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    Darth RockMan

    HSTL S43 Draft

    Marion Butts / Sam Walrus
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    SIM a game from save state?

    in nestopia change location 0xAC in the save state to 0x22 right before a tackle. (pause the game and take a state) Load the state and the COM will play out the rest of the game. Otherwise change location 0x75 of NES memory to 0x22 Each nibble(half of a byte) refers to the player type 0 = man 1 = coa 2 = com 3 = skp 02 = man vs com 21 = com vs coa ETC
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    SIM a game from save state?

    Which emulator? Nestopia?
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    SIM a game from save state?

    Are you playing on an emulator or an actual cart? There is no way to do this without hacking the game or messing with memory via a memory editor built into some emulators. You could modify the save state if the state was taken while on the field of play or right as you get tackled.
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    Registration is LIVE for Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI! Our 5th tournament in 2017 was our biggest and best yet, crowning Matt O'Toole his 1st Kumite title, including a great new venue, providing plenty of room for growth into the future. Kumite VI is just 2 months away, and registration is now LIVE!, so sign up today, to take advantage of the Pre-Pay PayPal discounted rate! To REGISTER: Please email the [email protected], and be sure to include: GAMER TAG/NICKNAME, HOMETOWN, EMAIL, and any EQUIPMENT you can lend to the tournament cause, including NES, TSB carts, small TVs, etc. Entry Fee: $30 via PayPal, to [email protected] Pre-Pay Deadline will be Wednesday 2/21, so take advantage of the discounted rate. Beyond 2/21, and/or day-of entry will be $35. Doors are at 10:00AM, with kickoff at 11:00AM sharp - Saturday 3/3/2018. Stay tuned - More to come! Hope to see you all on 3/3 for Tecmo Kumite VI!
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    HSTL S43 Draft

    QB Bills aka Jim Kelly
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    HSTL S43 Draft

    Montana coming to Denver.
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    FINAL 4: Rico vs Prime No video recap available due to neither having working nsv. Recap is underneath image below. Rico wins coin toss and calls PHX-DAL Prime takes Dallas Rico kicks off to Prime to open game. Emmitt Smith had one great run up the gut to get to about the 40 yard line. But after a couple of called plays Dallas (Prime) was forced with a fourth-down. The Cardinals (Rico) had excellent pass coverage on 4th Down and Troy Aikman was sacked by a drone. Phoenix (Rico) took over on Downs move the ball slightly but had to settle for a field goal. PHX 3-0 Dallas (Prime) again received the kick this time not making it to midfield and after a called play on 3rd down had to punt on 4th and 16. PHX takes over. Dallas (Prime) played excellent defense on the following drive, but one big run up the gut, where Defender was knocked down and Johnny Johnson was able to run in the endzone with 23 seconds left at halftime. PHX 10-0. HALFTIME Opening drive of the second half Dallas (Prime) calls two of PHX's plays and it was a quick three-and-out forced punt. Dallas (Prime) then drives all the way down to the 10-yard line very easily but was stopped there and had decision on 4th down. Dallas (Prime) wisely went for the field goal to make it a one-possession game field goal was BLOCKED and Cardinals took over. After a long pass, Phoenix (Rico) was able to punch it in again with Johnny Johnson to take the lead. PHX 17-0 and seal the deal. Dallas (Prime) added a touchdown with a minute left in the fourth quarter on the following drive. FINAL PHX (Rico) 17 DAL (Prime) 7
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Bills fans right now *.... and I'm not trolling. In the past two seasons they have thrown 2 dildos onto the field and caught 2 sets of couples smashing in the parking lot after a game. Drunk dudes tailgating by jumping through tables and lighting themselves on fire... and most recently, as of a few hours ago, have donated over $100M to Andy Dalton's charity. I like their style. I am officially rooting for them unless or until they play New England.
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    Registration is expected to go Live this week! Stay tuned for more details! #KUMITEVI
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    WEEK 17 Pickem

    You can split your Silver Medallion-winning 10-6 tie into 3rds, if you want, but there shalt never be a Bronze given out for 5th place. Not around this Track & Field race. Not ever. That's bush league.
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    Deviled Greg

    Wayne, NJ - 05/19/18 - The Jersey Cup

    Happy Holidays everyone! Under my tree was an autographed Joe Montana 16x20 Tecmo Super Bowl poster signed by Joe Cool himself! Thought it would be a great raffle prize for the Jersey Cup! Everyone registered and in attendance will get one raffle ticket towards this bad boy with an option to buy additional tickets the day of. (Also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a picture of Joe signing the poster) 4 1/2 months until Tecmo returns to the Northeast!
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    The Mudbone Challenge

    thanks buck..... I had assumed everyone who knows how to spell tecmo has read that about a 1,000 times already, and therefore knew it as the background inspiration for the mudbone challenge---but yr probably right in thinking some might not have been blessed yet by that legendary tale of big red's ragin' run thru the west virginia tecmo wastelands......... "So is Kelly Stouffer," haha! what a classic line! (and another madison t-shirt idea)
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    As a Lions fan, we yearn for Fontes.
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    Blindfolded Tecmo

    Tecmo on acid is fun too.
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    Bad Boys Season - CPU Challenge

    I played the NFC games earlier this evening, but just went ahead and won the super bowl (hey, it's Thanksgiving week). here's stats and screens (by the way, the two NFC playoff games were the craziest/most-tense TSB games I've ever played vs COM, I will never forget beating the 49ers (see paragraph)...) Oh, and for the first two games I was typing shit in a notepad before/after it happened...but for the super bowl, I couldn't be bothered anymore. PLAYOFFS w28-21 vikings 1st play of game = 80 yd JJ to Williams in end zone. Wilson answers. 7-7. Keith fumbles in red zone, MIN misses FG attempt. McMahon to Byers 3 yd TD. 14-7. End of 1st Half. Herschel 70 yd TD. 14-14. McMahon answers by methodically driving 80 yds and dumps an 8 yd TD to Byers. Herschel injured on ensuing kickoff return! Q4 Wilson answers with flea-flicker connection to A.C. 21-21 McMahon answers with pass 2 TD dump to Keith. 28-21 Wilson comes up short. 78% 332 4/0 (Wilson 100% 198, 2TD) waters 2 forced fumbles. w28-27 49ers McMahon's opening drive = loss of downs on 5 yd line. Cofer FG. Cofer FG. McMahon INT. TD Rice. 0-13 with 10 sec left in 1st half, McMahon to Barnett. 7-13 Waters gets blocked 10 yds downfield while ball in the air as Montana hits Rice on Play Action TD. 7-20 McMahon intercepted by Lott in red zone. 49ers go 3 and out. McMahon to Barnett with 4 min to go in Q4. 13-20 Montana to Rice, 80 yd TD. 13-27 McMahon to Barnett with 1:41 to go in Q4, ~80 yd TD. 21-27 (should I go for onside kick???) I do. And I fucking get it. 1:28 to go, down by 6 at the 50. God damn 50-yd JJ TD to Barnett. 28-27, 1:00 to go... Montana falls short. Holy shit. See screenshot. 57% 401 4/2 SUPER BOWL