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    I'll be there at the Tin Shed! After watching the Tundra Bracket reveal, Trying to find a way to go. See my chart....still working on it.
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    2019 Tournament stats

    Hey bud, glad to hear you enjoyed the multiple live tourneys you went to. Said it before and I’ll say it again. This is the best gamer community out there. also glad to see you had some success in the tourneys. Feels like the new guys w/tecmo you have to take your lumps, so any progress is solid. Congrats again. as for stopping the run. The only advice I can give you (ie, What has worked for me) is trial and error. With all running plays there seems to be an ideal player on defense certain people like to pick to try and blow it up. For example on the up the middle dive plays, I’ve found some success with playing the nose man , lb1, and the bottom corner man. With sweeps (especially the run3) I’ve been able to contain it sometimes with the top corner. Although, I’ve seen people blow up the same play w/the bottom corner. It’s all a matter of preference and repetition . Guess what I’m saying is you gotta put yourself in a good spot to stop the play, and it helps to get good at close up diving. Hope that helps. Happy new year bud
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    Official promo for the tourney
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    A letter to the Tecmo Super Bowl Community... Thank you. These are the words that continue to go through my mind as I write to you the day after Tundra Bowl VII. The entire Tundra Bowl team does what we do because we enjoy putting on a Tecmo experience for everyone to come and savor the camaraderie that's been built over playing a game nearly 30 years old. You are the reason we do what we do. Many of us have jobs that require a lot of time and energy, families that take priority, and other life circumstances that allow very few opportunities to gather in space with others outside of everyday life in this capacity. We do this for you, and our goal is that we always put on the best show we can. A special thank you to the families that allow us to engage in this beautiful game once a year. In our first year as the Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship, we saw our stream reach TENS of THOUSANDS of people across social media platforms, with our videos being watched, at last count, OVER 15,000 times. We set a new Tundra Bowl record with 81 players, and we have continued to have great growth every year since our inception. Over the last two tournaments, we have raised OVER $1,100 for My Brother's Keeper Inc. with your contributions. Without your support, we wouldn't have become the largest TSB tournament in the world as we have, nor as widely-recognized. Again, such gratitude for the Tecmo community that have continued to work alongside us, and spread the word about their experiences at our tournament. As we reflect, I want to take a moment to thank our sponsors that have continued to rally around Tundra Bowl, propelling it forward in all accounts. Thank you to The Watering Hole - Green Bay, WI for hosting ALL SEVEN Tundra Bowls so far - you and your staff have been amazingly hospitable for every single one of our tournaments. Thank you to main event sponsor Game Trade for their amazing support! Aunt Ethel's provided gift certificates for so many in attendance, and have been gracious hosts the last two years for us, both for the satellite tourney, and the after party! Team Apparel & Specialties provides the excellent shirts you get every year. Card & Coin and The Game Capital continue to come up huge for us, and new sponsors and event supporters CARCADE & Midwest Gaming Classic were just the icing on the cake to the whole event! Thank you too all our sponsors! Also, want to send a special shout out to the news stations that continue to cover our event - WFRV Local 5 for having us live in studio every year! WLUK-TV FOX 11 for always covering gameday, and also thank you to The Press Times for their soon-to-be-published article! This all could not be possible without the Tundra Team. Brian Swagel and I had this dream to take it public years ago, and so grateful we did. Thank you for all the graphic design you provide, and all the gameday help! The madman you see running around is Michael, and he runs our gameday ops like a champ. Stephen provides the brackets you see on Challonge, and all of our analytics with bracket seeding. Jon is our phenomenal tech operator, in charge of the stream, and was assisted by David helping out at his first Tundra. Jon - QBBrowns - always comes up huge with the seeding and group structure, and the Voice of Tundra, Dave provides the voice you have all come to know and love at the forefront of our video streams. Thank you to Jake for hopping on this stream this year as well! All of these gentlemen provide a level of commitment, dedication, and work-ethic that provides results that are second-to-none. A special thank you goes out to David for his continued Tecmo analytics, and helping with gameday structures and stats. Thank you also to Matt and David for your continued support in getting the word out to everyone! As we wrap this year, and look to the future, we are humbled and grateful to be your Tecmo Super Bowl National Championship. Whether we have 50, 80, or 100+, we are dedicated to providing you a Tecmo experience that is first rate, and world-class. I appreciate each one of you that continue to support our endeavors, and look forward to the bright future our tournament has! Hope to see you all next year! Nate Smithson Tundra Bowl - Tournament Director
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    Hi. New to the site and looking forward to the chance to play tecmo again. Hope to have the game set up for online play by this weekend.
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    If the weather would cooperate I would probably make the trip. Tecmo is a big part of my life, but not sure if it is enough to risk ending it.
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    The key Super Bowl match-up is going to be about the 49ers Defense vs. the Chiefs Offense. I really don't care who wins this game. This feeling of having no skin in the game is what Patriots haters must feel like every other year for the past decade+. It's so foreign to me...
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    Since @arncoem picked DB, I'll pick one too James Bradberry DB CAR 25 31 44 38 44 Mario Addison LB CAR 25 31 38 38 31 We've officially reached dumpster fire time!
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    Thanks for clearing that up @TheRaja! I have updated the first post with the new info: #COM Goes For FG w/.20 Left in Half/End of Game #https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69338-set-command-list-use-with-nes-tsb-tsbtool-updated-1202020/?do=findComment&comment=502972 SET (0x1897f,0x20) #COM kicks FG only on 4th Down in Regulation Time #https://tecmobowl.org/forums/topic/69338-set-command-list-use-with-nes-tsb-tsbtool/?do=findComment&comment=498958 SET (0x1897f,0x00)
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    Not sure if you guys saw but I pulled some strings to get some product placement on Rob Lowe who was in the crowd because of his new TV show.
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    I will begrudgingly take Lamar Jackson. You guys pretty much forced me into it. I hate you all. Let the INTs rain down.
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    But not for Tundra. SMH
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    (Tool) Tecmo Super Bowl Manager 1.3

