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    Update: Where I've Been

    Sorry for not being more responsive. I was waiting to make a huge announcement involving our tournament manager with customizable data points where you can literally make a reactive database for ANY title you wish, but, then the unthinkable happened. In the last 8 weeks, I bought a business and moved to Jacksonville from Tampa to run said business. In addition, my Tecmo Madison partner and best friend (Casey) took his own life. Tecmo has been a bit of a sore spot since and I've pretty much checked out on it since that happened. A lot of you met and got to know Casey. He was a super happy, creative and talented man. He really enjoyed building the new Tecmo Madison, the new responsive database and our esports tournament manager which we were about to roll out. I hope this feeling passes but as of now, every time I look at what we built, I tear up a bit. Going from talking to someone nearly every day to then trying to understand what they did is super, super heavy. If you're a praying man, say prayers for his family and also mine. There is a lot of hurt and confusion going around. As of now, I have zero Tecmo plans in the near future. I am swamped with work but also have a heavy heart. If you are hurting, reach out. You know me. I love all of you and would give you my all and have in many cases. Let this be a lesson to us all and let's not bury anyone else anytime soon.
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    With 10 Days to go before the Tournament the Atlanta Falcons come in as #10 on the list of teams to look out for in the Hardcore Format. The 3rd best Wide Receiver in the game, Andre Rison, gives the Falcons tremendous flexibility on offense. Put Andre Rison in at Running Back and you now have elite speed in the backfield tied for the 3rd fastest in the game. With fairly average QB’s to throw the ball to Rison, this is probably the Falcon's best option. Shawn Collins and Mike Rozier still give the Falcons solid speed options at receiver with their 50 Max Speed Ratings. Need a big catch at the end of the half or game? Just sub Andre Rison back in at receiver and chuck up that Hail Mary, he has a 75 Reception Rating. The overall effectiveness of their defense is about the same. They don’t have many options outside of Deion Sanders, but Neon Deion is so fast that he can mask the faults of the entire defense. He is the fastest defender in the game with 75 Max Speed Rating tied with a few other players. An experienced player manning Deion Sanders for an entirety of the game will be tough to move the ball against, so make sure you put a few running plays in your playbook that run up. This could potentially disrupt their entire defensive strategy.
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    Another Raffle Prize Straight from 3 Rivers Stadium.
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    TSB trivia game

    The Kaiser? Von Wilhelm? I'm sorry if I'm guessing too much, this thread needs an injection of life.
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    Fun session on Sat. At New Bohemia. Was able to get a couple games in. Ben and 8-Bit showed up and games it up. Also won a beer off 8-Bit and Ben hooked me up with an app and a beer. Thanks fellas!!!