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    There are all girl teams in Bad News Baseball as well if you know how to unlock them. http://protipoftheday.com/node/411.html
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    The Don't Hassle The Hoff Show

    Episode 2 @hoffnasty9 and @MattyD talk about Madison XIV, the HSTL S44 Playoff Picture and the HSTL S45 Draft Format.
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    Baseball Stars all day every day.
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    Post-Madison Syndrome is real. Wow. By far one of my Top 5 “times” away from home. I’m putting together a weekend roundup that I’ll post in the near future. I’m at 1,000 words so far, and that’s only the event writeup about Friday night. But in short, at this moment, thank you all who are involved with Tecmo Madison. Congrats to @joeygats for the unthinkable. You truly are Tecmo’s best. Amazing to watch what you were 10 years ago, and see what you now. ESPN or NFL Films or Tecmo Films, whatever, should get your story and publish a video feature, because your story has been awesome to follow. @bigmv54 I don’t know what else to say. You continue to amaze me with your ability to play Tecmo without a consistent, long-term focus. You’re the epitome of Tecmo skill. You were a third-and-2 offensive play away from taking it all. @davefmurray and company. We all love you. The time, effort and love you put into taking over this event, I hope, doesn’t go unnoticed. You create memories for a lot of people who look forward to this weekend every year. Like I said, a weekend wrap and more mentions will be hit in that once I’m finished. Long live Tec.
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    edit: MAKE THAT $5-$20 PER GAME... SO PACK YOUR $TACKS BITCHEZZZ!!! ~AAAAND~... you know I be runnin' that Tecmo Skip-Season Lottery on the side: $5 entry, draw one team out of a hat, will skip a season and if your team wins the super bowl you get the POT... and if no one wins, money carries over--- ---AND--- I second the motion and got $10+ for whatever ~TBK~ is clamoring on about as well
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    Is there anyone who's NOT COOL with a ten dollar by in?????????? State your name, so I can pi$$ on your car tire when you show up to the Tournament. @kamphuna8 seems to think it's not a good idea to have an entry fee.....I, on the other hand, seem to think a ten dollar cover ain't $#!t since all the other tourney's are SEVERELY over priced anywhere from 20 to 30 bucks. My approach is everybody throws 10 bucks in a hat (not my Cardinals hat) and winner takes ALL!!! You got a problem with that "SUCC IT"
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    @kamphuna8..........Man, what a lineup!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got some ballerz 'n' da house.....especially ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me right now!!!......I just touched down from New Orleans, and I'm recovering from WRESTLEMANIA.......I'll be here for awhile.
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    Can't wait to see what type of Frankenstein fuck of a team @XtraLargent assembles
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    Well said Godfather. Thanks for running the excel on Jam as well, it was like watching Picasso paint. This post was a good reminder that people should come to these tourneys like you are going to a friends party and not treat it like you are going to a restaurant where you can complain about the service, etc. Anyways it was a friggen great time as always, anytime I can find myself with my shirt off on many social media accounts its a good weekend!