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    Everyone, I like the enthusiasm in November for an April tournament! This is good, just don't burn out before then. And remember, it is my job to figure out all the extra stuff that surrounds the format and how best to meet two hugely important goals: 1. Get this massive tournament done in 1 day 2. Maintain some semblance of fairness and integrity for all the participants This is so the guy who travels on a 5 hour flight and the guy who drives 10 minutes from Middleton both have a great experience and aren't walking out unhappy with the tournament experience (other than the general unhappiness that will occur to the 200+ people who don't win the thing) For whatever psychotic reason, I really do love creating, seeding, and organizing tournaments, so I'll do my thing behind the scenes, Dave will make sure it fits with the vision of a kickass tournament, and we can all go from there.
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    The bigger challenge....... beating Gats in a 7 series or remaining conscience until the conclusion of the series? I made it to 11:00 last year with some heavy consumption periods in-between. I'll be testing my drinking limits @ the TundraBowl in preparation for Madison.
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    I don't think Reg's liver could last that long.
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    FORMAT: 4 Regions, 22 groups per Region, 3 players per group. Round Robin opening rounds. Round 2 will have a Gold bracket, Silver bracket, and Bronze bracket, each region producing 22 Gold players, 22 Silver players, 22 Bronze players. Gold Bracket competes for the cash prize and Tecmo immortality. The Silver & Bronze brackets compete for consolation prizes. Opening bracket is single elimination. Final bracket stage TBD. Tiebreakers TBD. In short, everyone makes the second round and keeps playing.
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    Gold @kevincabarello 2opts Silver Doug W. ( Buffalo NY) 17pts Bronze @mort1237 11pts Congrats. @Laztlain and Me could not participate. Laz was sick and my epileptic condition flamed up at worse time ever. I was fine but not in a condtion to play video games and decided to go home to rest. Events SF 2 Gold Kevin C. 5-0, Silver Doug W 4-1, Mort 3-2 Nba Jam Gold Doug W., Silver Kevin C., Bronze Mort...Gamenote ( Doug won gold with GW 3pter as time expired over Kevin C. ) TSB Gold Mort, Silver Eugene K., Bronze Paul B. RBI Baseball World Championship's LOL; Gold Mort (The world RBi Champ) , Dave Silver, Bronze Dave w. Notes= Mort magic Rally vs Kevin C overcomes a 4run deficit to rally in the 9th. Tetris Gold Doug W. 160,176 Pts Kevin C 53673 pts Dave 47030pts Mario 3 Time Trials Gold Kevin C. 15secs, Silver 21.83secs, Bronze 22:35secs Tyson : Kevin Gold 10930pts vs Tyson, Silver Dave 3880 Pts Bronze Doug 15opts Megaman 2: Gold Kevin C. Beat the game w/o dying, Silver Mort Beat the game with dying once ( In last level last screen too), Doug Bronze (Beat 1 Boss) Mortal Kombat: Gold Doug w. 6-1, Silver Lou 5-2, Kevin C. Bronze 4-3 (Won 3 way tie breaker in 3 way FG kicking contest for the pt.) Nhl 95: Gold Kevin C. Silver Doug. Bronze Dave W. Only 1 used Buffalo and lost 1-2 in OT just like the sabres did saturday in real life... Also TY to @allamerican1569 and @segathonsov for borrowing us equipment.
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    I'm with you on liking the seeding, structuring, etc. You guys do a great job; thanks for all of the efforts you and the Madison crew put in.
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    Those first three games have shot way up in importance. Can't drop any of them or you're out. In some ways, this format is more punishing than ever before. That being said, I am a huge fan of giving everyone the opportunity to keep playing.
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    Nay. Every single person in attendance was amazed he was still standing. Every stream viewer assumed he never played before and got to the finals on pure RNG luck.
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    Gotcha. Gats and regulator best of 7? 😜
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    WEEK 10, Pickem!

    There better not be! Keep Keenum in for the rest of the season, and then have the QB battle next year between Bridgewater and Keenum. At this point, it's been proven that Sam Bradford is made of dust and can't be relied on to stay healthy.
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    Mike Gordan

    WEEK 10, Pickem!

    Good news; so far, buck and I are winning for this week resting at 10-4 apiece. buck was the only one to have gotten Tampa Bay. A curious pick heading into that week, but he got it right all the same. TecmoSuperFan was the only guy to pick Green Bay to beat Chicago. So even with homefield advantage and no Aaron Rodgers, the Bears still couldn't win. And while he didn't have a very favorable weekend (unfortunate), our topic creator, formerly known as Bolt, was the only guy to pick Atlanta to win. Honestly, I thought about changing my Cowboys pick to Atlanta, but I felt like giving the Cowboys a shot to prove themselves because you know, Falcons gonna Falcons. Oh, yeah! One last thing: Any major injuries occurred so far this weekend?
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    Also, a shout out to our Veterans. Matt T and Wes K played in our tournament for free and we thank them for their service.
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    Just found a way to make it so Thanksgiving holiday is no longer conflicting with this tourney. 99 percent certain now I can make it and so can Louis.
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    Big congrats to JoeyGats for winning Iowa Tecmo 4. Kyle Nelson (thegamer1185) was the runner-up. Tony James @Dotdon placed 3rd and @justinpeters51 was 4th. We may only had 24 participants, but this was a highly competitive and highly contested field of players. Looking forward to Tomczak, Tundra, Lincoln, and any other regional tournaments.
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    Groups: Group 1: Chris B. Pat B. Danny K. Group 2: Leif Powers Ricardo I. Jim T. Group 3: Erik M. Greg L. Dave Group 4: Tadaos Jimbo Dave P. Group 5: Anthony M. Brian R. Tom C. Groups Subject To Change With More Entrants***
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    Dear @~Tailback King~, I'll make the JJ video after I get a girlfriend. Sincerely, Pocky
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    Week 10 (Version 3) is up! - Player rating and depth chart adjustments - Players added : Dolphins - G, ted LARSEN Bengals - WR, john ROSS Texans - TE, c. FIEDOROWICZ Lions - WR, kenny GOLLADAY, T, taylor DECKER Vikings - QB, t. BRIDGEWATER Seahawks - CB, jeremy LANE Cardinals - T, john WETZEL, S, antoine BETHEA
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    Tournament Abundance

    We all know Mort is the father.
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    Hey, man! This will be the second NBA Jam championships! We are working on setting up some online play via server very soon! I'll PM once it is ready!
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    I just noticed this event (my spam folder, :D). It sounds interesting, and I also have a question about the NBA Jam TE tourney - is this the first, and does anybody play online with an emulator or anything, since I played NBA Jam a lot in the arcades?
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    I paid twice on accident. I guess i'll just be registered for Tundra Bowl VI 18 Months Early.