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    It's been pointed out that I should do the recap since it was my format, so here goes... AFC EAST Buffalo Best Pick - NYJ DBs at #43 Worst Pick - NYG RBs at #14 Outlook - Things got off to a rough start with the 1st round pick given what else was available. PIT LBs and CHI DL were nice value picks but they would be better served on rosters that don't already have a 63 int DB. Offensively, things are bleak. The league could lose its commish if Hoff has a mental breakdown throwing with IND QBs to NE WRs. Best hope is that this is a skill-gaining season, with a high draft pick waiting in S46. Prediction: 3-13 INDY Best Pick - ATL DBs at #34 Worst Pick - PHX QBs at #90 Outlook - Jerry Rice and moonballs from Rosie, with Deion trying to be everywhere on defense. The pickup of ATL RBs was nice at the end of the third since it was the last 50ms RB, but a 44ms RB in a later round might have been a better choice unless you're able to stick with a balanced attack. Reverting to moonballs with only Deion on defense could lead to a very up and down season for ODT. Prediction: 9-7 JETS Best Pick - HOU QBs at #4 Worst Pick - KC DBs at #60 Outlook - With no running game to speak of, the Jets playbook might get widdled down to four plays in most games. Pairing the NYG WRs with Moon is very nice, but it only leaves the NO LBs and KC DBs on defense. The offense might be too one-dimensional to keep pace with all of the scoring happening when the defense is on the field. A .500 season would be a success for Hock this year. Prediction: 7-9 PATRIOTS Best Pick - NYJ WRs at #121 Worst Pick - BUF LBs at #65 Outlook - The Buffalo LB pick was actually terrific value at that position, the problem is that a lot of that value is lost on a team that already has Waymer and Lott to control. Grabbing a 50rp LB in a later round might have been a better choice, but if the offense can make it work then it won't matter. There's good balance on that side of the ball, with Majik, Herschel, and Toon, so smart play and stout defense could lead to a playoff birth for Darth and the Pats. Prediction: 10-6 MIAMI Best Pick - PIT DBs at #13 Worst Pick - None Outlook - Pairing Stephone Paige with Krieg was smart, as having no deep threat would be a nightmare season with Dave K. at the helm. I was tempted to knock the PIT DB pick when TB DBs were still on the board, but the weaker starting QBs in this format might mean that Woodson can still snack on some tasty jj treats. The other picks of CIN OL and CIN LBs were good value. The one drawback is having a 38ms RB with Krieg. If Hughmillennation can't successfully move the ball on the ground, this offense will sputter. Prediction: 6-10
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    AFC CENTRAL OILERS Best Pick - PHX DBs at #30 Worst Pick - None Outlook - Stall put together a nice team with no major weaknesses. PHX DBs will do work and can play conditions, with help from Childress against the run game. Simms will have to be precise and get some help from a 44ms rushing attack in Woodside, but as long as the offense doesn't make mistakes this will be a tough team to beat. Prediction: 10-6 BROWNS Best Pick - MIN LBs at #74 Worst Pick - PHX OL at #130 Outlook - Marino will be throwing lasers to the RAI WRs, with just enough of a rushing game from the two NYJs 44ms RBs to prevent a 4-play playbook. Defensively, things were going to get very bleak if one of the NYJ/MIN/BUF LB corps weren't available in the third round, and even with Merriwether and the CLE DBs there will be games where the defense feels paper thin (namely against the RAI with QB Browns/AC, and KC with Deberg and RAMS WRs). If Marino can get the ball to his spots before the defense can get there, it could be a strong season. Prediction: 10-6 BENGALS Best Pick - DET RBs at #12 Worst Pick - PIT OL at #124 Outlook - I really like the team Eifer put together here. He secured Barry, Gray to put at WR, and then the mobile QB tandem of Peete/Ware in the 2nd round, followed up with DET DBs in the third. So basically he has Detroit is what I'm trying to say. Add in a 50rp SD LB and this is a strong contender for the division. But problems will develop if the CLE WRs aren't enough of a threat to stretch the field or make defenders call pass. Expect a solid season in a tough division, with playoffs a possibility but not assured. Prediction: 9-7 STEELERS Best Pick - TB DBs at #16 Worst Pick - WAS LBs at #153 Outlook - You can tell when a team is put together with purpose. Haddix in first round = defense complete. Emmitt in 2nd round plus DEN WRs and Tolliver will keep defenses on their toes. A very strong OL in round 5 was a great pick too, after which there was a significant HP dropoff. The only major error here was picking WAS LBs instead of MIN DL in round 6. Doleman would have been a huge asset both against weak OL and as a nickelback in 3rd or 4th down situations. So I'm happy you didn't pick him . I still love this team, but misthrows by Tolliver and offenses being able to isolate Haddix will keep Tundra in the 3rd or 4th spot in the division. Prediction: 7-9
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    Johnny wanted 2.5 mil and the Winers would only give him 1.5 and he was like fucc u. And yes, Johnny causes damage of EVERY KIND!!! His coaches see this unreal dynamic offensive talent and don't know what the fucc ta do with it. That goes for one chromosome off from being retarded Coach Bugel, Kotite, Just pass Pete, or that old fucc from San Jose State Claude Gilbert who kicked him of the team in '89........and that was one year after he had just come in 2nd in the nation in ALL PURPOSE YARDS. the ONLY player on the planet who was better that year in college football was Barry...and we all know how good of an '88 campaign he had. So yes,...Johnny causes damage in every way, to the coaches who don't know how to use em', to the teams that don't wanna pay em', to the defenses that had to tackle um', and to the unlucky Tecmobowl Tourney opponents who have to stop um'......and when it comes to being the most physically talented, menacing, and most dominating player on the field, Johnny's gonna do what he always does, and get his!!!.....even if he was never surrounded by a stellar supporting cast or a coach who knew what the fucc they were doing.......................................................................... .......................................................I sometimes think about what coulda or woulda happened if Johnny Johnson and Emmitt Smith in some Rick and Morty typa alternate universe had their professional roles switched........You think Emmitt woulda been as good on the Cardinals his rookie year and had 900+ yards in 9 games and made a Probowl??? I just don't see it.................Now, put Johnson on that Cowboys team in 1990, with that offensive line???........Yeah, that's my point. It's not even a comparison.
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    Minneapolis, MN Presents Millard's Mayhem 3: Teen Wolfley Date: Aug. 4 if enough people are interested or show up the day before I will run something Aug. 3 for some practicing. Time: 11:00 am Location: Tin Shed Tavern: Savage, MN (12250 Zinran Ave, Savage, MN 55378). 2D said we were to loud and to rambunctious last year. I couldn't believe my ears when they said that. We were the most exciting tourney there by far. Hotels: Will post a list closer to tourney. Great deals in Savage area. Cost: $30 this year it will be better because all money will go into the pool, unlike last year where 2D Con took a 2/3 of the portion for charity. Minimum Cash Prize: $500 for first, if we get same number as last year it could be more and a new championship belt! The Belt last year went to Kyle (TheGamer) last year. It is an authentic belt to metal plates. Free Raffle Ticket: for entries for some great prizes (Prizes will be posted throughout the summer so revisit post) Rules: Tecmo Madison Rules: tecmomadison.com 4 player Round Robin. Depending on the size again all may make playoffs. If it is 32 like last year all will make playoffs. Elimination Bracket after that. Double Elimination for top 8 Registration: You can email me at [email protected] to confirm. Pay me through PayPal at [email protected] or you can bring money at tourney time. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me. I will check daily from now until the tourney. Sorry I was late getting this out. Lots of projects in the house this year.
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    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    Don't ever apologize - Mafia's motto Use it or lose a finger ^ that's not a threat. that's a haiku.
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    ~Tailback King~

    Classic Tailback Highlights

    ^^^ @PockyCandy.....if not "THE" one of "THE".......I would not wanna tackle that...I think he seriously inflicted pain on people who tried. A Fullback who returned kicks??? You just don't see that.
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    HSTL S45 Draft

    Saints DL
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    May need to recreate this before every game
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    I just updated the rosters from the last CFL game on here. It basically means the difficulty level is very high from the start. I will post an easy ROM soon.
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    Joe Bugel had his best year of coaching the year after they got ride of Johnny Johnson going 7-9 and won 4 of the last 5 games as the team was rubbing off the stain that Johnny Johnson had left on the team Bugel was fired as his team was about to become a real playoff contender. In 1993 the Jets were 8-5 looking good to make that playoffs then Johnny Johnson realizing that had a chance to make the playoffs and he would have to play extra games he realized he was playing good teams and made sure to not make any great plays baring a wide open TD catch he would have looked stupid dropping in the 1st Quarter against the Bills. They then missed out on the playoffs. Learning his lesson from cutting it close the previous year Johnson made sure the his 6-5 team would miss the playoffs and tanked the next 4 games Rushing for 27 yards on 13 carries despite having a 17 yard run so his other 12 carries got him 10 yards in a game against eventually AFC East Winner Miami Dolphins that would have put the AFC East in a 3-way tie for first with the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets at 7-5 This was a 28-24 game so his play made a big difference. He then made sure the Patriots got into the race by losing a game to them the next week making the Patriots 8-6. Johnson ran for 32 yards on 12 carries catching 1 of 3 passes throw to him. The team finished 6-10 and Pete Carroll was fired. It wasn't the fake spike play that killed the 90's Jets it was Johnny Johnson. As far as Johnny Johnson being drafted in the first round well you can forget about the guy doing a standard signing. He would probably bet overpaid and come in a few weeks into the season and get cut the next year as he wouldn't live up to his contract. The cowboys would become highly regarded as a top tier passing team under Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Jay Novacek they may even win a superbowl. Meanwhile the cardinals would become a respectable .500 team and continue to get better and better making a few trips to the playoffs similar to that of the Lions.