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    So I am trying to figure out how to make the COM defense a bit better vs the pass for Man vs COM and COM vs COM games. Say for example this play: R AND S FLARE C This is the default defensive reactions: Since this orders the defensive reactions from Run 1 to Pass 4, the code reads: Run Slot 1: B8 Run Slot 2: B8 Run Slot 3: B9 Run Slot 4: B9 Pass Slot 1: BB (blitz byte) Pass Slot 2: BA Pass Slot 3: BA Pass Slot 4: BA As we know, picking run vs this play leaves people open downfield. So if we wanted better coverage on run calls vs this play, would you want to change all the run defenses to BA? I am assuming B8 is the worst coverage and B9 is minimal coverage.
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    Here is Bloomington Tecmo's save the date video for this year's tournament. The theme is based on Star Wars the Last Jedi. We've taken New England Patriots running back Mosi (M0-SIGH for the purpose of our theme) Tatupu, added their colors, and altered their old logo to incorporate a lightsaber. It was our first attempt at making a video. I thought it turned out ok. Let us know what you think. Thanks!