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    This is not a sign up thread. That will be up shortly
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    Personal highlights: LPGE as a whole was ridiculous and huge. Meeting new guys and seeing my brothers in Tecmo again after Madison. Cosplayers. Playing SFII in a VirtualBoy vs Regulator. Free Play Barcade on Friday night. Finding an In N Out and sharing Reg's, Ones' and Gats' first Double Double Animal Style with them. Introducing Gats to Mexican food. This meat is so good it doesn't even need ranch! Witnessing a Gats bowel movement so foul that I had to go the hotel lobby for 10 minutes. Game 1 of the finals had a ridiculous ending. Wow. This is why I do what I do. Legit esports moment there. Gatsisms are now a thing. This dude is so innocent it is hilarious. I love that he speaks his mind with no perceived judgement. It is awesome. True honesty. Receiving texts from Mort, Lou, JimSocks & Diaz all talking shiz and Mort dancing in a panther suit head. Great. Freaking. Weekend. Love you guys. Love each other. Lift your fellow man up.
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    AFC CENTRAL OILERS Best Pick - PHX DBs at #30 Worst Pick - None Outlook - Stall put together a nice team with no major weaknesses. PHX DBs will do work and can play conditions, with help from Childress against the run game. Simms will have to be precise and get some help from a 44ms rushing attack in Woodside, but as long as the offense doesn't make mistakes this will be a tough team to beat. Prediction: 10-6 BROWNS Best Pick - MIN LBs at #74 Worst Pick - PHX OL at #130 Outlook - Marino will be throwing lasers to the RAI WRs, with just enough of a rushing game from the two NYJs 44ms RBs to prevent a 4-play playbook. Defensively, things were going to get very bleak if one of the NYJ/MIN/BUF LB corps weren't available in the third round, and even with Merriwether and the CLE DBs there will be games where the defense feels paper thin (namely against the RAI with QB Browns/AC, and KC with Deberg and RAMS WRs). If Marino can get the ball to his spots before the defense can get there, it could be a strong season. Prediction: 10-6 BENGALS Best Pick - DET RBs at #12 Worst Pick - PIT OL at #124 Outlook - I really like the team Eifer put together here. He secured Barry, Gray to put at WR, and then the mobile QB tandem of Peete/Ware in the 2nd round, followed up with DET DBs in the third. So basically he has Detroit is what I'm trying to say. Add in a 50rp SD LB and this is a strong contender for the division. But problems will develop if the CLE WRs aren't enough of a threat to stretch the field or make defenders call pass. Expect a solid season in a tough division, with playoffs a possibility but not assured. Prediction: 9-7 STEELERS Best Pick - TB DBs at #16 Worst Pick - WAS LBs at #153 Outlook - You can tell when a team is put together with purpose. Haddix in first round = defense complete. Emmitt in 2nd round plus DEN WRs and Tolliver will keep defenses on their toes. A very strong OL in round 5 was a great pick too, after which there was a significant HP dropoff. The only major error here was picking WAS LBs instead of MIN DL in round 6. Doleman would have been a huge asset both against weak OL and as a nickelback in 3rd or 4th down situations. So I'm happy you didn't pick him . I still love this team, but misthrows by Tolliver and offenses being able to isolate Haddix will keep Tundra in the 3rd or 4th spot in the division. Prediction: 7-9
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    Tecmo Dallas I was a huge success! Thanks to everyone that came out! Let's Play Gaming Expo was incredible. While we were the sidecar event, it was amazing to be in the midst of 5,000 people, 1,100 of which were gamers there from all of the world to compete. We sold out at our capped 32 and had a few no shows, but we also had notables from the local scene show up and bring it. Tecmo "God" Lee took Suicide King to the ropes, with SK squeaking out a last minute FG. Will C. (from Pan Handle Tecmo, this was a "championship" back in the day. Maybe @Knobbe can help me find the site.) hung with Regulator for 3.5 quarters in a tied game. Our final 8 featured: @joeygats, @regulator088, Ashman, Big Hock, @Nos, @Neerrm, @duecethasa1nt & @suicideking81 . We had a TMXIII finals rematch with Regulator & Gats going head to head in a final round best of 3. They provided 3 awesome games, game 1 especially, with Regulator coming out on top. (Sober Regulator is freaking scary, FYI.) Thanks to @suicideking81 for bringing his setup so we could have a stream. If we do Tecmo Dallas again, there will be marked improvements in a lot of ways. We'll keep ya'll updated as always.
