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    View File Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 The game is now available and so is the 5th annual "Preview Magazine" to the game. Madden ratings were used once again to rate every player. Here's a list of hacks and hack authors used to help create this: -- 32-team expansion rom (cx_rom, Maynard, Knobbe, others) -- helmets, field colors (keithisgood) -- COM looks for open receivers (jstout) -- COM Ultra Logic to play better defense (jstout) -- moving & dynamic grapples (bruddog) -- MAN vs. MAN popcorning (jstout) -- sort receiving leaders by yards (jstout) -- more accurate attribute labels, like “Acceleration” (Tecmonster) -- kicking arrow speed & range to make FG’s easier (Tecmonster) -- COM minimum kickoff distance (bruddog) -- increase kickoff ball speed (maynard, bodom) -- increase shotgun snap speed (jstout) -- tougher to block FG’s by adding personal protectors (Tecmonster) -- increase QB fumble rate (jstout) -- decrease diving animation time slightly (xplozv) -- decrease handoff animation time (xplozv) -- COM “juice” edited (by Tecmonster) -- PA affects “catchability/interceptability” of the pass (jstout) -- set kick returner farther back (bodom) -- Ball Control ratios edited so BC means more (by Tecmonster) -- static schedules from week to week (bruddog) -- Quickness changed to Coverage (jstout) -- kick returners use their actual attributes (konforce, jstout) -- stats screen at halftime (xplozv) -- corrected playoff bracket (pambazos) -- MAN-controlled QB rollouts on the rollout plays (Tecmonster) -- LB’s moved farther back from line of scrimmage (Tecmonster) -- Run & Shoot QB’s almost never scramble (Tecmonster) -- “heavy pass” teams don’t pass quite as much (Tecmonster) -- PLAYBOOKS (I have drastically changed and re-organized the playbooks to make them more useful, logical, balanced, and modern), including: (a) new plays, like the Shotgun Shovel, Shotgun Zone Read RB R, Shotgun Zone Read QB L (with QB HP boost), Shotgun RB Draw, Shotgun Zone Read Red Sea (pass), Shotgun Zone Read X Fly (pass), Shotgun Zone Read RB Flat (pass), Pro Set Quick Pitch L, Pro Set Quick Pitch R, Pro Set Zone Pitch R, 1back Offtackle R, 1back Pitch R, 1back Pitch L, Run and Shoot Fire (pass), Shotgun XZ Cross, 1back Flare C, Pro Z Deep Post; (b) improved blocking schemes for many run plays; (c) some receiving routes for existing plays improved; (d) some receiving routes added, like for Oneback Flare A; -- COM avoids sacks much better + faster COM rollouts (Tecmonster) -- shorter onside kicks (xplozv) -- COM RB reacts to the defense sooner after handoff (Tecmonster) -- smarter OL pass blocking (xplozv) -- receiver jump/dive based on REC rating (xplozv) -- defender jump/dive based on COV rating (xplozv) -- team rosters, jersey #’s, faces (Tecmonster) -- minimum COM punts @ 50% meter (bruddog) -- QB’s Avoid Pass Block rating is more important (low APB QB’s are bad news, notable increase in passes blocked) -- moving grapples turbocharged (i.e. bruddog’s version sped up) NEW FOR 2018: -- automated and accurate sim ratings (Tecmonster) -- minor player ratings formula and playbook tweaks If you decide to make ANY edits to this game within TSBToolSupreme, then you'll very likely need to repair the rom afterwards because that program will break part of the moving grapple code and the game will glitch. So, here's what you do: I used the Translhextion hex editor to create a file, named x3ffc0, and have included that with the rom here. I recommend saving this file to your Desktop. How you apply this file: open up your rom in Translhextion and jump to offset x3ffc0 (by clicking Offset > Jump To > then enter x3ffc0 in the field). Highlight (by dragging on) that byte + the next 48 bytes (49 bytes total), then: 1) go to Selection and click "Fill Selection with..." 2) in the pop-up box, select "File" from the dropdown box after "Fill selection with" 3) click "Browse" and find your file (preferably on your Desktop) and select it 4) click "OK" 5) Go to "File" and save your rom. This should fix the problem. Every time you edit your rom with TSBToolSupreme though, you're going to have to follow these steps directly afterwards. Files available: (1) Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 game file (2) Tecomonster’s TSB 2018 Preview Magazine (3) x3ffc0 repair file. If you use this rom as a basis for a fantasy league like I do and you want the draft package, which lists players by salary, you can download it from the front page of our league’s website: renotecmoleague.weebly.com. Submitter Tecmonster Submitted 09/04/2017 Category NFL By Year  
