-Line, Holt also having some wheels at 50 Max Speed. Linebackers Bill Romanowski, Matt Millen, and Charles Haley patrol the middle of the field. Haley is the most talented of the bunch there with a 56 Max Speed and 63 Hitting Power. Millen can also help in coverage with his 31 Interception Rating. The backfield is defended by blazing fast Safeties Ronnie Lott at 69 Max Speed and Dave Waymer at 63 Max Speed. Lott is the enforcer with a 69 Hitting Power and Waymer is the #1 ball hawk with a 69 Interception Rating. The 49ers don’t really have a weakness on defense. The only thing you can really say about their D is that the Interception Rating overall isn’t as high as you would like it to be to combat some of these other Tier 1 passing attacks.
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    I'm winning that beauty!!!!
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    Green Majik

    TSB trivia game

    ... 250
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    I guess this forum... I'm still busy but I signed up as some dead money for both the Tecmo and the Tetris Attack the following day (no idea how that hustle is gonna go). If any of you want some T&A practice after the Tecmo, I should be available (although I likely will hit up Valley Forge NP at some point).
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    Trophy is now in!
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    Trophy is now in!
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    Will there be a tecmo super bowl 2018 for snes.
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    Trophy is getting made as we speak