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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

    @ACSlater I'm coming for you
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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

    My contribution
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    HSTL S54 Sig Warz

    Let me start this off
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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    Time for an ole fashioned Mis-spelled post game random recap from time in detroit.... Short Version= Night b4 tourney= Crown Vanilla is the shit Tourney day= 6 or 7 32oz Mugs of Murphys and 2-4 Record Long Versiion= Friday= My journey thru the lovely vineyards of lower ontario was quite windy. Had some tim hortons and i pissed on canada. I realized that couldn't stop cuz it was middle of fucking bat country. then crossed at port huron. About 3omins away from ohio pregme spot i faced my 1st tough decison of tourney. Lunch at Culvers or Bob Evans??? I met Kevin Molnar , M. Nutter and Tugboat from Ohio. Joe Pasta and Randy C. showewd up for some games. We simmed some seasons and played a double elimation tourney. My 1st game went to 3 ot's. Thanks to Tugboat for sharing some Vanilla Crown and dr. pepper. Helluva drink. anyways i sobered up after having a trey of jets pizza and drove downtown to hotel somewhere on Trumbull st. Ofcourse i woke up and puked ( like a slight throw up while taking an deuce ). Louis being Louis. I remeber Kevin Molnar gambling on a Wyoming Ncaa basketbll game for because of his foolproof 7o% Consensus theory. Sat/= Juts random mpments of clarity. Got 2 tv's over to Kumite Hq ( i almost broke one ). The usuals show up including @joeygatswearing an Impressive Sub-Zero like mask to block germs most likely. Hey u never know. I remember taking one look at @ricor33 eyes and thinking he must have an hangover like mine ( he was giggling like a school girl). $14 dollar 32oz of Murphys felt like the remedy to my first loss to @toolie . Joe Pasta won the Leslie "Hey I'm dude" Oneal jersey raffle. I set record for most jerseys wore at a Tecmo tourney with the Metcalf jersey i won in tundra, then buying an Qb Eagles sweet medium green jersey from Joshua Allison then putting on another Atwater jersey which i bought from him later. Allison ran train on Brown Belt Division after close win over Nutter in semi's. The necassary evil of Pevos on jis golden microphone which could play like rocky music b4 firing up the crowd b4 the game was hit. @hankthetank or his cuz henry buford brown both did well in the tourney. Other moments @DPS just fell asleep in a open closet for like 2omins like fnning vampire lol. I'm glad to get the i can't win a game vs steelers monkey off my back. @Rsg ( Retrosportsgamer) seemed to blend in crowd calling a lot of games. The one time i saw him he was making some sort of 85bears slash chicago dog and malorts rules joke. ty u for the ride to the hotel and 2 pabst beers. @bob sacamano /odell/Modeezie had good run including an tie vs gats to open the show. ty to u and @toolie Chaz Pasta Detroit Pevos for hosting. Congrats to Mort for winning with the bungals of all teams. I woulda fumbled 7 times with OhNoIckey. What a run by @DaRiddler came up JJ short in champ-game vs mort. Hey the anayltics say to rush the jj so throw doesn't go in endzone. Don't second guess yourself. Oh and @ricor33 during the end of his game saw me dancing under strobe lights cuz he thought i was celebrating mort's win. it was just one of those " Louis being Louis Moments". I was alone in smokers room ( they set up a flatscreener with streamed going so u can smoke and watch tecmo). anyways Nobody was around i'd thought to myself do a lil jig. The bartender did a great job. Also i didn't win a thing in a raffle. The raffle king's reign of terror is over. I'm told that i snore loud. Also i took a robe from my hotel and a pillow and all the towels home to get even after i was charged for parking for 2days. This hotel was fancy but nicked and dimed u to death. Guess it beats staying at the Hotel Viking in hood of detroit ( Do Not stay Here because of the tecmo name fyI). How many times i'm going to draw @TimUbickShaver or TecmoSheild. Didn't get to talk to Levi too much but good to see ya. Lol @Riddler is High schhol Bball coach and had to throw a game in order to have time to come the the tourney. well done draw up the "screen the screener play 4 me" or that backdoor cut that Belmont won on. Oh random comments keep coming. Glad the bar did not have Malorts. Mort's Tecmo 1o1 drills are paying off. Who won the Tomczak challenege? I forgot to be the bears. Oh apparently playing shirtless is against the rules of Kumite High council. 1st Mort 2. Riddler 3/4 KMolnar and @ricor33
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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