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    DETROIT TECMO KUMITE VI WHERE: Detroit Beer Company, 1529 Broadway, Detroit, MI WHEN: Saturday, March 3, 2018 Doors 10AM, Kickoff 11AM sharp. PRE-PAY ENTRY: $30 PayPal to: [email protected] / $35 doors Registration is LIVE for Detroit Tecmo Kumite VI! Our 5th tournament in 2017 was our biggest and best yet, crowning Matt O'Toole his 1st Kumite title, including a great new venue, providing plenty of room for growth into the future. Kumite VI is just 2 months away, and registration is now LIVE!, so sign up today, to take advantage of the Pre-Pay PayPal discounted rate! PARTICIPANTS: We are anticipating at least 40 participants for Kumite VI, which will pay out at least 5 spots, including over $500 for 1st place - in addition to ample raffle, and consolation prizes! Spectators are encouraged to join in on the fun as well, as we are certainly not limited to just participants. 2017 brought us a great new venue at Detroit Beer Co with ample space, and we are excited at what the future beholds for Tecmo Kumite Detroit. We'll be raffling off a ton of great prizes, so be sure to bring along all of your friends! PRIZES: Numerous prizes will be raffled off, and earned during both the main portion of the tournament, and also the consolation portion of the tournament. Details to come! To REGISTER: Please email the [email protected], and be sure to include: GAMER TAG/NICKNAME, HOMETOWN, EMAIL, and any EQUIPMENT you can lend to the tournament cause, including NES, TSB carts, small TVs, etc. Entry Fee: $30 via PayPal, to [email protected] Pre-Pay Deadline will be Wednesday 2/21, so take advantage of the discounted rate. Beyond 2/21, and/or day-of entry will be $35. Doors are at 10:00AM, with kickoff at 11:00AM sharp - Saturday 3/3/2018. FORMAT: The "Swiss-Buffalo" format, introduced in 2017 was a great success, and we'll be bringing it back for 2018. There will be a 5 to 6 round "Swiss-Style" format for the preliminary rounds, which pits similar records against one another each proceeding round. This will help minimize the time it generally takes to complete the preliminary rounds, and the day as a whole. After the Swiss rounds have completed, the player pool will be divided into an Sweet 16 "Buffalo-Style" finale, where you will select your choice of team, for the duration of the tournament. As per usual, we will also hold at least one consolation round as well. EQUIPMENT: Tournament competitors are encouraged to bring any and all equipment they are able to, including: NES, TSB cart, controllers, ac adapters, RF or RCA wires, extension cords, power strips, and most importantly small sized televisions. Please keep in mind, we may be in need of said equipment for the duration of the event. ONLY original NES controllers are welcome, no turbo, no dogbone, etc. If you plan on bringing any equipment, please be sure to label your equipment, and plan on arriving 30 minutes in advance to help set up. We thank you in advance for anything you are able to assist the tournament with! Stay tuned - More to come! Hope to see you all at Tecmo Kumite VI on 3/3!
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    Registration is expected to go Live this week! Stay tuned for more details! #KUMITEVI
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    College Football Chat Room

    In hindsight, having Georgia at #2 was the way to go. Bodom > CFP ranking process. But seriously, that game was insane! and could have gone either way. I figured Bama would roll Clemson. I just love how the SEC was getting trolled after UCF beat Auburn, then both SEC teams win and we have an all SEC national championship.
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    Sim test USA

    Including the ^-post-mentioned old standby, highly-accurate @SBlueman and @gojiphen malor ROMs [as well], I 1-off SKP-sim'd all the most up-to-date versions of every 2017-18 ROM; And, SBlueman's latest (v1.09) revealed the highest # - 9 - of ACTUAL Playoff teams, @ 6[!] AFC, and 3 NFC right ... Followed closely behind by Goji's latest (w17.v3.0 - Juiced) - with 8 - @ 5 AFC, and 3 NFC ... {Although I guess you could say that Goji's (11.1 - Juiced) was the "most-balanced," with 3 teams from each Conference coming correct...} Props: I SKP-sim'd the Playoffs, as well. Happy New Year !!!
