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    I’m gonna run through this by draft order. I’ll give a breakdown, a draft grade, and then a contender rating (new this year)! Contender rating will reflect what I think the team and owner’s chances are to make the playoffs and potentially go all the way. Rating will be on a 1-10 scale with “1” meaning no chance/basement-dweller and “10” probable HSTL champ. Here goes picks 15-28 (with the 1st 14 included too)! 1. PHX (JPBowler) It’s hard to screw up the first pick, but you did. Bo over QB Eagles? Maybe if you have elite running skills and pair him with at least a decent OL, but you didn’t (DET). Aikman to Fernandez and Martin isn’t going to scare anybody away from focusing on Bo. BTW, the overdrafting of Troy F’ing Aikman must stop!! Aikman in the 3rd round?! W…T…F! I’m sorry, but I don’t get the defense either. Drones for DBs (KC), more drones at LB (DAL), and one of the worst DLs (RAMS) that was paired with the worst kicker in the game. Ouch. The first overall pick needs to do much, much better than this. Draft Grade: F Contender Rating: 1 2. PIT (Flash) I think it’s great that a nice guy like Flash gets QB Eagles to fall in his proverbial lap with the 2nd pick. Super sweet. Then adding Emmitt and Flipper – wow, what an offense! Philly OL isn’t ideal, but Eagles is used to that. Obviously, the tradeoff here is the defense. Below average drones for DBs (GB) with only marginal players like Harvey at LB and a couple useable DL from the Saints will make stops hard to come by. Flash will have to rely on unstoppable offense and clock management to pull out the wins, but I like his chances. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 6 3. IND (QBLions) The Giants LBs are simply tantalizing. It would be difficult for me to resist as well, but you better be able to do some serious LB work. The low INT of the DEN secondary may become a problem. Adding Jerry Ball makes this a high HP front 7 that should disrupt below average O-Lines. Majik and Marcus Allen should be a plus offense, especially behind a good BUF OL. I would have liked a little bit faster target to stretch the field for Majik scrambles, but Carrier is still a decent JJ target with Majik’s slower PS. Overall a solid draft on both sides that will rely on elite LB play to succeed. Draft Grade: B Contender Rating: 4 4. SD (Gamehigh) Super cooling with AC and Cool Joe! That was the same combination on a certain HSTL championship team **cough, cough**. Probably could have went more defense instead of one of the other CC targets for Joe, but Bentley and Brooks are nice to have. The defense is all on the MIN LBs that provides Millard for run stopping and Merriweather for pass coverage. Really just drones for DBs (NO), so stops may be tough. I would expect high scoring games, and the first to get a stop wins. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 5.5 5. TB (Ol’ Dirty Tecmo) How did Diaz get the 5th pick? And how in the hell did the CHI DBs fall to him? Good gracious. Then he somehow adds Offerdahl and that defense is not only complete, it’s scary. The offense must not be as good right? Um, no. It’s amazeballs. Landing Okoye at the end of the 2nd round was sweet. The Nightmare gets to run behind the really good Saints OL (KR bonus) plus Holman and Hall, because Diaz loves his tight ends (both literally and figuratively). The Raiders’ BU’s give him two WRs with speed to burn with really the only limitation being the QB position. Diaz can still play conditions with Rypien and Beuerlein and make it work. This is easily the best team in this rom. Draft Grade: A+ Contender Rating: 9.5 6. DET (CasualT) Another nice offense here. QB Bills throwing to CC targets Jeffries and Dick-Dick2 is great, but people will also have to contend with a 56ms RB as well (Bailey). All this behind the stout CHI OL (50ms KR bonus), so really no weaknesses on offense here. I hope you can play defense with a DL, because Jacob Green is almost all you got back there. Odomes from the BUF secondary is certainly controllable as a DB, which will help, but his INT is low (just like his fellow Bills teammates). Like other offense heavy teams, whoever gets that first stop will really grab control of the game. Draft Grade: B Contender Rating: 4.5 7. GIA (Drake) Mmmmm, the PIT DBs…tasty. Mike Johnson and the SF DL provide a heck of a lot of HP up front too. Very nice! Rod and his super drone friends should be able to do some work in this defense. The offense is interesting. Landing James Brooks was huge, and I like that speed paired with Drake’s sweet running moves. Love the speed with Willie Gault, too, and then BJ to zip it to him. Trudeau is the back up, so conditions could play a huge key at the QB position. Obviously, limiting mistakes with BJ will play a huge part in this team’s success, but the defense should at least keep them in games. