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    Bar opens at 2pm? lol that's sweet you'll have pizza and such too, can't wait!
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    The NFL handled the whole anthem protesting thing like complete chumps (both the players protesting and league management - but mainly the protesters, which caused the entire league to look like idiots). See my post here to show the difference between the NFL and NHL.
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Yesterday's Red Zone channel pandering to the military was brutal. For those not watching, or who didn't read about it, anytime yesterday that someone tweeted "SaluteTheTroops," $5 would be donated by the NFL to their military-based nonprofit partners. Obviously, any donated money to military veterans is a good thing. The Red Zone channel host, however, was in full on telethon mode. And the pandering... oh, the pandering. The NFL is in massive walk-back mode on all of this military stuff, despite the fact that military presence in NFL programming has historically far exceeded that of any other professional sport by a wide margin.
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    Well shit, it only took me 7 years and 9 tournies to actually win some money but we're on the board. Thanks Jon and Rico for all your time and effort, and Jon for intercepting me thrice with Swilling. That was quite the good field, and I had a hell of a lot of fun being this year's random dude in the Final Four. If I'm gonna go out, there's no better way than a Mort JJ to get knocked from a tourney. Thanks for doing the stream Darthrockman. It was cool to go back and watch my game against Mort. Hopefully you'll no longer need Justin G. to tell you that Justin G. is that guy who's a real fucking asshole before you can find Justin G. And Flo. If only. If only you could have beat Mort so you could have had your shot. Now you can think about 35-14 for six months until Madison. Enjoy!
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    HSTL S42 Draft Format

    While you can realign anyway you see fit once the players are on your team, the positions are locked. RB1 comes with DB1 and WR1 comes with LB1, etc.
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    Fixing StarTropics' Music

    Cool as heck.
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    (SNES) TSB3 2017 SB LII

    Check your game clock. It's moving faster than usual.
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    Saturday November 11th FACE BOOK LIVE will reveal Groups.
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    I will be attending this event and will try to stream it at the best quality possible. At worst I can record locally then upload to YouTube for viewing. All ways a great time at this event.
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    Based off my experience at Tundra Bowl 4, Nathan runs a top notch tournament, but I'm sure most of you already know that. I really got kick out of the locals playing blind volleyball in Halloween costumes with a DJ playing at 9:30am on a Saturday in January at the Watering Hole. Green Bay is a much different place than Chicago. I'm bummed I'll be missing out on Tundra Bowl V, but I have to attempt to go get that Tecmo Bowl Illinois State Championship Belt in Bloomington, IL.