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    @SammieSmith33 pulls out all the stops! my kind of tourney with all the weird wrinkles in reg season games. Great job as always Great time reconnecting with friends and meeting new tecmo buds. Here's the epic comeback game between @joeygats and @justinpeters51
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    This is Drew Stanton speaking, here: Chop ! Chop ! Chef may field questions as to that; I am not here to deliberate on his salad. Ok - I am ready to reveal my findings (but not all), to Joe Public. As they say in West Dallas... Then again, if you go to East Tokyo... But if you take it to The Land, why - all I gotta say is - this ROM is some kinda Wild & Entertaining ride, with Yours Truly rockin' the CB's helm Led MY team, I did - that's, MY team - to an 11-5 mark... For all who are clamoring for the Baked Potato, let's not forget to compare our side-by-side EOS stats, shall we? Ok, you may have a point there... At any rate, speaking of Cardinals, I bested that dragon-breath behemoth Brett Hundley's mark of 9-7. And now let's compare our (all's) EOS stats: Ok - you Doogie got a point, there... Butlookeyhere, darnit: * WildCard, banana fries. ~Strangely, all WC games this year seemed to go to Overtime... Mine, too.~ What did I do about it, ye say? Well, only throw 3 picks in the OT period, is all. The third of these turned out to be the Game-Winner, as Malcolm Butler picked it off around his own 5 yard-line, only to be worked into the end zone {grapple, Miguel} - Safety-style!... That was very "me" of me. (Very Malcolm Butler of Malcolm Butler, too.) *There is an asterisk next to this result. * Best thing I remember about this game was, earlier in the day I heard some feller named "Frank Dukes" being interviewed (over radio). Then, the same guy who did merely this all of regular-season, busts off an amazing 63-yarder, to lovely brown paydirt. Weird but True. *There is another asterisk next to this result. Thankfully, I went back to my glorious INT ways, in this here Won. Now, as for the Championship Game: Let me just say that the Rams are a tough out. We played 'em even for the first half - it was tied 21's at halftime (I think) - with Your EXCELLENCY rocketing 100% complete; then... G'nite.
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    All you have to do is bring the Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence.
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    And the bullseye just keeps getting bigger Hank
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    @ImFlo is the true World Champion of Tecmo this is Tecmo in it's pure form.
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    Will update soon. Going to see if we get any transactions today and will need to create a QB2 for Colts.
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    Tecmo Rose Bowl/NCAAF Games

    Here are a couple good ones to check out:
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (BETA 1.6) *Rosters 8/20/19 - Jersey number corrections - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Patriots - WR, braxton BERRIOS, P, jake BAILEY Browns - G, eric KUSH Colts - RB, jordan WILKINS, *CB, rock YA.SIN Broncos - QB, kevin HOGAN, RB, devontae BOOKER Chiefs - S, daniel SORENSEN Chargers - WR, dontrelle INMAN, LB, uchenna NWOSU Redskins - S, montae NICHOLSON Cowboys - RB, tony POLLARD Bears - K, eddy PINEIRO Lions - DL, romeo OKWARA, CB, rashaan MELVIN, S, tracy WALKER Saints - *CB, p.j. WILLIAMS *Complete depth chart sweep with a good amount of jersey # corrections. Follow on Twitter for the latest news and updates : https://twitter.com/GojiPhen ENJOY!
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    Ken Griffey 2019 (SNES)

    Awesome can't wait for this.
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    (GENS) gFrick's Madden 20'

    gFrick's Madden 20' View File This is a modified version of madden '93 championship edition to reflect current madden '20 rosters and player stats This revision is based on a previous 2017 revision by chuckdown24 rosters represent projected rosters as of week 2 of pre-season The roster update was completed using goldglv's madden roster editor v1.3 (v1.6 wasn't used because of gameplay issues) Hex editing was done with HxD and tile work was done in tile molester .19 enjoy and let me know what you think! Submitter GFrick Submitted 08/15/2019 Category Genesis  
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    Sorry for the late news RB Duke Johnson was traded to the Texans I think. @gojiphen malor
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    After dealing with a truckload of crap for like a month IRL, I finally messed around with this and got it to work. Thank you.
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    Awards Breakout Performer-Da Riddler Sir Drinksalot- Sean Cunningham Sir Not Appearing in this tournament- Tecmo Psycho Most Entertaining- KMolnar Doctor- Kevin Cabarello
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    Excellent! Now I have proof that I was part of a great Tecmo finish.
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    evil rams... look: a titanic flying motorcycle and Dr. Drew can't even attempt a record-setting jump without getting flipping WHACKED.
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    Make WTF TBORG Again!

    CB vs Stall.nsv
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    What's on TV?

    @kamphuna8 @Bodom @Knobbe et al., If any of you be, or have bean a fan of '04 Red Sox lore, Champione Johnny Damon appears prominently - even helping the hapless crew in their tasks* - as the primary charter guest of the Below Deck Mediterranean flotilla, in Bravo's most-recent episode. Watch for reruns. *One gets ALL-STAR vibe from Johnny D here, as he's still making waves and showing that All-Star covfefe
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    Millards Mayhem 1. Buffalo wild wings. The whole tourney was all about Bill... (who the hell is sconnie??) with his trademark leg twitch and the Canadian tuxedo he was rocking that day. If you dig deep and hard into the archives you can find a vid of the final four featuring Segathonsov chanting "Whiskey!" everytime a JJ is thrown. As well as one of the best TSB live quotes of all time from Bill himself "Hey sobhi, hows that 3rd place game going?"
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    Fun fact, Sega knocked me out of my first ever live tecmo tourney in the original millards meyham. He was atl and I cant remember who I was, but he torched me with rison. Funny how you remember things like that. Sobi was amazing that tourney also. but lost to sconnie.
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    In what may be a GBLAN record, we have our first signup moments after posting the event. "King of Tecmo" winner Timpapi is in!
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    The prodigal son has returned to Tampa Bay, in the form of his son. Vincent Testaverde has signed with the Bucs.
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    GAME DAY, BITCHEZ!!!!!!!! "In all kinds of warfare, the direct approach is used for attack, but the oblique is what achieves victory. A general who understands the use of the oblique has a source of tactics as inexhaustible as Heaven and Earth, which, like the Rivers and the Oceans, will never run dry. Like the Sun and Moon, they diminish and then replenish; they constantly renew themselves like the cycle of the Four Seasons. There are only five basic notes in music, but their variations are infinite. There are only five primary colours, but when blended, their shades and hues are limitless. There are only five principal tastes, but their combinations produce more flavours than can ever be tasted. In military strategy, there is only the direct and the oblique, but between them they offer an inexhaustible range of tactics. The direct and the oblique lead naturally one into the other, like an ever-turning wheel, so who can ever exhaust their resource? The surge of rolling flood-water washes away boulders: this is called momentum. The swoop of a falcon strikes and kills its prey: this is called timing. Thus for a skilled warrior, his momentum must be irresistible and his timing precise. Momentum is the tension in a crossbow arm; timing is the pulling of the trigger." --sun tzu, the art of war
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    I have my victory speech or promo ready
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    manyo, you fuqin coward/bastard. skipping the draft so you can optimize and strategize the optimum lineup, not having to worry about people swiping your next pick and messing up your strategy. My four headed hydra will blaze your pathetic two trick pony and then blaze all the joints you are so kindly sharing (probably) Behold a real sig, you sleeveless "All Star" cranking SMASHMOUTH fanboi
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    The Tecmo gods are quite angry . i came down with 4 day case of strep throat during camping trip. I could not talk or eat solids for 4 days. Finnally i got to a hostipal in the middle of night when i got back to buffalo last night. Nurse stuck some stick down my throat. Nearly choked. Got the medicence found a pharmacy open 24hours. One dosage knocked out the pain. Noone fucks with my week of vacation damn it.
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    I was 10 once. I thought about being 6'3", decided height was a spectrum. I've been to MN and IL. We must be brothers. I'm looking forward to the stream. Have fun!
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    Stat Extractor

    It's 2019 (ten years later), and this little piece of software just saved the league I've been working on and completely made my night! Bless you wherever you are @jstout
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    hank-Samoa joe anyone from Ohio-scott Steiner dps-Kurt angle (someone had to go here)
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    Put me on the list Can't host
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    Tecmo Super Bowl II Rosters

    Dumped from the Genesis version (should be the same as the SNES) This was dumped using TSBM 2000 so it swaps RP and RS compared to how it displays in the game. TSB2rosters.xlsx
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    Tecmo Super Bowl II Rosters

    Added this to the download section as I don't have file permissions set up to download files from the forum for guests
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    The war on Minnesota begins!
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    For My Notes due to a Request: #Computer ONLY kicks FG's on 4th Down SET (0x1897f,0x00)
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    T.B. Wunderlich

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    Tecmo Bowl Throwback

    If only we could slap the nfl license on this game it would be awesome! DAMN MADDEN!
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    Recording Tackles