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    Only the total W-L differential matters. There isnt't a big difference but a slight one between if you are 14-0 vs 16-0 See juice table below
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    View File Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 Presented by TecmoBowl.org Tecmo Super Bowl is the greatest sports video game of all time. Now, 26 years after TSB made 8-Bit legends of Bo Jackson and Lawrence Taylor, TecmoBowl.org proudly announces the release of Tecmo Super Bowl 2018. This site's 11th yearly iteration updates Tecmo's NES classic with up-to-date rosters, graphics, schedules and play books for all 32 NFL squads. Additionally, you can now check the defensive conditions of your players. Playable on multiple platforms and operating systems via NES emulation software, Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 brings Nintendo's bone-crunching classic to today's computers and handheld devices. Will offenses fear JJ Watt like they feared Bruce Smith? Who is the more deadly play-caller: Aaron Rodgers or Dan Marino? Will Ezekiel Elliott live up to the hype? Loaded into an NES Emulator, Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 will make legends for the next 26 years. Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 Table of Contents A. How This Works B. How To Play - PC/Mac C. How to Play Online - Windows D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 Notes E. Known Issues F. Credits A. How This Works If you're new to emulation: ROM = Game or Cartridge (.nes file) Emulator = NES System B. How To Play - PC/Mac Download Nestopia for your platform and also the .nes ROM - Windows | Mac Open Nestopia. From Nestopia, File > Open and find your .nes ROM. C. How to Play Online - Windows Setup for online play using our guide - http://tecmobowl.org/topic/53066-guide-get-started-playing-tsb-online-for-dummies/. We then recommend starting out at the TPC - http://www.tecmoplayers.com. Most TPC players use the original Tecmo Super Bowl ROM, but you might be able to find some people playing TSB 2016. Remember that the versions of the game must be exactly the same or you will not be able to connect. If you’re looking for an online league, we recommend TecmoBowl.org's Online Tecmo Leagues. D. Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 notes Check Defense condition - In the same location as the time out menu there is now a "CHECK DEF" option which lets you scroll left and right through your players 4-3 defenses removed - Everyone is back to the classic 3-4 32-Team ROM Rosters current as of 9/5/17 Adjustable quarter length Playbook editing in-game Player 2 attributes now display correctly Halftime stats Pass Control determines if a pass will be completed. Passing Accuracy determines if the ball will be on target. E. Known Issues You can't edit the player names for the NFC West teams using publicly released emulators. This rom may not work on some emulators. Sorry. F. Credits Graphics - Keithisgood | @keithisgood Rosters/Attributes/Sim - @Knobbe (Assist davefmurray) Rom - @bruddog Promo - davefmurray | @davefmurray QA/Rom Merge/Project Coordinator - @Knobbe | @tecmogodfather Thanks to: Jstout, Bruddog, Cxrom, Bad-Al & Buck for the hacking knowledge and tools. Members of TecmoBowl.org for helping beta test and for making this all worthwhile. Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 by TecmoBowl.org is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Based on a work at http://tecmobowl.org/. Other 2018 Versions to try: @Tecmonster: Tecmonster's Tecmo Super Bowl 2018 @gojiphen malor Goji's Tecmo Super Bowl NFL 2018 @SBlueman SBlueman's Tecmo Super Bowl 2017 - Preseason Edition Submitter Knobbe Submitted 09/07/2017 Category TecmoBowl.org Official Yearly ROMs
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    I'll be hosting a Tecmo event Saturday July 8 for PNW Tecmoers. Think of a modified HSTL (drafting the tandems of QBs, RBs, WR/TEs, OL, DL, and DB, all while keeping under the 100 mil Salary Cap using Brudd's attached spreadsheet here tecmo_salary_cap.xlsx ) that we will be able to play ON CONSOLE thanks to the everdrive (and to @madmanyo360 ) This will be an 8 team season, each team playing 10 games, twice vs their division opponents and once vs each team in other division. Very similar to the former Grapple League NTF. The Roster 1. Kamp 2. @DT. (still a maybe) 3. @invader_star64 4. @SirTed 5. @Tick 6. @boogiewithstu 7. @XtraLargent 8. Joe (If DT cannot go, I'm fairly sure my man Jay (was at the first Another Castle tourney as well as the 2nd PacRim and the prefunk at Ted's spot that year) can make it. Draft order will be reverse of the list posted above. OL and all defensive alignments are locked in as OG Rom alignments. One minor change from our first effort is that RBs, TEs and WRs are all interchangeable, however only RBs can run RB plays. WRs and TEs can run WR reverses. Penalty for going over the cap is still to be deternined (DON'T DO IT!) I'm open to ideas. League website is below. At the least we'll have rosters and schedule on there. Hopefully we can update stats there in real time, but we will be able to keep stats updated on the Everdrives (fingers crossed) http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/main.php Plan is to start Week 1 as soon as Xtra Largent gets here ~1pm pst, or sooner if we can't get ahold of one more everdrive. I'm feeling a $10 entry fee, with fees going to whatever Trophy/Medallion I can manage to get my hands on (or perhaps starting a fund for one more everdrive), and the remaining balance split 70 30 between Champ and Runner Up. Food, Feel free to bring, or just enjoy the local eats (we got some good spots I can recommend in Grit City) Beer, I plan on bringing a couple of growlers of Mac n Jack and can point any participants the way to securing their own. Or just BYOB. Systems. I could use a couple more systems and TVs (CRT please, I got enough TVs otherwise, but would prefer 20-27 inch CRTs and Top Loader systems work best with the Everdrives. Feel free to also bring whatever controllers you got. I got more than enough but can't vouch for how awesomely responsive they all are. Am I missing anything? I know @~Tailback Queen~ err.. @~Tailback King~ wishes he could make it but he's got some other celebratin to do that weekend. PS we did a practice run of the draft format and you can find the google doc here Also for K/P I was thinking we could do the same thing as last time. Name your own and keep them at the standard 50 for attributes.
