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    Congrats to @mort1237 but My good friend Eugene K went 0-5 but was unoffical MvP. @OL' Dirty TecmoTecmo and me could not stop laughing at post game drinks. #Hooters #HeyGeneisThatAPairofTits
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    My suggestion for the future is to have it a bar in the and pool the equipment from players coming to the tourney to cut costs. That's crazy but cool that u have put almost 3k into the tournament. Make the t-shirts optional . I hope everything works out for you
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    Gotcha. Well, again, learning as I go and I appreciate the feedback. I hope to keep getting better in the future so the costs are lower in the future all around. Thanks for the feedback Dave. Tom
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    Oh and here's a link for the crazy cool arcade game drinking cabinet that Tipsy Raccoons is bringing in as well: They'll also be customizing with Tecmo trivia, browns trivia and more possibly!!!!!!
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    Pretty cool to divulge all of this. My only real feedback is that you are getting raped on shirt costs. Those costs are astronomical, even if on a tri-blend/ringspun/American Apparel. I would really look at this portion next year, especially since they are the main sponsor. (At least it appears that way, being front and center on your site.)
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    While the total amount of prize money players can win at these tournaments will always be a draw for many, I think we can all agree the love of the game and camaraderie are what matter most. It's events like these that further the dream of many on this site - to continue to make Tecmo Super Bowl a mainstream eSport. Tom has done more to increase the Tecmo scene in Cleveland over the past few months than I did over the span of several years when I hosted tournaments (some of which were entirely dedicated to raising money for charity). He has gotten this event featured in newspapers, articles, podcasts and an upcoming TV appearance while largely doing it on his own. He has has hosted tons of pre-tournament events across the city and used social media to broaden his target audience. To have nearly 50 people signed up at this point is a huge accomplishment and I commend everything he has done. Hopefully you guys can make it as I am sure it will be a great time!
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    If you want to have a NES / SEGA Olympics that also includes non sports games, this is what I would go with: Nintendo (NES) - Tecmo Super Bowl (random selection, single elimination tourney) - RBI Baseball (random selection, single elimination tourney) - Super Mario Bros. (1st level time trial, no pipe entry) Sega Genesis - Mortal Kombat (random selection, single elimination tourney) - Street Fighter 2 (random selection, single elimination tourney) - Sonic 2 (1st level time trial) This list of games has mass appeal and is balanced. There's two sports games, two fighting games, and two platformers. The sports games are going to take the longest to play, but that's ok because they are both on NES. I'm assuming you would have access to more NES systems than Sega Genesis, so having more systems and games will help move things along with those two sports tourneys. By having two fighting games on SEGA, you really don't need that many systems or copies of the games. These single elimination tournaments will go by much quicker. You probably could get away with only two Sega Genesis systems at the event. Another key thing about this list of games is they are not expensive to obtain. All $10 or under except for Tecmo Super Bowl (and I'm sure getting copies of this game aren't a problem). I would keep the point system simple like you said, but give fourth place a point as well. So basically, it's 4 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 2 points for third, 1 point for fourth. You can still keep your prize payout allotment the same for the overall standings as: Prize pool for Gold (55%), Silver 2nd (30%) and bronze 3rd (15%). I still would love to see an All Sports (4 Major American Sports) NES / SEGA Olympics sometime in the future. Game list would look like this: Nintendo (NES) - Tecmo Super Bowl (random selection, single elimination tourney) - RBI Baseball (random selection, single elimination tourney) Sega Genesis - NBA Jam (random selection, single elimination tourney) - NHL 94 (random selection, single elimination tourney) If there was an influx of systems available or if it was a two day event, I think this list of games would include all retro sports gamers alike: Nintendo (NES) - Tecmo Bowl - Tecmo Super Bowl - RBI Baseball - Baseball Stars Sega Genesis - NBA Jam - NBA Jam TE - NHL 94 - NHL 95
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    TSB trivia game

    I'm guessing the Kicker, Chris Jacke. I don't remember any of the other guys.
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    9.6 is up! PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target Better COM punt timing Passing game probability table hack Ball carrier can break up drone grapples Increased Shotgun Snap Speed (Jstout) (REMOVED More uniform usage and color changes More player rating adjustments ~Maverick209
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    Can't speak as to the Sega skills, which Kevin Cabarello and Segathon have, but give the NES crown to Kyle(thegamer1185) or TecmoPhyscho, those two have tons of NES skills.
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    Thank you! I probably never would have thought to do that also. I appreciate you sharing the info! Still learning but getting there i'de like to think lol.
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    Who is Best ALL AROUND Nes/Sega Player.. @allamerican1569 @kevincabarello @thegamer1185 @mort1237 @TecmoPhycsco @davefmurray @segathonsov @Bad Moon Rison @Arncoem @TecSpectre
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    You got it, bubs. (And not just INT; but ~50-yd return INT - TD...in OT - through lookalike traffic)
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    It's probably best to change it to another even number as that is how the pass speed values increment. Punt speed is at 0x2937E Like with the kick returner if you increase the punt speed you'll want to move the pr a bit farther back but not far, b/c if you shank the punt the player has to be able to reach it.
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    Glad you are enjoying the edit. i am currently working on some more tweaks and hope to have a final version up before Week 1. The aim was to make a more competitive MAN vs COM version. I added the defensive mojo hack by @buck and it adds another layer to the gameplay. I wish that hack would work with COM vs COM games. I am currently working on the playbooks and tinkering with the defensive reactions to try to improve defensive reactions by the COM.
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    TSB trivia game

    I was thinking 10, too...but Hand has 56, the other DL have 50, and then Bickett has 50. 11-4 = 7 players. I just did a quick count by hand and ranked the teams with 44 or less HP defenders..... GB 9 RAMS 9 TB 8 BUF 7 IND 7 JETS 7 CIN 7 HOU 7 SEA 7 WAS 7 PHX 7 ATL 7 CLE 6 DEN 6 NO 6 MIA 5 RAI 5 NE 4 PIT 4 SD 4 PHI 4 CHI 4 DET 4 MIN 4 49ER 3 GIA 2 DAL 2 Green Bay ties with worst, and Green Majik was the closest, so he's up. time to move on.
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    I could just go home now. My tourney is complete.
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    TSB trivia game

    in the 1st quarter of a preseason TSB game, how many of the drone defenders on the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS can RB CHRISTIAN "Nigerian Nightmare" OKOYE "popcorn" without grappling? clarification: how many IND defenders out of 11?
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    Dave's post is accurate, but this good too: