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    Miami Dolphins HSTL S41 Recaps

    What a great game between @joeygats and myself. Could have gone either way. Joey stops me on my first drive and then he scores a TD on his first. From there, I was able to stop him (including an interception on my own 1 yard line), but all I could do was get in FG range and get 3 FGs. I'm up 9-7 with about 30 seconds left to go in the game and I'm at Joey's 25 yard line. It's 4th and 1 so I have a decision to make. After much thought, I go for the FG which gets blocked. Joey recovers and has time left for one more play. I'm unable to pick his play, I see both his deep guys are double covered so I rush in, he gets the pass off, gets a JJ at the 3 yard line, but gets dive tackled by a drone right away. Game over! I think I shat myself.
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    (GEN) Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    i'm not all that great on graphics editing either but i'm sure we could find a way to change the schedules.
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    Got my 3 games in despite my other 3 games being 1 with Bo, who is on vacation, and 2 with Dolo who is on permanent vacation. Looks like I'll be up against the ropes all season long. Anywho, Lions come out swinging, and swinging hard!!!! There was no stopping QBBills in this one unless it was wide open to John Stephens and he dropped it. Followed by CC's to John Stephens. Ahhhhhh, too much flare with Jeffires in good and QBBSD swingin' it across my jaw. Since I couldn't get stops, had to play the clock game and hurry up my offense in the 3rd to make sure I could squeak out an extra possession. It worked, but barely. Damn GG Casual_T. Oh yeah, I picked up a fumble early for a TD that if DET would have picked up we would have been going to OT.... coin flip from there. Bucs 35 Lions 28 600 yards of offense in this high-flying affair. http://hstl.tecmobowl.org/box-score.html?gID=15057&season=41
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    I will be there.. again
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    Monster-san: It's going good, mon. Went 12-4 in le season; and already've dismantled SEA, in Divisional Round (who beat ARZ to get dere), Game 1 of we'Playoffs. {This is 11.11. This is Juiced. This is USA.} Next-up, les Falcons!! Muphuquahz betta come ready - FALCONS - are you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpMfP6qUSBo ?
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    Hey! Remember this? AW, YEAH
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    Very cool guys. Congrats Nos on his retroactive 2017 online Championship!
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    New York Giants HSTL S41 Recaps

    This one started out bad for the home team with a lag induced onsides kick giving the Cards a short field. Bo is able to bust one and puts PHX up 7-0 right out the gate. PHX also falls victim to the lag delay and the Giants also start with a short field. But BJ opens the game, just as he did against Philly, with a short thrown INT. Good start for PHX! They get it into Giant territory and knock in a 3. Brooks would take a long run in to close the first for New York and the Giant D would force a punt to open the 2nd. After some decent passes and short runs, Brook's sidekick Broussard takes one in to put up New York before the half 14-10. Momentum shift! STOP. Shift it back. Rob Thomas fumbles the opening KR in the third and Phoenix recovers. Bo gets a block and just like that the Cards are back on top 17-14. On their next possession, after BJ gets his play called, shakes off the defenders and misses Willie Gault wide open 40 yards down the field with no one in sight, 4th down comes up (ahhhhhhhhhh as jesus would say.) Bad condition James Brooks gets the rock and can't get it done. PHX stops the Giants on downs. Oh my. The crowd is stunned! But dear Tecmo fans, there were two factors on the board in play still. One Rod Woodson, two LVP Aikman. 1+2 = JJ INT! That's right, Woodson snatches what could have been a game icer and gets the Giants back in the game. With about 1.5 remaining, Ernie "muthaphucka" Jones takes a burn route down the sideline, walking the tightrope, right into the end zone. 21-17 Giants PHX makes it incredibly interesting, after a few Bo runs and short doink passes they are in the red zone with seconds left. NY calls Bo naturally. This leaves the field wide open for Troy LVP. He chooses the short man in the middle, but the streaking Woodson dives in to knock it out as time expires. Whew. That shit was close! Not their finest game, but a win is a win says Coach Drake! NYG 3-1
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    11.11 is up! - Some player rating and depth chart changes - Players Added : Ravens - G, matt SKURA Texans - LB, z. CUNNNINGHAM Jaguars - DE, yannick NGAKOUE Cardinals - G, alex BOONE Raiders - CB, t.j. CARRIE Cowboys - WR/KR, ryan SWITZER Lions - DE, anthony ZETTEL
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    (GEN) Tecmo Super Bowl 2017

    just wanted to say you did a good job on this! i'd have had a roster update ready but i lost my work haha. Perhaps some time we could collab on an update?
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    ~Tailback King~

    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    While everyone is talkin' about players not named Todd Gurley, I'm just gonna say that Todd Gurley is gonna single handedly dismantle the Cowgirls this weekend getting him ever closer to winning the league MVP which he undoubtedly will deserve by the end of this season.........quote me on that...and that's comin' from the best 'True' tailback scout this site has EVER seen. (sorry @buck)
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Just SIM them, using @gojiphen malor's and/or @SBlueman's Rom.
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    Ford Field is absolutely amazing. If they ever make a serious run, this town will explode. Got to see Eagles @ Lions last season in person and it was a real treat. Have fun with the season. Stafford is definitely one of the best in my eyes.