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 6 8. SEA (Barletti) Dave Krieg comes home to Seattle, and he talks Jerry Rice into coming with him! We’ve seen Rice-Krieg before, and it’s been very successful (and annoying). Adding Walker at RB should provide a little balance when not doing the back-n-B thing. Proehl also adds another nice CC target as well as spacing with his low MS. The GB OL isn’t ideal, but it should hold long enough for you to run back 15 yards and press B. The defense is pretty bare, so Eric Allen will have to be a one man show to hold offenses in check. With no LB to use, stopping the run may prove challenging. Draft Grade: B Contender Rating: 4.5 9. PHI (Bo) Bo gets Barry! Awesome. He wisely puts him behind the Rams OL, so that’s good. Even Art Monk should help out with the running game with his 38hp and avoiding popcorns from beefy DBs. I would expect a lot of people to be picking run, though, because the passing game is a bit punchless. Monk and Hassan Jones catching passes from Wild Jay could spell disaster in obvious passing situations. The defense is solid at all levels with Agnew, Childress, and Easy Mac. I would expect a fair amount of “grind ‘em out” wins for this club. Draft Grade: B- Contender Rating: 5.5 10. DEN (Jebigred) Haddix and the solid TB drones plus the PIT LBs…well alrighty then! Now that’s some defense. The LBs may have been a bit of a luxury since you’ll be using Haddix almost all the time. You could have gotten a solo run stopper for LB4 later and been just fine. So the offense suffers a little there with no speed for Elway to throw to. Adding Wilhelm was smart to play conditions and situations (late half/game JJ attempts) with Elway. Ottis running behind the Cincy OL should provide some balance and hopefully keep people off picking pass vs Elway. So it’s a cautious, grinding plus offense with a great defense. That’s complimentary football fellas, but will it be enough to get Jeb over the playoff hump? Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 6.5 11. ATL (Prime) The SF DBs make sense and provides versatility having both Lott and Waymer. After that, not much makes sense to me. The name Ken O’Brien generates polarizing opinions, but taking him in the 2nd round before Krieg and Majik? If you really wanted the passing speed, you could have gotten Elway in the 4th round instead. Then there’s the homer pick of Mike Rozier in the 3rd when much better 50ms RBs were available (see Byner, Craig, & G. Anderson). Landing the Mark’s brothers at WR was some decent value, but it came at the expense of being stuck with the TB O-Line. Ouch! This team could have been much better. The defense should be able to get some stops, but this offense could be painful to watch in some matchups. Draft Grade: D Contender Rating: 5.5 12. WASH (Cubsfan) Warren Moon at pick 12? Yes please! I love the additions of the Muffin Man (Baker) and Mark Jackson for targets. Throw in 44ms Blair Thomas and a couple 38ms RBs for conditions, and you have just enough balance. However, Moon will have to beat teams primarily picking pass. The defense is pretty solid with the speedy Raider secondary and Tim Harris for run stopping. I wouldn’t expect a lot on INTs, though, so play calling will be key. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 6.5 13. CIN (Arncoem) Dick-Dick and the HOU DBs at pick 13 is just sweet. All you had to do then is add a LB later for run stopping (Francis) and your defense is set. Then you shift your focus to offense and land Meggett, who should perform well with your elite tapping and running skills. Gary Clark is a nice get, but Rathman was a bit of a luxury. The solid RAI OL should provide plenty of protection plus a nice KR. You’ll be playing conditions with two 44pc QBs (Timm Rosenbach and Marc Wilson), but both have less than optimal PS so be careful. Overall a very well-constructed team here, but in a very tough division IMO. Draft Grade: A- Contender Rating: 7 14. CLE (TecmoBo) Bernie comes home to Cleveland at tremendous value at pick 14! Reed, Toon, and Byars make perfect targets for this high flying offense. Dalton Hilliard provides a nice balanced threat behind the great SD OL. It’s beautiful…at least on that side of the ball. Actually, getting the Jets LBs is a bit of a saving grace here, because the Indy DBs are just awful and not useable. Byrd can stop the run and Clifton will have to help patrol the secondary with his 50int. TecmoBo is certainly talented enough to pull this off even in this loaded division, but the offense will be fun to watch regardless. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 7.5 15. MIN (Odell) Eric has my beloved Vikings, and he lands Dan Marino with the 15th pick. Dan in Odell’s hands should be magical with his elite passing skills. Unfortunately, his fastest target is only the 44ms Anthony Miller and then the super slow Irving Fryar and Pete Holohan. I actually like having a couple super slow guys with high PS QBs because it creates better spacing and you can sneak in some hot routes before they get to the coverage. Anyway, Dan is protected by the strong HOU OL and complimented with the pale pixelated backfield of Johnny Johnson and Brad Muster (so even the run 2 dive will be disguised – smart!). The defense is solid with the Bills LBs and William White in the secondary. The rest of the DET secondary can be exploited, but overall not bad. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 7.5 16. CHI (Rico) Wow, I like this team. The Redskin DBs gives Rico two great options in the secondary, but then he adds Haley at LB and Bob Nelson, too! I’m going to guess that Bob will end up being a bit of a luxury since a DB or Haley will be used the majority of the time. Another nice target could have been had instead when Bob was taken (Mark Clayton, Steve Jordan, etc). The offense didn’t suffer that much though thanks to the DET backups. Ware and Gray provide a plus offense by themselves, and adding Novacek as the top target was key. The 49er OL provides more than ample protection as well. This is a team a player like Rico could take a long way. Draft Grade: A- Contender Rating: 7.5 17. NYJ (Hock) This looks like a typical Hock team to me. High flying offense with DeBerg to Sharpe and Brent Jones, so I would expect a lot of points to be generated by this team and owner. Landing the MIN DBs this late was really a great get as well. Browner and Lee should provide all the defense needed to stay in games, although a run stopping LB would have been a nice add. This team build should give Hock enough to compete in the top heavy AFC East. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 6.5 18. RAMS (RMM) Love the defense here. Getting Fulcher this late is ridiculous even if he comes with less than desirable drones. Fulcher is an absolute monster and a game changer, so great pick. There’s also elite defenders at every level with Reggie on the DL and his buddy Jerome Brown at LB. The offense was essentially assembled with one pick – the SF backups. Aside from the addition of 50ms Vance Johnson, this whole offense is an assembly of a bunch of 44ms guys and Steve Young. The idea of playing conditions with these guys and shifting them around during the game sounds fun, but this offense will likely prove to have trouble scoring lots of points and it lacks comeback potential. Additionally, this team is one Steve Young scramble away from having to play Harbaugh (excuse me…I just threw up in my mouth a little bit). The defense will need to carry this team, and the offense will have to be patient and grinding. Draft Grade: C+ Contender Rating: 4.5 19. RAI (Ziur) Got the last really elite DB in Byrd – so that’s a huge score. I like the addition of Cofer as well for a run stopping option, so the defense is solid and has what it needs. The offense is essentially the Henry Ellard version of the Back-n-B. Pretty cool that you were able to get two 44/44 QBs to make sure you are always operating at optimal “JJ” levels. Only a singular 44ms RB running behind the mediocre Seattle OL (44ms KR bonus) doesn’t provide much balance, but who cares, right? Just commit to that Back-n-B, annoy all your friends, and enjoy your “well earned” victories… Draft grade: B Contender Rating: 6.5 20. NO (Nos) Nos loves his DB2, and he also prefers to have a DB1 or DB3 to go with them. He has that in Walls and Collins from the Giants secondary. Through in Kevin Greene at LB and Nos has all he needs to make opponents pull their hair out in frustration. The offense is balanced with Vinny Test scrambling around, throwing to Steph Paige, and handing off to Cleveland Gary (careful…). Overall a pretty complete team without any truly elite players, but I think it has what Nos needs to take the