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    The CDC is currently recommending no gatherings less than 10 people. When that recommendation changes, I will remove this post. Thank you.
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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

    das boltz select... WT Ace Ventura
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    Detroit, MI - 3/07/20 - Tecmo Kumite VIII

    OK Boys, if you’re still on the fence about making it to Kumite tomorrow, consider this my last ditch attempt to get you here! We will be raffling off a couple of these custom Tecmo Bunny Logo signs that will look killer in your man cave / video game room / living room. You won’t want to miss out on a chance at these and you can only get them at the Kumite!
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    Just a couple of days to go until the tournament! We have 42 guys signed up! Here is a fairly exhaustive list of what will be available at our tournament as raffle / door prizes. LED signs (shown above, possibly a couple of more) 2 pairs of tickets to Detroit Tigers Opening Day March 30 vs. Kansas City U of M and MSU Rose Bowl replica rings Jay Novacek jersey Joe Montana Starting Lineup 2 Hyperkin SNES systems w/ 1 game included (Tecmo Super Bowl SNES or NHL 95) Leslie O.Neal jersey Jerry Rice long sleeve shirt Mark Carrier Starting Lineup Ronnie Harmon Starting Lineup 2 Al Bundy 4 TD Tecmo shirts Thurman Thomas Starting Lineup Refurbished NES system w/ 2 controllers Steve Beuerlein Auto Jet-Ski card (top item by far) Winston team key chains Maybe some other stuff? Who knows. Looking forward to seeing everyone there! Be sure to check out the stream on the RetroSportsGamer channel!
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    HSTL D League Waiting List

    Discord: the_shield Availability: afternoons and nights at times. Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: Doesn't matter to me what team i have. What's your location/timezone?: CST Why do you want to join HSTL?: Because Hoff runs it and I want to kick jebigred's ass.
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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

    My favorite goddamn time of the season! Let's get weird!
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    The Jeff Query Quarantine Classic Live, one day, online tourney Sat. March 21 - 7PM (Central) - no entry fee No Condition Checker Type !1d6 for dice roll in #one-day-tourneys channel Type !Coin-toss for coin toss in channel or you can do coin toss in game Challonge link: https://challonge.com/JeffQuery Bummed no Tomcazk this weekend and also a down time for all leagues so seeing if anyone is interested in a live online tourney this Saturday March 21. I know this has been tried with varying levels of success before. Thinking double elim but will decide once I have a final number. Tomczak rules in effect (see below). Start at 7pm central. $20 to the winner. You would have 15 mins to start your game once it is announced or its a forfeit to keep things moving. So you would have to be available to play for the duration of the tourney. Commish call on who advances (possible both would not advance). Sign up here, DM on discord, and/or check out #one-day-tourneys channel on discord. All updates and realtime tourney announcements will be on there Some notes: - I'm trying to work it so non hosters can participate but reserve the right to decide a 2 non hosters game by a coin-flip. Hope it wont come to that and working on a solution. - War Machine's Thunderdome rankings will be used for seeding -Tomczak Bowl Game Setup rules - https://tomczakbowl.com/rules/ Game Setup Before each game the following steps will be followed: 1.One person rolls a die to determine which tier they get for the match (Tiers 1-5). Both players will choose between the teams available in that particular tier. If a 6 is rolled then the person will simply roll again. No changing tiers even if both players agree. The die is king in the land of Tecmo. 2.After the tier is determined a manual coin-flip will precede each game. The coin-flip winner can choose the matchup (i.e. the two teams) from the determined team tier or defer the matchup choice to the coin-flip loser. -If the winner chooses the matchup, the winner is given the P1 controller, and the loser chooses his choice of the two teams in the matchup. -If the winner defers the matchup choice, the winner is given the P2 controller, the loser will then choose the matchup and the winner will select his choice of the two teams. -Players can use the same match choice more than once in this tournament if the opportunity arises. 3. Once teams and controllers are established, both players are allowed to make and modifications to their team’s playbook and starting roster. A WR/TE cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. You can insert a WR or TE into a RB slot for lead blocking purposes, but he cannot carry the football. To further clarify, players such as Ernest Givins, Ricky Sanders, and Andre Rison cannot carry the football unless it is a reverse. No Lurching.
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    HSTL D League S1 SIG WAR!!!

