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    Version 1.0.0


    The final rom in my 1978-1994 series is finally complete! Superjuiced and ready for you to enjoy. Expect the usual level of difficulty and detail from my roms. Can you beat the 1994 49ers with any team but the Cowboys? There are some hidden superstars in this rom that should make this an enjoyable experience for you many times over. Enjoy!
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    War Machine

    A T-Bone Special: 1989 Mock DRAFT

    Awesome work! Looking forward to this draft!
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    A T-Bone Special: 1989 Mock DRAFT

    1. Vikings (bartletti) - RB, Barry Sanders - The Vikings select Barry Sanders with the #1 overall pick. With James Brooks getting a little long in the tooth it is time for the Vikes to call on one of the all time greats in Barry to bring glory to this once fabled franchise. 2. Buccs (JPbowler) - DB, Deion Sanders - The Buccaneers are already a pretty damn respectable team in terms of talent on their roster. Now this team has a stud at QB, RB, WR, LB, DL, and with the acquisition of Neon Deion, DB also. Playoff time??? 3. Browns (BigFatP) - LB, Derrick Thomas - They add Thomas to give Cleveland one of the most elite LB corps in the league. With Haddix at DB and Thomas now at LB this defense poses a very real dual threat to opposing offenses. 4. SeaHawks (WarM) - QB, Troy Aikman - The SeaHawks are a roster deprived of talent. Last season they added a good 56ms 63int rookie in Eric Allen. This season they will add an elite offensive talent to the roster. 5. Bengals (MaddTown) - WR, Andre Rison - Flutie to Rison? The possibilities are great with this duo. 6. Bears (ptitteri) - QB, Rodney Peete - With no true answer at QB for the Bears yet, I have them taking a QB #1 overall. Majik threw 17 ints last season. Taking Peete is a small but needed upgrade. 7. Browns (BigFatP) - RB, Marion Butts - The journeyman Stump Mitchell will likley take the #2 RB role while (thru ATL.) Butts takes a majority of the carries next season. 8. Bears (ptitteri) - DB, Donnell Woolford - The Bears add Woolford to solidify the DB unit. (thru WAS.) 9. SeaHawks (WarM) - RB, Bobby Humphrey - With a good rookie roll Humphrey has the potential to be a big time RB in this league. Either way a compliment to Agee in the backfield. 10. Patriots (Dukie) - LB, Dennis Byrd - A really good value at #10 in Byrd for the Patriots. Gives the Patriots a little security with the ageing Blinka approaching retirement. 11. Saints (Nos) - WR, Tony Martin - The Saints WR's at the moment are a pretty shitty squad lol. Add Martin and now they are semi complete at this position. 12. Bills (Tadaos) - TE, Wesley Walls - This team is deplete of any receiving talent other than the 38ms 63rec Haywood Jeffries. With a few gains Walls can be one of the best TE's in WTF. 13. Jets (bone) - OL, Mark Schlereth - The Jets need a big body to put in front of the Bastard Primes' Rulon Jones lol. 14. Rams (rico) - RB, David Meggett - Meggett possess the physical gifts to be a great compliment to one's RB squad. Comming off the bench in EXCELLENT condition he will be dangerous. 15. 49ers (arn) - DB, Carnell Lake - A little needed depth for the defensive backfield. 16. Raiders (gats) - DL, Trace Armstrong - A big dumb NT for the dasterdly Raiduhs. 17. Dolphins (Tootie) - RB, Cleveland Gary - The Dolphins taking a chance on Cleveland Gary though he has BC issues. With some careful running and some gains he looks to be a solid pickup. 18. Giants (dolo) - QB, Timm Rosenbach - Coach Dolo has a history in taking QB at #1, with a good roll Rosenbach can find himself at QB #1. Gaining him like dolo is capable of doing makes this a solid choice. 19. Packers (stall) - DB, Louis Oliver - Oliver has potential to land a beast roll or an average roll, either way Green Bays' DB corp gets an upgrade. 20. Bears (ptitteri) - OL, Steve Wisniewski- Bears take Steve Wisniewski, the #2 OL, off of the board at #20. The OL (thru K.C.) is now starting to look quite good, only one 44hp left on the squad. 21. Oilers (purple) - DB, Steve Atwater - Atwater paired with Fulcher at Saftey. Big hits a plenty for Purple. 22. Steelers (Swampy) - OL, Mark Stepnoski - Good OL to help protect the JJ-ing Geezer Kelly. 23. Eagles (BO) - DB, Ray Crockett - Looks to take one of the spots at DB for Eagles this offseason. 24. Cowboys (Jezuz) - RB, Daryl Johnston - Johnston will clear the lane for Byner next season, and also becasue Jesus is a Cowboys fanboy it looks like.
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    WEEK 10, Pickem!

    Ok, a Quick-Recap O WEEK 10 Victors 1. Mike Gordan / buck / Gojiphen 11-3 ... Well-done!!! (And I kept Kamphuna company, at 7-7.) Overall leaders: 95-51 Mike; 94-52 buck; 88-58 bodom
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    Full Bracket/Results and most of what you want to know about Iowa Tecmo 4 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1U5qSkFngCx4i1GoDCr7gzKhDcETi67j5v1r9ezd_SGs/edit?usp=sharing https://www.twitch.tv/iowatecmo
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    Everyone, I like the enthusiasm in November for an April tournament! This is good, just don't burn out before then. And remember, it is my job to figure out all the extra stuff that surrounds the format and how best to meet two hugely important goals: 1. Get this massive tournament done in 1 day 2. Maintain some semblance of fairness and integrity for all the participants This is so the guy who travels on a 5 hour flight and the guy who drives 10 minutes from Middleton both have a great experience and aren't walking out unhappy with the tournament experience (other than the general unhappiness that will occur to the 200+ people who don't win the thing) For whatever psychotic reason, I really do love creating, seeding, and organizing tournaments, so I'll do my thing behind the scenes, Dave will make sure it fits with the vision of a kickass tournament, and we can all go from there.
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    WEEK 10, Pickem!

    I thought Sam Bradford was your MVP?
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    WEEK 10, Pickem!

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    Skipped & Auto-Pick Policy

    If you miss your timed pick you are skipped. Other players DO NOT have to wait until their draft time to make their selections. You can jump in with your pick at any time. Auto-Pick Policy The commish / draft mods will make an autopick for your team when we reach the end of the round.