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    So I'd like to produce a high quality, hard copy version of my annual Preview Magazine this year but to make it cost-effective, of course, I have to run a relatively large print job. Since I don't have the means or the risk appetite to prepay for a large order before knowing if there's an adequate market for this, I've begun a Kickstarter campaign. Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions by posting here or to the Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1614613459/tecmonsters-tecmo-super-bowl-2017-preview-magazine Thanks. Tecmonster
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    PS4 Players in the house?

    Gamestop = RAPE!!!!! Check out eBay or something... easily get it cheaper there
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    If I didn't have to ship it, it would be about $4 cheaper. It's going to look roughly how last year's magazine looked, where each division has one page and the player attributes for each of the four teams in each division is displayed, along with a brief team write-up and summary. It will also have two pages dedicated to ranking all the QB's, RB's, WR's, and TE's. The other page (besides the cover) provides details about my game (listing the hacks), a fantasy league primer, and a team outlook summary (a more detailed version than last year's). It's based on my own game, and I'm aiming to print 250 books. Tecmonster's 2016 TSB Preview Magazine.pdf
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    Classic Tailback Highlights

    Next up is........ That's right, I'm moving my videos into the new millennium to make a video for BEAST MODE (and maybe AD, Reggie Bush, and Darren McFadden)
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    I don't think I have the mental stamina to go for another 900 seasons. I did keep a spreadsheet for the 100 I did. The 49ers made it to 59 SB's and won 40 of them. They won the NFC West 99 times with the Saints winning it once. Some other interesting stats: A division winner won 79 SB's with a Wild Card team taking 21. The Jet's and Patriots were the only teams to go 0-16. Dave Waymer had 23 Ints in one season The Seahawks won 5 SB's, The Broncos 3 and the Chief's 0 I attached the spreadsheet to this post if you're at all interested. I'm definitely curious to see some info from a 1000 season sim. Tecmo Super Bowl 100 seasons.xlsx
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    View File TECMO SUPER BOWL III RELOADED Contininuing with my celebration of the TSB3 20 years anniversary, I bring you this Little update of this monster game. RELOADED EDITION is the same TSBIII, but with little settings for make it more accurate to the 1995 season. As we know, the game was created during the offseason and the training camps, for that reason there are some players that never played a single snap, and some others are missing. Well, I searched for the players in the 1995 season and put them in the teams, I throwed off some players that never were really in the team or were out all season foir IR (Like Kijana Carter) Here´s a little list of the changes: MVP Brett Favre. Attributes increased. DPOTY Bryce Paup. Attributes increased. Rookie DPOTY Mike Mamula. Attributes increased Rookie OPOTY Curtis Martin. Adeed to the Patriots. Deion Sanders with the Cowboys (Yes, they are even stronger) No Barry Foster for the Panthers (He didn´t play for them a single snap) Kerry Collins Steve Mcnair Mark Brunnel Among a few other players. All the names appears (No RB Bills, etc.) Accurate Jersey numbers Free Agency points established according to the quality of the player (So, no 210 FAP for Scott Mitchell) New AFC and NFC Rosters (Thanx so much to DRUNKEN HONKEY) New FA Players. I changed the FA players for first round picks from the 1996 draft and so on. No changes in Hidden Players. Except for new players in some rosters, those I mentioned above and the new FA, the attributes keep exact the same as Tecmo did. There are 3 ROM´s because I settled up 3 different schedules. I don’t know, but play against the same division of the other conference comes a little boring sometimes, so I give you 3 choices. ROM A The original one AFC East VS NFC West AFC Central VS NFC Central AFC West VS NFC East ROM B AFC East VS NFC East AFC Central VS NFC West AFC West VS NFC Central ROM C AFC East VS NFC Central AFC Central VS NFC East AFC West VS NFC West So, this is like an upgrade of the game only, of course 20 years later (almost 21) Please enjoy the new features. Thank you. Submitter Fernando 49 Submitted 07/20/2016 Category SNES