NFC West. Draft Grade: B Contender Rating: 8 21. GB (Dolo) It’s hard for me personally to not like this defense. Having DT and Snow at LB gives me wet dreams. Throw in the 63int Lippett and you’re really looking good. The offense is never one that I would want to have, though. It’s a smattering of a couple 50ms guys with a few 44ms guys, but it is all behind the beautiful Miami OL. But let’s be real here – all a Dolo style offense really needs is a 44/44 QB, and he has that. If anyone can make 44/44 magic out of this offense, it’s Dolo. If Fourcade goes down though, all bets are off, because in comes the Grogan… Draft Grade: C+ Contender Rating: 7 22. MIA (Randywags) Good get with the Cardinal DBs! Lonnie Young and McDonald provide some great options on the back end with Chris Doleman providing drone pressure up front. The defense is missing a run stopping LB, but the DB versatility should help with that. The offense is interesting with Peete, Byner, and Bad Moon Rison. There are options to grind or go for the big play downfield. The Denver OL could prove problematic at times, but you could always do worse (see Prime’s team). This is a well assembled team, but it will be tough in this division against talented and experienced owners. Draft Grade: B+ Contender Rating: 5 23. KC (Gats) It’s hard not to love all the HP that Joey has up front with the Raiders DL and Leslie O’Neal from SD – yikes! Then there’s Prime Time patrolling the backend, and Gats has more than enough on defense to stifle most offenses. Offense will be a little bit trickier for this team though. Marion Butts will certainly do some work, and Robert Clark is a nice target to have. The trouble is at QB with the platoon of Frank Reich and Jeff George. It could work with some nice kick returns from Haddix and the Pitt OL. Otherwise, Joey could return to his Back-n-B with Reich to Clark. Certainly not an ideal offense, but it is Joey. Draft Grade: B- Contender Rating: 8 24. NE (Toolie) Ok, so there may be a record number of TEs on this team (Keith Jackson, Don Warren, Walter Reeves, and Jim Jensen). Those 4 TEs plus bruiser Kevin Mack and the Dallas OL will certainly pave the way for Thurman Thomas to have a big year. Nice to see two 44pc QBs to play conditions with as well. The defense gets the safety twins from Miami and BRUCE up front. Gotta love that, but no help from the Indy LBs. As Thurman Thomas goes, so does this team. I think this is enough to stay on top of the AFC East. Draft Grade: B Contender Rating: 7.5 25. HOU (Stalltalk) Boomer, Neal Anderson, John Taylor, and the MIN OL (50ms KR bonus)…wow! Even Tony Paige, Irvin, Boyer, and Pagel are nice role players to have, too. There’s really no reason a talented owner like Stall shouldn’t be able to move the ball at will. Then I look at the defense…LMFAO! Chargers DL, Tampa LBs, and Cleveland’s DBs – that’s hilarious. At least the DL has a little speed and comes with one of the best kickers in the game (Carney). Basically, Stall is going to have to pick a lot of plays and Frank Minnifield will need to have his best season ever. This is really tough to grade with an offense this tasty (A+) and defense this laughable (F-). Defense is overrated in this league, but you can’t completely ignore it. Draft Grade: C Contender Rating: 7 26. BUF (Hoff) I think we’ve all seen offenses like this from Hoff before. Phil Simms to Drew Hill (at Hoff’s patented WR2 spot) will have opponents doing plenty of face palms. Double Hill? Well then there’s other CC targets in John L. Williams and Kelvin Martin. What I don’t get is that there’s only one 38ms RB on this team. It’s going to be hard to make people pay for picking pass with only that (especially if conditions go bad). The defense boasts the entire Chicago Bears front 7 and then the SeaChicken’s DBs. I just don’t get that, especially for Hoff who’s always been a DB guy. Maybe he’s going to try to harness the hidden stats of Nesby Glasgow? Um, no. I think he’ll have to make due with what Dwayne Harper can do and use Dent (44int) to help out when he can while Singletary helps out with the run. Major flaws on both sides of the ball here. Draft Grade: C- Contender Rating: 6 27. DAL (Jesus) The quick tapping Peterson has B-Humps fall in his lap and puts him behind the beefy KC OL and Marv Cook. Nice! More speed was added with Mark Ingram, but the Rams backups were probably a bit of a luxury. Sure, McGee makes a nice 44/50 WR target but will he get enough catches to make it worth it? The Jets Bus would have made more sense because they provide a 