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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    cool football site. clever analysis. good and simple football reading. http://www.footballperspective.com/the-graham-browns-brady-patriots-and-best-adjusted-career-winning-percentages/ http://www.footballperspective.com/historical-archive/
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    Version Unlimited-Sprites-3


    This is our own hacked version of Nestopia that is used by most everyone who plays online Tecmo Anti-Cheat Version also called Brudtopia If you have an error about missing/needing "d3dx9_42.dll", you need to install Direct X and can find it here
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    Version 1.0.1


    By popular demand, I present Bad News Baseball 2017. All of the rosters, statistics, ratings, and one team's uniform colors have been updated from the original NES game. The twelve teams included are: San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins, Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers, and Toronto Blue Jays. All of the teams from the original game carried over to this updated version, except for the New York Mets who were changed to the Yankees. The information found in a handful of forum threads made this update. What wasn't available in the forums, through trial and error I stumbled through and figured out. When comparing this to the original version of Bad News Baseball, this game does seem to provide a lot of offense. Keeping the opposing team in single digit runs is a great feat. My explanation for this that Bad News Baseball is a game played on the field by children (likely Little Leaguers). Bad News Baseball 2017 replaces those children with grown-up Major League men. When you put adults on a Little League field, most certainly balls are going to fly out of the ballpark. Enjoy!
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    see you guys tomorrow night!
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    NFL 2017-2018 Season Discussion

    Ya the defense was always worse than the points allowed suggested. They had a few decent seasons although the SB season you are right it wasn't that good. It was mostly all the turnovers they generated including the now incarcerated sharpers 9 interceptions for 376 yards.