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    ~Tailback King~

    NFL 2018-2019 Season Discussion

    I don't think Saquon Barkley is anything special..........Infact, he reminds me of Trent Richardson.
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    Coming down to the wire (AFC)

    Things are a bit more complicated in the AFC as we have 9 teams still vying for the five playoff spots. Again, there are teams that have most of their games in while a few teams are lagging. That being said, here we go. AFC EAST - The East is the best race in the league so far with NO, MIA and DAL still alive for the division title. NO has had a phenomenal season (9-2, 114 pt diff) with one of the worst rosters in the league, but they have MIA on the tails with two head to head match-ups left. I expect MIA to take both of those games, which will be the last two games that NO lose, finishing 12-4, while MIA finishes the season 5-1 and takes the division at 13-3. DAL will win two of their last three and finish up at a disappointing 9-7, while competing for the final playoff spot. CENTRAL - GIA are in commanding position over in the Central and I expect them to wrap up the division with a couple more wins (BUF and SEA) while splitting the last two and finishing at 12-4. ATL is still competing for a WC spot, but suffered a tough loss to WAS in week 15, which might play a major part in the WC selections. Their week 16 game vs GIA will depend on what NY has to play for, otherwise, ATL might finish up 9-7 and possibly miss the playoffs for third consecutive season. The Jets are the real mystery here. Sitting at 7-5 through 12 games they have 3 games that they should win and a toss up vs HOU, which should land them at 10-6 at worst and a very good chance for a playoff spot for the first time in team history. HOU has one hell of a schedule remaining, and will finish 8-8 at best, leaving the defending champs out of a chance to defend their title. WEST - AFC West roughly translates to mediocrity. The Chiefs have been a disappointment to say the least, and are going to have a difficult time clinching the division with DAL, PHI and PIT left on their schedule. At 7-6, I expect them to finish 9-7 as they concentrate on controlling the clock with a healthy Bo. PIT has a chance to steal the division away from KC as they have a favorable schedule remaining, as CHI, NE and the KC finale will all be tough, but winnable games. I don't see PIT winning out, and they'll finish up 8-8, just missing the playoffs. WILD CARD - There are a lot of possibilities here, but barring a complete collapse or major injury, I just can't see JETS not grabbing one of the final playoff spots. After that, it's a real toss up with HOU, DAL, ATL and PIT all alive. Being that DAL holds the tie breaker over ATL, I see them traveling to NY in the cold to begin the AFC playoffs.
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    MORE RAFFLE PRIZES! How about a Bo Jackson Bobblehead? How about a Tom Tupa Autographed Ohio State Photo?
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    Coming down to the wire (NFC)

    With week 15 released things are starting to shape up across the league. Most teams have around 12 games in thus far with a few outliers each way (nice job @Prime). That being said, you can look at each team's body of work to this point and have a pretty good clue as to how they will finish the season. NFC: EAST - The East is Oakland's to lose. They lead the league in total D and are third in defense PPG while managing an above average offense, which has led to a 9-4 record thus far with PHI, SEA and CHI left. They should go 2-1 and finish up 11-5, finishing ahead of LA and CHI, who will fight for second place and a possible wild card slot. I see RAMS finishing 9-7 and CHI 8-8. CENTRAL - WAS should be in the drivers seat, but two tough losses (late fumble with the lead vs GB/last second JJ bomb loss vs OAK) have left them vulnerable. A tough win vs ATL in week 15 put them at 8 wins and a game and half up on GB and NE. WAS will finish anywhere from 2-1 to 0-3 (19-9 remaining opponent record). The division is still very much up in the air at this point. I see GB finishing up 2-2 and their final record ending at .500, while NE finishes 3-3 and also finishes .500. As long as WAS doesn't go winless the rest of the way, I think the division is theirs, as they currently own tie breakers over both chasers. WEST - SF looks like they're running away with the division at this point, but they have a date with PHI looming that could tie them in the loss column. That being said, SF should win the other three remaining games and finish 14-2 at worst, while PHI has some formidable opponents remaining (only one team left with a losing record as of this post). Honestly, I don't think SF will have to sweat much as they will take care of business in week 8 and put PHI two losses behind them while coasting the rest of the way to the #1 seed in the NFC. PHI will clinch a playoff spot for the 4th consecutive season after finishing 5-2 the rest of the way. WILD CARD - After all of that, we'll have one WC slot left (PHI at 12-4 takes the 4 seed). This is where it gets tricky. There are several scenarios here, but at this point, I see RAMS making their first playoff appearance since the '88 season. A lot will be riding on the GB/RAMS game that takes place in week 9. If LA wins that one, they should beat CLE and BUF to clinch the final playoff spot.
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    You bet. The talks right now, pending my phone call to the tourney site here in a couple minutes, is a possible RBI Baseball tourney/open Nintendo night on Friday night before Midwest. Stay tuned for more announcements.
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    ....more like the Mt. Get Baked division
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    I love the smell of Tecmo and napalm in the morning. #draftday #cft #lewis #lewisnclark
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