    Here is some code for recording the number of tackles for each defensive player during a played game (NOT a simmed game). I've been using this for testing play design coding but it has a few bugs. I thought someone might find it useful or be able to expand upon it. I haven't checked the erase code location for 100% correctness thoroughly though I expect no problems. *Added code for the Pro Bowl game, changed entry point to start of stats not cleanup to fix a bug, changed back fumble code, and added code to fix previous bugs* Note: Do not use this on cxrom's 32-team rom as locations listed are being used and you'll ruin the rom. Also I'm not aware of the exact SRAM locations he used. The Bugs are: [Previous Bugs are fixed using this code.] 1. Fumble tackles are not recorded (defender fumbles back to the offense caused problems with checking for lost fumbles) 2. Not a Bug but no Special Team tackles are recorded x25AE9 Jump to New Code: 4C 90 FF JMP $FF90 EA NOP EA NOP EA NOP EA NOP x3FFA0 Change Banks for Tackle Code: A9 06 LDA #$06 8D 00 80 STA $8000 A9 01 LDA #$01 8D 01 80 STA $8001 20 E0 9C JSR $9CE0 ; Go to Tackle code A9 06 LDA #$06 8D 00 80 STA $8000 A9 12 LDA #$12 8D 01 80 STA $8001 ; RE-ENTER NORMAL CODE A5 70 LDA $70 10 03 BPL :+ 4C 3E 9C JMP $9C3E ; Go back to Player 2 4C E0 9A : JMP $9AE0 ; Go back to Player 1 x3CF0 Record Tackles: ; ENABLE SRAM A9 80 LDA #$80 8D 01 A0 STA $A001 ; CHECK FOR OUT OF BOUNDS A5 73 LDA $73 C9 80 CMP #$80 ; Out of Bounds F0 39 BEQ :+++++ ; CHECK FOR A FUMBLE 29 20 AND #$20 ; Fumbled D0 35 BNE :+++++ ; CHECK FOR A RUN OR PASS PLAY A5 71 LDA $71 C9 8C CMP #$8C ; Run Play F0 11 BEQ :++ C9 AC CMP #$AC ; Pass Play F0 07 BEQ :+ C9 CD CMP #$CD ; Sacked QB F0 09 BEQ :++ 4C 24 9D JMP :+++++ ; CHECK FOR A COMPLETED PASS A5 72 : LDA $72 C9 20 CMP #$20 ; Completion D0 1E BNE :++++ ; TACKLED A5 B5 : LDA $B5 C9 40 CMP #$40 ; Player 1 90 18 BCC :+++ C9 C0 CMP #$C0 ; Player 2 B0 05 BCS :+ ; PLAYER 1 29 0F AND #$0F 4C 1A 9D JMP :++ ; PLAYER 2 29 0F : AND #$0F 18 CLC 69 0B ADC #$0B ; RECORD TACKLE A8 : TAY B9 80 7F LDA $7F80,Y 18 CLC 69 01 ADC #$01 99 80 7F STA $7F80,Y ; DISABLE SRAM A9 C0 : LDA #$C0 8D 01 A0 STA $A001 ; EXIT 60 RTS x21D7E Jump to Erase Code: 4C E0 BF JMP $BFE0 EA NOP x23FF0: Erase Tackles: A9 00 LDA #$00 A0 16 LDY #$16 99 7F 7F : STA $7F7F,Y 88 DEY D0 FA BNE :- A0 0E LDY #$0E 4C 72 9D JMP $9D72 x21419 Jump to Pro Bowl Erase Code: A2 01 LDX #$01 A0 06 LDY #$06 84 44 STY $44 4C EF BF JMP $BFEF EA NOP x23FFF Pro Bowl Erase Tackles: A9 00 LDA #$00 A0 16 LDY #$16 99 7F 7F : STA $7F7F,Y 88 DEY D0 FA BNE :- A9 05 LDA #$05 A0 64 LDY #$64 4C 13 94 JMP $9413 If a league ever uses this then the tackles are for player 1 at $7F80 to $7F8A (x1F80 to x1F8A) and player 2 at $7F8B to $7F95 (x1F8B to x1F95) in SRAM.
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    Recording Tackles

    Update for 28 team rom league play. TACKLE ERASE (not really needed for league play since RAM is intialized every game load but keeping in) SET (0x21D7E, 0x4CE0BFEA) SET(0x23FF0, 0xA900A016997F7F88D0FAA00E4C729D) JUMP TO TACKLE LOGIC SET (0x25aE9, 0x4C90FFEAEAEAEA) TACKLE LOGIC SET (0x3FFA0, 0xA9808D01A0A573C980F0392920D035A571C98CF011C9ACF007C9CDF0094CD4FFA572C920D01EA5B5C9409018C9C0B005290F4CCAFF290F18690BA8B9807F18690199807FA9C08D01A0A57010034C3E9C4CE09A)
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    Thanks to QBVIKINGS and his awesome SNES TSB 2014 Final Edition rom, I proudly release an edit that shows off the breast cancer pink in the uniforms. I made a few adjustments to the uniforms and added pink to the wrist bands and socks/shoes. Sorry that I was unable to get this edit out for the month of October. I did not want to do to much to this rom because it was perfectly done. I dedicate this to my lovely wife and to all those who have suffered through breast cancer. This has been that hardest time for my wife and family to go through. So many people have suffered through breast cancer and I now I can relate. Please keep my family and all those who have fought/fighting breast cancer. She has her last of 20 chemo treatments on Friday. Surgery, radiation, and a second surgery yet to come. I hope no one ever has to go through this, but if you do, I hope this rom puts a smile on your face. I thank everyone who has made this game a great success and keep up the good work. Tecmo Super Bowl SNES QBVIKINGS (FINAL EDITION)2013-2014_BREAST CANCER EDITION.smc
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    Currently I am driving to this tournament from Milwaukee all by myself. Insert sad face. If anyone would like to carpool or for me to pick them up on my way let me know.
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    I mean i had a thought wait did Joe win it he was pretty big around the time then i googled it and he did. Also Kaz replaced Kurt Angle so don't be surprised if DPS is replaced by Kaz.
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    Saints/Chiefs would have made for a compelling Super Bowl, if it weren't for Dee Ford lining up offsides.
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