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    Well let's see, I worked 14 hours yesterday without eating cause the market was down 600 points, I didn't get home from eating for the first time till 11:30 pm. Had to be back at 8 am. I'm now registered. So everyone can relax. Yesterday was the worst possible day to have anything tecmo related. Not all of us sit at home and play on the Internet. It's done now, and I have time every night this week.
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    This is one of the reasons I am worried about u running this league .you literally gave the man NO time. It doesn't have to be done ASAP OMG OH NOEZZZ!! It's just tecmo, not life or death. Give people some time dude..my god.
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    Blindfolded stream. This must happen now.
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    AFC Central Week 2 battle between the Giants (Discdolo) and Falcons (War Machine). >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UI2XQzxU9To
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    Soul reapage has occured....

    This is unfortunate. Come back soon, sir.
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    Toolie and Hamburgler

    Hamburgler, looking for you as well, both HSRL and HSTL. I know you said you were close to a reaping, but looking for you for a game has become way too difficult. Post a time.
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    never said it wasnt allowed so its as true as blue if i said votes cant be changed then it be another story
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    War Machine

    1980 Week1: TB @ Atlanta

    Great game! I made some mistakes early on that cost me. Look forward to our next one!
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