44/44 QB. You can make due platooning two 44/38 QBs, but it’s not ideal. The defense isn’t spectacular, but the Dallas DBs have speed in Hendrix and Holt plus decent drones. Other than that Sean Jones could occasionally be a factor. I don’t know, this team isn’t bad, but it could have been better. Draft Grade: C+ Contender Rating: 7 28. SF (Rockman) So I’ll start with the PHX OL. This is always a tough one for me. I’d love to have the 50ms KR it provides, but the two 38hp guys on this line can really be a problem. It shouldn’t matter too much for this high flying team though. Jim Everett tossing the pill around to Givins and Duncan is gonna be sweet. A 44ms RB (Woodside) and three 38ms backups should be enough to at least do something in the run game – especially with Darth’s tapping skills. The defense could be tough with the slower Rams DBs (although two with 56int) and then just Jeff Cross on the DL to use. That will take some creativity to get stops. Fortunately, no one in the NFC West drafted very well, so he’s still got a chance. Draft Grade: B Contender Rating: 6.5 Thanks guys and enjoy the season!! Love, VikingMoe
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    New York Jets HSTL S41 Recaps

    Where to begin........ So I win the toss and kickoff. He's starting from around his 20. I picked his play 3 times in a row and he was forced to punt. I drove a little and then hit an open JJ to Ed "Smooth Criminal" West in the end zone from 47 out. He drives on his next possession to my 5, I pick his play and it's a FUMBLE! I should have scored but made a mistake not zigging enough and was tackled on his 40. I stall and attempt a fg which I ding off the upright no good. LT was in Gary Anderson's face. He gets ball and throws a pick to Reggie "Rough Hands" Rutland on my 40. I drive and score on a Roger Craig sweep and then hold Majik Man's JJ attempts before the close of the half with a Browner Int. I got the ball in the 2nd half and my whole offense was in bad exception of Reggie Cobb in Excellent and Jim "Mad Dog" Mcmahon in excellent. Deberg in bad gets the ax despite being 100 % completions with a score in the 1st half. Mcmahon gets wamboozled byt the LB core led by LT and a punt is forced. He gets the ball and drives up the field and puts in a TD pass to Arthur "Cold Hands" Cox. I get pinned inside my 10 on the kickoff despite Mr. Cobb being in Super Excellent. A few picked plays later I am punting again and he is driving with Marcus Allen and scores for the tie with 2 minutes 3 minutes left. I get ball and once again get swamped by the LT and company and forced to punt with 1:24 on the clock. Dan Stryzinski hits the punt of his life all the way to the 25 of the Colts. 46 seconds left and he gets about 15 yards before one final heave to the end zone which falls harmlessly at Browners feet. ITS OVERTIME!!!! I receive and put together a drive on the back of Roger Craig inside his 5 before a picked play that forces me to kick the 30 yard fg. LT flies in but Hall of Famer Gary Anderson nails the clutch fg for the 17-14 Victory. Jets 1-0 GG QB Lions Video is on the site
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    This will be the best group play ever. I'm bringing the broom, cause I plan on sweeping.
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    QB Lions

    Indianapolis Colts HSTL S41 Recaps

    They heard the snickering in the offseason, who takes the Giants LB crew that early... soon the pundits forgot about the pick and the ridicule died down thanks to Troy Aikman and Ken O'Brien, but LT and company... they never forget! With 8 sacks in their first 2 games the Colts LB crew were looking to add to that total when the Chargers came into town. Albert Bentley wasn't striking fear into anyone in Indy so it was time to pin their ears back and get after Joe Montana. Get after him they did, hats off to Gamehigh for avoiding so much pressure as this could have easily been a 6 or 7 sack game. Marcus Allen shined on offense with 3 TDs and Majkowski did just enough to keep the D honest. A Jerry Ball safety had it 16-0 closing out the half until Montana hit AC in a pack in the endzone making it 16-7. The Chargers methodically drove down the field then sputtered out in the red zone and had to settle for a FG making it 16-10. The colts answered midway through the 4th making it 23-10 and all but sealing up the victory. A Montana interception to LT in the end zone closed it out and the Colts. After 3 weeks one thing is for certain in Indy... Better bring an offensive line!