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    NFL 2020-21 Season Discussion

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    Most of you already know this, but Tomczak Bowl XII has been postponed indefinitely. We hope to reschedule for sometime late summer/early fall.
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    HSTL S54 Draft

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    1997 MVPs - Vote

    I went with Most Valuable as in, you take him off the team and what do you have. Garrison left it all out on the field. 277 carries???
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    Detroit, MI - 3/07/20 - Tecmo Kumite VIII

    We will miss you, Ryan! Yes! Walk ups paying cash are cool at the Kumite. You just have to break the bottom brick for us.
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    All- First of all, thanks to Coach Mac for the ROM--it's great! I've attached Coach Mac's 2019 NCAA ROM and added SNES player sprites. To note, the player sprites are mostly pixel for pixel of their SNES counterpart & I also include shadowing which takes on the hue of each player's skin. With that said, those here may want to standardize one skin color throughout the ROM for uniformity? Additionally, I removed all uniform stripes as the uniforms resemble a more typical "college style vibe." I know the normal NES sprites are more popular; however, I also think the SNES sprites deserve some merit as well. Take care. NCAA2019.SNESPLAYERS.v1.2.nes
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    Waiting List

    C'mon @kamphuna8 @manYo It's time to fire this baby up one more time???? #lewis
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    While I was laying in bed last night eating cake and watching Kyle Shanahan blow another Super Bowl lead, I was searching on my iPhone in the App store for a new football mobile game, as the Madden mobile game is fucking trash. Low and behold, there's a new game in town that someone built to resemble Tecmo Bowl. They call it "Retro Bowl", and how they've laid it out is quite interesting to make it a mobile experience. There's drafting, trading, coaching mechanics, playing mechanics. The QB throwing mechanics are fucking boss. There's a lot to this game, but it's all condensed to account for a mobile experience. The game doesn't even allow you to play defense, as it simulates all opponent offense. Some things about it are strange, but I'm finding it incredibly enjoyable. Depending on how quickly you play games, you could finish an entire season in one sitting. I highly recommend everyone check this out, if even just to see how someone has repurposed TSB sprites and other core concepts. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/retro-bowl/id1478902583
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    Yes, we're at The Venue at 285 Main Street, Dubuque, IA 52001. It's the same place you guys came to a couple years ago.
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    Retro Bowl (iPhone Tecmo Bowl hybrid)

