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    Move over MADISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's GRIT CITY GARAGE BIIIIIIIIIIIIII(brrrrrrrrrrrp)IIIIITCH!!!!!
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    Lets get some black out curtains and get a 10x10 area and make a "Burning Mort Experience" sign. $5 to peak in, $10 to touch North Dakota Tecmo Hall of Fame memorabilia, "Unless you are Mort. Are you Mort?"
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    Looking forward to a Burning Mort rematch with @DrFrolf in the second-tier tournament. Slappies allowed.
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    Cutler might end up there, but the rain would always put out his cigarette, so I doubt it.
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    Can we have the Conjurer stand inside and every time someone peeks in he shouts "NO PEEKSIES! KEG STAND!"
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    Bumping this Gem for anybody newer to Tecmo doing some last minute research. Also check out this great sheet that @bruddog for help calling match ups. Last few tips for new guys coming - Does a team have a high interception DB that can Jump Pick the other QB? I didn't know that a 63 rated INT Dback could jump pick QB's with 44 PC and lower when I first started playing. Many INT's were thrown. It can really shut down your passing game - If you find yourself being out tapped, don't initiate contact on D. If you can dance in front for a little bit to get runner to do some jukes you should have Drone help coming. If you come in right away, you'll get thrown into the cheerleader's lap and your opponent will zig zag to endzone. - If playing a high seed in group play call these 2 "garbage day" match ups. SEA/NE GB/CLE. You will realize it's not a match up the other guys wants as they will probably sigh when they hear it. You can let the bombs fly and get some covered catches without much fear of INTs. Don't call awesome match ups like Bills /NYG. The skill level of the top 40 guys in the tourney is crazy, they will carve you up like a thanksgiving turkey. Need to give them a dull knife with those two matchups. See you all Friday. Can't wait!
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    5 days away.... **Jaws music playing**
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    Need to update my avatar to reflect the glasses/white sides I have going on
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    All I can say is you sure as hell weren't controlling Steve De Berg......or that game end stat woulda looked like 4-9 for 36 yards and a picc!
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