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    I will later this week. Be careful though @segathonsov can get you in his infamous no clothes choke slam if provoked. But for the time being here are some other raffle prizes.
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    Grogan held the season record for years until Cam Newton finally broke it
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    It actually worked pretty well. Pretty basic like meat said, but the picture and sound were good. Apparently you can't do 1080p unless you have a PS4 pro but the 720 looked fine. Seems like using your phone or laptop is the best way to keep up with your chat. I don't like the way it resizes if you have it on screen while you play. I think i'd get a camera if I was ever to get serious, not that i'm attractive but I'm guessing people would rather see you than not. We played fortnite and actually got two squad wins in a row, which for us is pretty good. My friends had to enable their sound, otherwise the PS4 party can't be heard on stream but it was an easy setting fix. I'll probably keep messing with it some but overall was happy with how easy it was. I'd like to research it more and see if you can add things easily without having to remote in from a pc. But having music, auto chat messages, subscriber notifications, etc. would be rad. Next time I might tweet it out to see if I can get more than 4 viewers at a time.
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    It's easy but you really can't do any special stuff.I use it when i play windjammers online
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    Hey here is another fun fact for you Steve Grogan in a single season once had more Rushing Touchdowns than Johnny Johnson had in any 2 seasons combined.
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    When are you going to start posting the progressive registration so I can start talking smack to @segathonsov on twitter
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    and dont forget Season 23's 1,000+ yd campaign, where Johnny J was half (really, 7/8)---alongside Johnny Hector---of the vaunted "Johnny's Magical Mystery Tour" offensive juGGernaut..... Raiders ran the ball every play, and they still couldn't stop Johnny(s) from getting his...... just goes to show, it aint the size of the stats, it's knowin' how to use him that counts.
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    Ok, I really do have to give Hank the old tip of the cap here: he has inserted himself into this thread. He has pounded away with his statistics. Over and over and over. And then he has ejaculated all over the place with his trump card: Peyton Hillis has been a coverboy and has rushed for 1,000 yards! But it turns out he didn't fill all the holes like he set out to do: the year Hillis was on the cover, he won a fan vote, so a popularity contest rather than a representation of his abilities as an RB. And as far as 1,000 yard seasons, JJ actually has multiple seasons over 1k. My favorite was HSTL season 34, where he rushed for over 1,000 yards and helped lead the Seahawks to a 12-4 record and an appearance in the HSTL Bowl. And his QBs that season were Tony Eason and Chris Miller, so no excuses about being carried - he was doing the carrying!
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    CHIEFS Best Pick - RAMS WRs at #25 Worst Pick - PHI LBs at #81 Outlook - Gats says he will only jj you if you jj him, or if he's in a desperate situation. That is because he's not ONLY going to jj you, he'll cc you as well. The PHI LB and DEN DB picks in round 3 and 4 were reaches caused by needing a patchwork defense to stop offenses one more time than DeBerg to Ellard and Co. scores. MIA RBs and CLE OL round out the ho-hum later picks. Doesn't matter, playing KC will make you pull your hair out. I look forward to the games streamed by Tadaos with live audio against this division rival. Prediction: 11-5 BRONCOS Best Pick - NYG LBs at #17 Worst Pick - NYG LBs at #17 Outlook - The NYG LB group is so tempting; I may have taken them at #18 if Randy didn't. With them, you're set against the run with stud LBs at the 1 and 4 spots, and 63int Reasons to defend against the pass (including some of the ridiculous passing games in this division). What could be better? But then the draft continues, the KC LBs go in Rd 2, and then it keeps going, and then the next LB group isn't picked until the 65th pick overall. Now you're scrambling to fill holes that other teams have already addressed, and the benefit of picking LBs ahead of others seems minimal. But I still probably would've picked them at #18 if they fell! Add to that the SF DL and that will be fun to watch offenses fly through the air, until Randy's offense takes the field and the CHI QBs give the game away. Prediction: 8-8 RAIDERS Best Pick - TIE - QB Browns at #10 and NYJ LBs at #66 Worst Pick - PHI DL at #122 Outlook - This team is my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. That is if they can win the division/their shootouts with KC. QB Browns plus AC plus NYJ LBs is about as good as you can get for your first three picks. The PHI DL was a good value play in round 5, but it assured you the IND DBs. Usually an acceptable tradeoff when you have the NYJ LBs (I had QB Browns, NYJ LBs, and IND DBs a few seasons ago and it was workable), but with KC's passing attack that decision could come back to bite Tadaos. Prediction: 11-5 CHARGERS Best Pick - CHI OL at #120 Worst Pick - CHI RBs at #8 Outlook - When your best pick is in round 5, and your worst pick is in round 1, the season may not go so well. Taking CHI RBs over DET RBs is deciding that Muster is worth more than an extra notch of MS for your feature back AND a better 56ms WR in Gray vs. Bailey. RAI DBs in late 2nd is good, Elway in early 3rd is questionable and not much more to this team except for Bruce Smith. Elway plus SEA WRs will not scare anyone, so defenses will load up against the run. And when you have that perfect pass progression, Elway will say "Nope" and throw it to the other team. Eddie Anderson will struggle against the passing attacks in this division, so a 63int DB may have been better. Sorry I feel like I'm being mean in this review. Go Gamehigh prove me wrong! Prediction: 4-12 SEAHAWKS Best Pick - Deciding to come back before your 2nd pick Worst Pick - Deciding to quit before your 2nd pick Outlook - This was my favorite team during the draft. Not because of the picks, but because the psychological torture of this format was most evident on Rob and the Seahawks. Quitting before your second pick because of how the draft played out has to be a new record, but props for coming back and sticking with it. The result was actually a pretty well balanced team. Rams RBs and HOU WRs paired with Miller will be more than enough on offense, and Offerdahl plus Lippett is a solid set of defenders. The one knock is choosing tandems where the value is in multiple players TWICE, which means there will be some quality bench players that would've seen the field for most other teams. The trio of Gats/Tadaos/Randy is a tough one, so the Seahawks figure to finish 4th in the division. Prediction: 6-10