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    That was awesome to see her go down. She talks a lot of smack and finally got whooped. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q1CzCD0u9eM
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    It is confirmed. I will be attending, guaranteed! Bringing a buddy along as well.
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    Green Majik

    The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    Way to fight, soldier! I don't have to ask -- I'm sure all three passes were TDs. They don't call him "Touchdown Tupa" for nothing.
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    Temoworld and this site have leagues of all types. Tecmoworld used to have a league for noobs but I don't know if it exists anymore. Noobs typically get their shot in leagues really quick now due to a lack of owners since the general tecmo population is starting to focus more on family life. My advice is to not join dynasty leagues with trades and performance gains. Learning to GM is just as hard as learning to become a good online tecmo player. Try redraft leagues or leagues that have tiered divisions based on skill. You will take many lumps when you first start out, so try not to get down if you're losing almost all your games
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    Green Majik

    The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    How many passing TDs have you been able to accrue without throwing a pick? It's dang near impossible to go a whole season of slinging it without getting at least one INT, even with the best of QBs. QB Bernie, however, still has a clean slate five weeks into the season. Who does he think he is, Aaron Rodgers?
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    VIDEO: Week 11 PHI (7-2) @ DET (7-3)

    A little bit of everything in this one... >https://youtu.be/jlDKhcR41iI
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    The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    I did it once with QB Bills had 40+ TDs. It was the best tecmo season I've ever played. No playbook changes, no NT glitches, just plain ass kicking. It was on the actual NES console. I went 16-0, Reed, and Thurmal had an amazing season. I played an 8-8 (regular season) seattle team in the second round. QB Bills shot 3 ints and I lost 35-28 in OT. I gave up 3 KR for TDs including one to start the game and a game winner in OT.
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    MUSIC - Share Your Favorites! - Friday Jams

    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fAXl97-RFg leaking on a dog.
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    we are doing some game film studying
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    Best GIFs

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    x3f66a is where these start for the NFC West teams on the 32-team ROM: x3f66a = 49ers (x40) x3f66b = Rams (x41) x3f66c = Seahakws (x41) x3f66d = Cardinals (x40)
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    The most TDs w/ no INTs?

    I got through the entire season without throwing a pick with Tom Tupa..................because he only threw 3 passes all year.
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    49ers and Vikings clash in a battle of two teams going in opposite directions. Throw out the records in this one! This game was recapped here: http://tecmobowl.org/topic/66961-hsrl-1973-week-5-min-sf/
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    Best GIFs

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    (NES) Tecmonster's TSB 2016 rom

    I beat Seattle with stock Cincinnati! Lynch ran twice, both for a TD of about 60yrds plus on his first two runs. The first time I didn't get to him and no one else touched him. The second time I got to him, he trucked me, then proceeded to truck 3 other players before running so fast no one could catch up! Then he got injured! Still a little out of whack but at least I beat them!
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    Tonight is the deadline. Eamons and Nos will both be online, I'm fairly sure Tonka will too, he usually is able to get on around 8:30pm est or thereabouts. Let's get this done.