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    Applying SIM data

    No worries. I was hoping to see the basic idea behind setting up the formulas because it looks pretty complex, but my main desire was to be able to copy/paste data from TSBtool into excel and back again. I've gone and devised my own system for sim ratings based on patterns I found in the original rom. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but it's good enough for me. The only thing not automated is the defense, because that isn't based on attributes anyway but rather the percentage of sacks/interceptions a player would be expected to get on their team. I'm still tweaking it, but I'll upload it here for others to mess around with when I'm finished.
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    That's a heck of a narrative right there... Cool Story bro
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    Hollywood TSB Rom

    It's been a slow process due to my learning curve but the rom is finally almost complete! Since my last update I have: Updated graphics such as team logos, Pro Bowl logos and uniforms, endzones complete, updated mini helmets, etc... Also, ALL team names, rosters as well as Pro Bowl rosters are now complete! Changed the conference names to AAC (Academy Award Conference) and GGC (Golden Globe Conference)...cheesy I know but couldn't think of anything else. I also decided to change Polk High into The Allenville Guards from The Longest Yard but another team on the rom, The Unbeatables (All-Star team essentially) have a mix of the best players from the rom with a few players that are not on any of the other teams such as Al Bundy, Forrest Gump, Rod Tidwell, etc...I will probably make this available in a couple of different versions as well. One with hacks already added and another that NO hacks have been added (base rom) so you can add what you want to it. The base rom will be everything updated (rosters, ratings, logos, team names, etc..) except there will be no hacks on the rom. All I really have left to do is add some hacks to it and tweak some more of the ratings. Below are pictures of some of the updates that I have done recently. Any other ideas you would like to see in the rom let me know.
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    I hope these are the only two needed, cause Kessler's in Jacksonville, and Miami looks to be closing in on Blair Walsh.
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    (Tecmo) Kickers are People, Too!

    @segathonsov @bruddog told me they do not. Just the one KA att
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    Looking forward to a Burning Mort rematch with @DrFrolf in the second-tier tournament. Slappies allowed.
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    gojiphen malor

    Stars who look like "Stars"* (Etc.)

    (Pats new secondary concept designed to confuse opposing QB's)
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    I currently have no excuse not to attend. I'm sure I'll find one, but in the meantime, I'll try to recruit the Polish Rifle.
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    Stars who look like "Stars"* (Etc.)

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    if The Great Randolio happens to read this: i hereby offer you $20 to tecmo-ize this songs lyrics under the working title of "John Madden Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack" and of course add your sweet pseudo-falsetto to it, like only you can can
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    (Tecmo) Kickers are People, Too!

    So do both of the kicker's attributes matter for calculating this?