    Dude.... This game is awesome!!! The difficulty increases season by season. There is more nuance in the gameplay than i originally thought. Which you'll have to figure out if you're going to win all your games in the later seasons. Ruining the ball is easy I the first season or 2. But in later seasons, it's much harder. Throwing deep is also easy in the first few seasons also, but in later seasons you'll need to figure out where to put the ball so that your receivers can adjust to catch the ball because their route doesn't put them in an open position. There's also the question of 'how much difference does a good OL make?' And which defensive positron is most important? Strafing with the running back is also an art that i have not yet mastered, but hear that it can make a huge difference in gaining yards after the first few seasons. I can't stop playing this game...
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    View File Tecmo Super Bowl Redux v3.0 Some consider the 1990 NFL season as one of, if not the best, NFL season in history. Around the same time Tecmo was starting to work on blowing us away with the all time NES classic Tecmo Super Bowl. I grew up in this era and my NFL fandom was at my peak around this time. For years I have been working on a side project of mine, Tecmo Super Bowl Redux. I wanted to make a more accurate simulation of the 1990 NFL season instead of the 1991 season with 1990 and 1991 players we got. This is the 3rd edition I have released and hope people enjoy this variation of the game. There have also been so many hacks that have been discovered since I first took this project on back in 2004 that it inspired me to revive this project. Thousands of hours have gone into testing how the game simulates in both SKP and COM vs COM seasons. Some of the features of this game includes: Updated player ratings Rosters updated for the 1990 season - Players like Eric Dickerson, Michael Dean Perry and Brent Williams are now included Updated playbooks - No more reverses! Schedule is in chronological order just like the actual 1990 NFL season Team uniforms edited - All teams have a dark and light uniform. Team matchups have been edited so they use the correct uniforms like the games played in 1990 (Divisonal games are the only games where uniforms won't always be accurate Numerous color edits The game has three versions available: Vanilla, Hardtype and my personal favorite, Hardtype - P2 Road Hack. Here's a list of the hacks included in each version: Hacks included in Vanilla version: Disable Alt 3 Uniforms (shared by @bruddog) Main Menu Background Color Change XX's (shared by @gojiphen malor) Schedule Background Color Change XX (shared by @gojiphen malor) More NFL like QB rating value (shared by @bruddog) Player 2 Conditions Fix (shared by @jstout) Prevent schedule from being random (shared by @bruddog) QB backpedal animation hack (shared by @bruddog) Randomize sound loop used for each play (shared by @bruddog) FG avoid kick block fix (shared by @bruddog) Increase CPU kickoff length (shared by @Yak) Better COM punt timing (shared by @bruddog) Changing KR Speed (shared by @Knobbe) PR speed change from SS to actual PR player (shared by @Tecmonster) TE sim fix (shared by @Martin) Change offensive SIM to 'out of 32' sum (shared by @Martin) QB/PR ball control (shared by @jstout) COM Goes For FG w/:20 Left in Half/End of Game (shared by @TheRaja) Hacks included with Hardtype version: Add stats after quarters (shared by @bruddog) PA/PC hack - PC is INT and PA is target (shared by @buck) QB throws ball instead of taking sack and runs less COM Dive Tackling like SNES TSB I (shared by @xplozv) Directional punts (shared by @xplozv) Kickoff Wedge Return (shared by @xplozv) Onside kick hack better recovery rate for P2 (shared by @bruddog) Changing the differential for popcorning/ dl busting through (shared by @bruddog) Better INT returns (shared by @bruddog) Diving time based on HP (shared by @bruddog) Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter (shared by @buck) Find open receiver (shared by @jstout) Push/Pull Hack (shared by @BAD_AL, written by @bruddog) Hacks included with Hardype - P2 Road Hack version: Road Team Plays as Player 2 (shared by @bruddog) So take a sec to download this game and fire it up! Enjoy Tecmo fans and thank you to everyone who has helped in making this game one of the most edited cult classics ever! Submitter SBlueman Submitted 03/26/2020 Category NFL By Year  
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    helmet and jersey same color in TSB?

    It's linked to in the hacking directory But yeah to elaborate on what Bruddog said people used to ask about it ALL THE TIME and it's an 8 bit hardware limitation to have 3 color uniforms
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    I remember watching last year and your comment that there would not be another TD. I was upset cause I thought I missed out on something really cool. Extremely fortunate that you decided to bring it back and I got to be a part of it this year. That first week of group play was one of the coolest Tecmo experiences I’ve ever had. March Madness of Tecmo. Games on all day long and quadruple headers at night. Watching on my phone all day while I should’ve been working, parenting, etc. Capped off by an epic grand finale! @War Machine Can’t imagine how much work you put into this, and wanted to say thank you, what a way to start my foray into the online Tecmo world. Until next year.
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    I love the HSTL

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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

    The Pirate Ship welcomes with open arms and bags of popcorn Okoye
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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

    SF 49ers select: their very own WR #80 Jerry Rice
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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

    LA RAIDERS select DL / LB / DB Turd #1 Rueben Davis, Turd #2 Winston Moss, and King Haddix
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    HSTL D League S1 Draft

    The Black Delagation select Stallworth/Clifton/McMillan
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    Has anyone try out the NESmaker yet?

    Wow! 😮 re: Your game—pics or it didn’t happen.
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    @chiefsjr83 I’m thinking of you. Not sure you’re around but I’m truly happy for you my man. Congrats! Love you my brother...
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    Retro Bowl (iPhone Tecmo Bowl hybrid)

    Season 4 went 15-1. lost in the Super Bowl to Seattle 35-28. good job, defense.
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    I be likin' dat L A WILDCATS shat
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    The rankings for the tournament are below... I've also posted the individual player profiles from last nights show in each subsequent post.
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    Sad I had to miss last years tournament but happy we're doing it again! 2v2 tecmo I've done 2 tournaments in now. 1 with a partner that knew my play style in and out and 1 who did not. I'd recommend not just choosing the best possible player you can find but however finding someone who meshes will with your style of play. Also take a chance and play offense/defense at least 1 of the games. The rush of only playing 1 side of the ball is so awesome!
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    God damn does everyone have to have a gigantic or animated sig. Pretty soon I'm going to find the biggest and most annoying one i can find for the fuck of it.
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