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    Mark Rypien... Tecmo Legend. Check out his daughter, this is must see TV for all red blooded male pigs like myself in this world LOL. http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/09/27/lingerie-football-league-declares-stand-for-national-anthem.html
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    QB Lions

    Indianapolis Colts HSTL S41 Recaps

    Coming off the week 1 loss the Colts defense had a reason to feel upbeat. The LB crew of LT, Peppers, Banks and Reasons started to gel and were ready for the tall task of taking on the three headed monster of QB Eagles, Emmitt and Flipper. Pittsburgh wasted no time in showcasing the wheels of QB Eagles, as he scrambled in for 6. The Colts answered in the 2nd quarter with 2 TDs and grabbed a 14-7 lead. QB Eagles dropped back before the half looking for the deep JJ to Flipper... LT had a different idea and a safety made it 16-7 at the half. LT continued to beat Ron Solt like he stole his bike and constantly had QB Eagles on the run. He did however answer with a couple of bombs to Flipper and closed the gap to 2. As the Colts try to run out the clock Allen coughs it up and the Steelers recover as time runs out. 23-21 Colts
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    WEEK 4 Predictions

    Come One, Come All. Get your balls in a row ... Thursday, 9/28 8:25pmE.T. Chicago @ Green Bay -------------------------------------------- ALERT! ALERT!... ANOTHER Sunday EARLY-Morning game!!! (Don't forget) V V V Sunday, 10/1 9:30amE.T. New Orleans @ Miami (london, england) 1:00pmE.T. Carolina @ New England Jacksonville @ NYJets Tennessee @ Houston Pittsburgh @ Baltimore Cincinnati @ Cleveland Detroit @ Minnesota LARams @ Cowboys Buffalo @ Atlanta 4:05pmE.T. Philadelphia @ LAChargers San Francisco @ Arizona NYGiants @ Tampa Bay 4:25pmE.T. Oakland @ Denver 8:30pmE.T. Indianapolis @ Seattle -------------------------------------------- Monday, 10/2 8:30pmE.T. Washington @ Kansas City Re-cap of WEEK 3 Borgger exploits: http://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69802-week-3-predictions/?do=findComment&comment=484628
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    Ya I can't say I'm a fan of this format at least with 20 entrants. The 1st best team vs the 20th best team is a sizeable handicap. It might make the middle of the tourney compelling but the final few games will likely not be.
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    I'm trying to get there but can't. The RNG of this format is quite significant and I am not sure I would want to watch Gats 1-2 with NO as a static team. I definitely would not want to watch a Mort CHI vs Gats NO game. It would be a total slaughter while then also relying on RNG to make the matchup mildly interesting. So, the tournament outcome is RNG x RNG = ?. I am all for change and innovation but this format has far too many changes in one go for me.
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    He was probably in the top 3 most graceful backs I've seen, along with Eric Dickerson and Marcus Allen. He was decisive when he ran and didn't dance around a whole lot. His ability to cut back against the grain was exceptional. This was usually shown whenever USC would run their patented draw play. He obviously had amazing stamina and durability, since he would get 35 carries a game and he didn't get injured. I thought that sometimes OJ would go down just a tad bit too easily, but that may've had to do with his workload. If he knew he was getting 30+ carries every game, then he probably wanted to pace himself whenever possible. Of course he had freakish speed, but I think that everyone already knew that. If he got into the open field, it was lights out for the defense. His pass-catching ability was decent but nothing to write home about, since he had his share of drops despite not being targeted often. Was that a good enough write-up?
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    @buck I know that you've been asking for this video for a long time.
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    Mike Gordan

    WEEK 4 Predictions

    Probably am not going to watch any of the games this week. Cannot stand the game anymore. But as for predictions.... Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: I'm picking the Packers to win this game. Because it's in Green Bay and the Bears suck. New Orleans Saints vs. Miami Dolphins: Once again, it's gonna be in London. My prediction is that the game is going to be another high-scoring bloodbath. Given the Dolphins' performance against the Jets, I'm gonna predict the Saints to run the score up on these Dolphins. Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots: The lack of defensive production and a lack of any semblance of a running game is gonna bite the Patriots this season at some point in time. Brady is 40 years old, and he is expected to carry his team on his shoulders. If anything, that's gonna wear down on Brady's strength considerably since he's the only person on that squad actually doing his job...well, that and his receivers, but that's a given. Be as it may, the Panthers are ravaged by injuries on the offensive side of the ball, and are gonna struggle against the Patriots. As such, I'm picking the Patriots to win this game either way. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets: I somehow doubt the Jaguars will give the same kind of shitshow that the Dolphins did in New York against the Jets. Even if Blake Bortles is a turnover machine. The Jaguars are still fundamentally a better football team. Besides, it's as I said last week--there isn't a single game on this schedule that I would currently trust the Jets to win, even though they just came away with a resounding victory last week. Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans: One has to wonder if the Texans can actually win this game and claim some semblance of relevancy in what has suddenly become a 3-way race for the AFC South between these two teams as well as the Jaguars. Over the course of three weeks, the Titans do look like the fundamentally better football team, but the Texans have suddenly looked like a team to watch out for with Deshaun Watson under center. It is admittedly one of the few trickier picks to make. But be as it may, I think the Titans match up better with the Texans than they do the other way around. Still, if they can get this close to beating the Patriots in Foxborough, they could defeat the Titans at home. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens: I know these two teams have a notoriously aggressive rivalry with one another, but that was back when both clubs had highly elite defenses, both clubs had a great deal of youth and leadership, and the refs actually allowed these teams to play actual football. Nowadays, the Ravens are known for being ravaged by injuries early on in the season, and the Steelers are more of a finesse offense than anything. As such, the Steelers should--as in SHOULD--be able to win this game. The Ravens aren't even projected as terrible as of yet. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Cleveland Browns: The Browns so far have been greatly underachieving. And ever since firing their offensive coordinator, the Bengals have figured out how to actually score points! Still, both teams are winning, and neither team looks like an appetizing pick. Still, I'm gonna predict that the Bengals pull a win out of their ass, and calls for Marvin Lewis' firing will die down a bit. Because they will no longer be winless. Detroit Lions vs. Minnesota Vikings: You honestly think the Lions are not gonna feel motivated to storm into Vikings stadium and take it after that shitshow that was the refereeing in that Atlanta game!? As of right now, I'm definitely going to pick the Lions to win, and possibly even win big that game. They better come into that game pissed off! LA Rams vs. Dallas Cowboys: Okay, a perceived real team for the Rams to potentially sink their teeth into. If the Rams can win in Dallas, then we should consider them a major playoff contender. If not, then, well, better off next week, I supposed. I'm picking the Cowboys since they are at least a proven commodity. Buffalo Bills vs. Atlanta Falcons: After last week's showing, the Bills defense can definitely stuff up the Atlanta Falcons' offense if possible. Still, one has to still take into considerations the offensive struggles the Bills had against the Panthers back in Week 2, as well as the fact that they allowed the Jets to compete with them for four quarters. As such, the Falcons are the safer pick to make this week. Philadelphia Eagles vs. LA Chargers: Let me guess; the stadium will be filled to the brim with Eagles fans, and their kicker will continue to suck ass in the moment of truth!? I'm going with the Eagles to win this game--they at least look like a playoff contender. San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals: I don't like any of these teams. But be as it may, the Cardinals offensively look really slow and conservative nowadays, like it has officially lost its will to live on this Earth. The Cardinals still look like a better team on paper, but for once, it isn't totally outside the realm of possibility that the 49ers might actually win this one. New York Giants vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Sooner or later, the Giants are gonna win a game. And the Bucs looked utterly helpless against a reasonably good defense in Minnesota (ironic because just last year, this team pulled a major upset win over the Seahawks that would eventually cost them a first round playoff bye). I don't know how well they can handle the Giants, even on their home turf. Especially if the Giants offensively are starting to look like it might come back to life soon. Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos: At least we're playing the Raiders at home. If the Redskins can beat the Raiders, then so too can the Broncos. Indianapolis Colts vs. Seattle Seahawks: Seahawks win this. 'Nuff said. It would be funny to see Jacoby Brissett beat them though. Washington Redskins vs. Kansas City Chiefs: The Redskins pulled away with a major upset against the Raiders on Sunday Night football, will they do the same on the road against the Chiefs? I'm gonna say no. Then again, I've gotten terrible luck so far when it comes to picking the Redskins (actually, I think I got my Eagles pick correct in Week 1).