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    OK Fellas, here's a recap. Once everyone got here, we ended up doing a kind of group play with 3 groups of guys tiered per historical success in PNW tourneys etc. The 3 groups ended up as conferences on @brookstonfowler 's CFT Phile linked below. http://www.pnw.puretecmo.com/main/main.php Group 1 was the Puget Sound featuring me, @DT. and @invader_star64 Group 2 was Cascadia featuring @Tick , @boogiewithstu , and @SirTed Group 3 was the Hinterlands featuring @XtraLargent , Joe, and JayMC425 We played 3 weeks of "group play" and then 3 weeks of Kamp picks of matchups trying to create the most excitement with past historical classics and matching guys up who haven't played much (also trying to keep from guys who've played each other a ton from doing so like Me and Jay, and Stu and Joe) Last few weeks of regular season we basically just tried to mix it up as much as possible since we lost Ted and were gearing towards a double elim playoff after "10 weeks". Ted and Tick decided to get started early to save time, and I said fine, but forgot to make sure that the correct guy was home and away so we made this a "later" matchup and they ended up playing again. Ted won both and in some sick twist of fate, I think both games were 28 14. The stream's first matchup was a great one. Me vs DT, Cowboys vs Falcons. QB Matchup was MaJJik vs Kenny O. DT had BHump, while I had all the Niner RBs. If memory serves correctly, I got a stop early and had a stupid CC to AC (DT had the Raiders DBs) to go up 14-7 at half. I think I tried a fg and perhaps also turned it over on 4th down in the 2nd half, but things really just came down to who had the ball last, as Tecmo often does. DT scored a FG to go up 3 late. I returned the kickoff a fair amount, and then it was what we all get hyped for, the end of game Hail Mary JJ attempt. This time MaJJik to AC delivered, AC jumping up from the red zone and landing in the end zone. TD!! MaJJik to AC was MVP. MaJJik was 9/12 for 3 TDs, and AC caught 3 passes all the TDs and 112 yards rcvg Week 2 saw DT suffer late game tecmo hate again, this time vs Invader, where BHump fumbled at the 1 yard line with like 1 min left and down 21-17. So that's 2 tecmo heartbreaking 21-17 losses to start this day for DT. Week 2 also had what looked to be an excellent game between Ted and Stu. Ted overcame a lost fumble and scored 14 points in the 4th to win 14-13. With that Ted's day was essentially over, him going 3-0 with the team that @bruddog drafted for him. Week 3 saw a tight one between Stu and Tick, where Bruddog commented that first one to 6 would win. Well, Tick scored on a nice pass from BJT to Willie Gault in the 2nd quarter, but Stu responded with a FG at the half, and then a 3rd quarter Allen Pinkett TD which he was able to hold up with his CHI DL and DBs infused with KC's LBs I was able to win over Invader thanks to not one but two fumbles that Vader lost, and they were timely. Final, 28-17. Week 4 saw a couple of blowouts and I was sad cuz I was slated to play Ted, and he had already left. My man Jay was on the stream vs Stu, and he got tecmoed pretty bad. Week 5 brought a highly anticipated match between DT and BWagg the XtraLargent one. Twice in the past DT has lost to BWagg on some crazy tecmo shit. The one I remember being a HOU vs BUF match where BWagg scored late with a full on garbage drive. CC, picked play CC, all of the above. I wish there was a recording of that one, lol. There was another one that I don't remember, but I bet you both DT and BWagg could. This one did NOT disappoint. DT worked his way to a 17-7 halftime lead. He had the ball late with the lead. He had gotten 3 fumbles that BWagg had lost. Then Ken O'Brien proved Bruddog's LVP assessment correct. An int led to some hope. And then Wagg got the ball down 14-17 (we've seen this before today...) It all added up to another crazy ending in another 21-17 loss as Andre Reed hauled in a CC Diver from DeBerg FTW. I'll recap the rest in a bit.