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    @kamphuna8 thanks again man for a superb time, all on ya bro, u is appreciated..... congrats on the championship, and congrats on the very successful merging job, so cool to get all those stats and shit piling up... future generations of tecmo players will recognize what a great thing got started here with us in the cft, shout out to the tech wizards @[email protected] as well that was about as fun as a saturday can get... GO CHEEFS, we'll spark an owl on the super bowl dais next time tecmo gods uber alles!
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    Thanks to all who came out to the Long Island Retro Tournament! This is the third year that we've had a tournament at the Expo and each year it keeps getting better! The top finishers for the tournament are: 1) Brian R 2) Danny K 3) Matty D Dan M and Scott S rounded out the top 5. Fox B. was the best performing newcomer, so he'll get free admission to the Northeast Tecmo tournament of his choice. Special thanks to George and Joel at LI Retro for working with us to deliver another great tourney! There were some epic battles in this one and I can't wait to post recaps. This tournament obviously meant a lot to me personally, having won my second tournament this year after going 11 years without winning one. Some places to check out photos/follow: https://www.facebook.com/NJTecmo/ https://www.facebook.com/NYTecmo/ We shared space with the NHL 94 crew, which is as always a blast! Tecmo players did great in the NHL 94 tournament. Scott S finished runner-up, with Dan M in the final four, and Dennis and yours truly making the Elite 8. Two sports video game careers a la Bo and Deion? We'll see!
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    MVP of every team

    Here's my opinion on the team MVPs: Bills - Thurman Thomas Dolphins - Dan Marino Patriots - Marv Cook Jets - Eric McMillian Bengals - David Fulcher Browns - QB Browns (Bernie Kosar) Oilers - Warren Moon Steelers - Rod Woodson Broncos - Bobby Humphrey Chiefs - Christian Okoye Raiders - Bo Jackson Chargers - Gill Byrd Seahawks - Jacob Green Redskins - Gary Clark Giants - Lawrence Taylor Eagles - QB Eagles (Randall Cunningham) Cardinals - Johnny Johnson Cowboys - Jay Novacek Bears - Neal Anderson Lions - Barry Sanders Packers - Sterling Sharpe Vikings - Anthony Carter Buccaneers - Wayne Haddix 49ers - Jerry Rice Rams - Kevin Greene Saints - Craig Heyward Falcons - Andre Rison
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    If there's one thing Tomczak Bowl has become known for it's our trophies. Case in point, look at the one for Tomczak Bowl IX. I had no idea how we were gonna top that one, but talking to our trophy carpenter he has a pretty sweet idea for Tomczak X. If he can pull it off it'll be awesome I promise.
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    New York Jets HSTL S41 Recaps

    Where to begin........ So I win the toss and kickoff. He's starting from around his 20. I picked his play 3 times in a row and he was forced to punt. I drove a little and then hit an open JJ to Ed "Smooth Criminal" West in the end zone from 47 out. He drives on his next possession to my 5, I pick his play and it's a FUMBLE! I should have scored but made a mistake not zigging enough and was tackled on his 40. I stall and attempt a fg which I ding off the upright no good. LT was in Gary Anderson's face. He gets ball and throws a pick to Reggie "Rough Hands" Rutland on my 40. I drive and score on a Roger Craig sweep and then hold Majik Man's JJ attempts before the close of the half with a Browner Int. I got the ball in the 2nd half and my whole offense was in bad exception of Reggie Cobb in Excellent and Jim "Mad Dog" Mcmahon in excellent. Deberg in bad gets the ax despite being 100 % completions with a score in the 1st half. Mcmahon gets wamboozled byt the LB core led by LT and a punt is forced. He gets the ball and drives up the field and puts in a TD pass to Arthur "Cold Hands" Cox. I get pinned inside my 10 on the kickoff despite Mr. Cobb being in Super Excellent. A few picked plays later I am punting again and he is driving with Marcus Allen and scores for the tie with 2 minutes 3 minutes left. I get ball and once again get swamped by the LT and company and forced to punt with 1:24 on the clock. Dan Stryzinski hits the punt of his life all the way to the 25 of the Colts. 46 seconds left and he gets about 15 yards before one final heave to the end zone which falls harmlessly at Browners feet. ITS OVERTIME!!!! I receive and put together a drive on the back of Roger Craig inside his 5 before a picked play that forces me to kick the 30 yard fg. LT flies in but Hall of Famer Gary Anderson nails the clutch fg for the 17-14 Victory. Jets 1-0 GG QB Lions Video is on the site
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