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    Group M bruddog won toss MIN-WAS kamp takes MIN Good game here. Kamp grinds his way down but the defense comes up with a hold around the 20 or so. 3-0 kamp. I get a big 15-10 outtap on a run 1 and byner takes it in for the score 7-3. Kamp takes most of the rest of the 2nd qtr to drive down but settles for a 4th down pass instead of a long FG but it fails and gets picked off in the endzone. Washington has a chance for one bomb...millard blitzes...sanders is running free at the bottom but its airmailed out of bounds. SMH. However rypien would atone as the redskins drive down the field on some nice running again. On a picked pass 4 rypien somehow avoids the rush and finds byner for the TD to make it 14-3. Kamp has a solid drive powered by Walker and a long carter catch. A good Walker punches it in to make things close. 14-10. Rypien throws into deep to Clark and it falls harmlessly off the dbs. The second try was a charm as Rypien leads CLark on a deep bomb and Clark dives for it to secure the win. 21-10. Wilson gets picked on a JJ attempt. Byner is tackled at the 1 trying to add on extra points. Final 21-10 GG Kamp GG Bruddog Youtube Below
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    WEEK 13 Pickem!

    For my 100th W ( Last 1 to the C note ) I got a Cowboys dub gaining a game on erryone. Probably my first and last highlight of this pickem season for me.
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    group L RICO VS. TADAOS i won toss and selected minn. was.tadaos selected was. i recieve ball and drive down field with a long opening drive and punch it in the endzone with hershal walker. his following drive comes to a end with a wide open 4th down drop. i was able to add field goal right before half making it 10-0 minny at the half. it was all defense in the second half walker fumbling twice and washington turning it over on downs final score 10-0 TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1
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    Group M PrimeTime won toss N.O. - JETS I chose N.O. I got a fumble after scoring an opening drive TD, avoided a last second JJ at the halftime buzzer to lead 10-0. Held on in 2nd half. GG PrimeTime TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns3
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    Group M JBrooks won toss MIN-WAS I chose MIN I lost two fumbles early and sweated out a last second heave to hold on. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns8
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    *Group E *Coin toss winner: Shallahbey *Matchup called: KC/Chi *Shallahbey-Chi *the_shield-KC Da Bears won the coin toss and decided to return to open the game, he went down the field in fashion as KC's defense decided they were taking the 1st quarter off. 7-0 Bears. KC's returns the favor marching right down the field as Okoye rams through the Bears D. The score is now 7-7. After the 1st quarter D.Thomas gets a phone call from who other than DT and this phone call ignites the rest of the KC defense as it shuts down the Bears offense the rest of the half. Injury prone Deberg decides he wants a chance in the_shield's hall of fame and comes out gunning it around as KC goes up 21-7 at half. The second half starts just as it ended with Deberg on fire, KC now goes up 28-7. After a couple of extra stickum JJ's, the Bears score and the final ends up being 28-14. GG to Shallahbey and this would seemingly set up a matchup between Ryan11p and the_sheild for all the marbles to move on in the Thunderdome. TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns2
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    Group M bruddog won toss CHI-KC JBrooks takes KC Not too much to recap here. Solid drive by bears and its 7-0. KC gets picked off or fumbles and another drive and its 14-0. It was a calvalcade on ints by the chiefs and fubmles as they had 4 interceptions and a lost fumble. Final score was 41-0. Felt bad running it up. Thanks for being a good spoort JBrooks
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    Your Group - J Who won toss - cubsfan Matchup called by coin toss winner - MIA/CIN Team that coin toss loser chose - MIA Brief happenings of the game (doesnt need to be a novel) or link to your youtube/twitch video or stream. I'm drunk now... game was a close one... very laggy due to the hotel WIFI that arn was on. regardless, I had a two score lead, arn scored, I had the ball and fumbled, arn couldn't score, but had the ball at the 20 or so. 21-17 good guys TPC_TSB_tapmeter.ns1 arn.nsv
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    -Group E -Coin toss winner-Prime -Matchup called- Jets vs Saints -Jets (Shield) -Saints (Prime) Saints win 20-17 in a tough matchup, that could have went either way. Game could have been out of reach had the Saints capitalized when they were up 17-7 however, The Shield put together a great drive and played tight defense as he intercepted John Fourcade in the last quarter with under 3 minutes left. He capitalized on the turnover with a touchdown to make it 17-17. The Saints Dalton Hilliard broke free from a grapple to get the Saints within FG range to seal the win. GG all around!
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    Your Group - J Who won toss - Jesus Matchup called by coin toss winner - KC/CHI Team that coin toss loser chose - CHI Brief happenings of the game (doesnt need to be a novel) or link to your youtube/twitch video or stream. Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/206100897 Bears win 30-24 in OT. Bears racked up 350+ yards of total offense with Tomzach leading the way with 73% completion percentage and 203 yards/2 TDs. Very intense game that saw a tie and two lead changes in the final quarter, including long JJ as time was expiring, but KC fumbled out of bounds and stopped the clock, which led to a tying FG. GG Jesus jesus.nsv TPC_TSB.ns1
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    Ryan11p [email protected] Can host M-F After 5 Weekends open
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    R.I.P. Coach K