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    How exactly is the team uniform and colors editing suppose to work. When I click "Edit teams" all that shows up is plays. How is it suppose to work?
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Stephen A. Smith now has something to, as he would say, "bloviate" on about for the foreseeable future..... Greeeeeat.
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    "Guys Without a Face."
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    10.6.1 is up! Added Halftime Stats, No Sprite Flicker and few other SET Commands into Standard Version. *COM dive tackling like SNES TSB I and *Better INT returns now moved to the Juiced Plus Version.
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    10.6 is up! - Players Added : Chargers - RG, kenny WIGGINS (Forest Lamp IR) Texans - WR4, devin STREET (Will Fuller Out) 49'ers - WR4, a. ROBINSON (B. Ellington Cut) - 3 Different Versions! (Standard (No Hacks) / Juiced / Juiced + COM Defense)
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    10.4 Bengals vs. Browns