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    Tournament Abundance

    This is a hard question. Its a double edge sword more tournaments means more exposure. I think the key to this situation has already happen, Having Madison Majors puts up that boundary. Its getting to the point that the small tournaments feed the Majors. If all we had was the Madison Major tournament the Tecmo Numbers and Madison number would decline. I think we kinda need those little tournaments. An average or newer player may have some success at a smaller venue and then feed into the bigger ones. Without the little guys not sure we keep getting bigger and bigger numbers.
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    Tournament Abundance

    This is true, my kids need a father anyways. But seriously you and Lou are welcome to stay here anytime.
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    My opinion may not matter much here, but the overwhelming majority of my games are played in Pre/Pro. I won't speak for anyone else, but I think for that mode there's a better middle ground between the old and new versions (I went from about 50% W/L to 100%). Maybe splitting the difference between the two? I don't have anything insightful to add for season play since I'm a rookie player.
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    Hey goji quick question if you have the time. Can you provide any numbers regarding the change in difficulty you made a while back to Juiced Plus?
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    Tournament Abundance

    Lol i figured i'd give Mort a hand driving. I got bombed after my cousin's wedding. Fucking Vitamin R and Dennys at 4am was a bad idea. Shoulda went to bed early like mort did. Played all my seattle tecmo games from the Toilet next day
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    San Diego Chargers HSTL S42 Recaps

    WK 1 Raiders @ Chargers A tough divisional match-up to kick the season off. The Chargers jumped out to a 10 point lead after an opening drive FG and long TD run from Barry (setup by a Raiders fumble on a long kickoff return). Other Chargers highlights included a 50-yard JJ to the other Barry (Word), 3 field goals from trash-legged Zendejas, and Rodney Peete doing everything he could to avoid throwing in Waymer's direction. The Chargers held Mel Gray to minimal rushing yards, but had no trouble giving up big runs to Harry Sydney instead. With a 20 - 7 halftime lead, the Chargers did just enough to hold off a Raiders rally, picking Elway twice. FINAL SCORE: Chargers 23 - Raiders 14 http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=15236 GG Zuir
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    Guys we have a location locked down. Tomczak Bowl X will be at The Venue at 285 Main Street, Dubuque, IA. It's a bar in the basement of an old building in downtown. It's a very cool place with a nice beer selection. They don't serve food but you will be able to order food from nearby establishments. I would recommend the pizza from Shot Tower Inn. The location is in walking distance of at least 2 hotels.
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    Tournament Abundance

    I'm having a tournament every weekend in 2019. You can stay with @moulds33
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    Tournament Abundance

    60hrs of COA mode driving!
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    I didn't get around to posting about this tourney due to the long drive back to Omaha, and my Tecmo/RBI event the following weekend. Of the 5 straight Tecmo Bowl tournaments I've won, this was by far the easiest. They had a field of 32 players, and they used 8 NES mini systems. Ran very well, and even got free food! Pizza and chicken sandwhiches. I was the only 1 of the Big 4 in attendance, so it was going to take a monumental effort from someone off the street to win this. The closest anyone came to beating me was 28-6 in the semi-final game. Won the title game 27-0, and shut it down in the 4th qtr. 1st place was a 32" vizio and a NES mini. Here's a pic of me with Roy Hall, the Driven foundation president. Hall played in the NFL for a couple years with Indy and Detroit. This is supposed to be an annual deal. Hall is hoping to increase the turnout. I think with their reach in the Columbus area, they can push this to perhaps 40-48 players. I played a guy in exhibition shortly before the tourney started and won 28-0. I thought his game was pretty decent and complimented on the stuff he did well. I think that was message enough to the field. He ended up reaching the championship game against me. He was clearly one of the top players from the field, and I think he knew that, or was confident about his game coming in. He had talked me up during the event, and the fact that I easily handled him really set the tone for the whole event.