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    WEEK 4 Predictions

    Thursday, 9/28 8:25pmE.T. Chicago @ Green Bay -------------------------------------------- ALERT! ALERT!... ANOTHER Sunday EARLY-Morning game!!! (Don't forget) V V V Sunday, 10/1 9:30amE.T. New Orleans @ Miami (london, england) 1:00pmE.T. Carolina @ New England Jacksonville @ NYJets Tennessee @ Houston Pittsburgh @ Baltimore Cincinnati @ Cleveland Detroit @ Minnesota LARams @ Cowboys Buffalo @ Atlanta 4:05pmE.T. Philadelphia @ LAChargers San Francisco @ Arizona NYGiants @ Tampa Bay 4:25pmE.T. Oakland @ Denver 8:30pmE.T. Indianapolis @ Seattle -------------------------------------------- Monday, 10/2 8:30pmE.T. Washington @ Kansas City
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    OL' Dirty Tecmo

    Did someone say sig wars?

    3 sigs? You guys are lame. Guess I'll be forced to annoy you with more of my own.
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    **ALL NEW** - A Collection of the Greatest Teams from all 32 NFL Franchises! (1972 Dolphins, 1985 Bears, 2000 Ravens, and more!) - Create your own 'Dream Team' AFC & NFC Pro Bowl Lineups! - (NEW) Halftime Stats! - Throwback Uniforms! - Schedule based on 2012-2013 NFL Season This is a 'BETA' version as of yet. Suggestions and input are very welcome. Sorry if I missed one of your favorites. - I chose the 2007 Giants over their 80's / 90's teams. Beating the 16-0 Patriots was quite an accomplishment. - 1998 Vikings over their 70's Super Bowl Teams. Randall Cunningham, Randy Moss, Chris Carter and a 15-1 record during the regular season. - This is our first ROM with duplicate players. For Example : Both the 1999 Rams and 2008 Cardinals have Kurt Warner. ENJOY!!
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    Turn off injuries in SKP mode

    It's not just on and off. This was just an easy way to turn them off. The values you listed aren't the actual injury chance values. There are 3 different injury checks the game does in sim mode 1. Check injury on SIM KR. Chance = 0.28% per tackle on return 2. Check injury on SIM PR. Chance = 0.28% per tackle on return 3. Check injury on SIM tackle Chance= 0.13% per tackle ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $3B= Rand_Num_1 $3C= Rand_Num_2 $03C1= PLAYER_INJ_STATUS ; 0= false, 1 = true The code is as follows for kick and punt returns: ; IS PLAYER INJURED? = (1-0.93) * (1-0.96) = ~0.028 = 0.28% LDA Rand_Num_1 ; load random 1 CMP #$11 ; is random >= 17 Chance = [1 - (17/256)] =93% BCS @Loop1 ; NO->CHECK FOR PR FUMBLE LDA Rand_Num_2 ; load random 2 CMP #$0A ; is random >= 10 Chance = [1 - (10/256)] =96% BCS @Loop1 ; NO->CHECK FOR PR FUMBLE INC PLAYER_INJ_STATUS ; SET PLAYER INJURED = TRUE THe code is the same for normal SIM plays but the CMP $0A is CMP 0.05 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So search in the code for SIM PR/KR INJURY CHECK: A5 3B C9 11 B0 09 A5 3C C9 0A B0 03 SIM NORMAL INJURY CHECK A5 3B C9 11 B0 09 A5 3C C9 05 B0 03 Do the math as indicated above to figure out what to change those values to what you want.
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    Indianapolis Colts HSTL S41 Recaps

    Don't be afraid to punt out the clock!