    Just a heads up, if you get an error about missing files this install should fix your problem https://sourceforge.net/projects/vb6extendedruntime/
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    I didn't even think of that. From Bart Starr and Len Dawson to Rodgers and Mahomes. That would be a great matchup.
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    I tell ya, Mikaela ... something I've learned is, doubt Derrick "strong as John" Henry, and he'll bite ya in the ass.
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    Mike Gordan

    2020 Divisional Playoffs PREDICT FEST

    Even though I was 1-3 on Wild Card weekend, I insisted on a home sweep on the divisional round regardless of the outcomes of Wild Card Weekend. And I'm doubling down on my assessment. 49ers beat Vikings Ravens beat Titans Chiefs beat Texans Packers beat Seahaws--this one is arguably the toughest call. Doesn't really matter to me, so long as neither the 49ers nor Seahawks win the Super Bowl.
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    RS, RP, MS on Defense

    Jstout was the best thing to ever happen to this site. We need a thanks Jstout thread
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    HSTL S53 Draft

    Raider nation welcomes QB Vinny Testeverde! He loves himself some black hole!
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    Want in league. I will be good owner. hmu!
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    eifersucht80 gmen or gmen 😊
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    gonna try .. im in
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    I’m so in! randywags25 KC, no preference otherwise.
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    Im in NY Giants please
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    Interested. MIA, RAI, whoever
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    Pete Dorsey - discord: MADCUBAN Miami Dolphins (I have him setup playing online now & his house is right next door to my office - will be no issue him getting games in).
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    Discord Handle: Prime Team preference: Falcons #1, Bears #2, Seahawks #3
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    jonnyv bengals/vikings/giants
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    Arnco EM - in SF 49ers prefer to be but if Brudogg wants them I’ll take Patriots or Texans
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    Interested. Discord: johny_mx Chiefs or anyone.
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    Interested Discord:Thrash. Raiders or anyone.
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    Version Final


    28 NCAA Teams with End of Season Rank in AP Poll Rosters 100% Complete 9 Game Regular Season (Max Juice) 8 Teams make 4 Bowl games followed by 2 Semi-Final Bowls, and finally The Tecmo Bowl Semi-aligned Conferences Plain Grass Field (No Midfield or End Zone logo/colors) No Overtime Each Season has the Top 20 plus Army, Navy, Air Force, and 5 additional teams (see text document) Each Team based on an Original TSB team (see text document) Consensus All-Americans appropriately ranked Appropriate Sim Data 1970 Army (worst) 1-9-1 lost to Navy 7-11 Navy (worst) 2-9 beat Army 11-7 lost to Air Force 3-26 #2 Notre Dame (HOU)10-1 coached by Ara Parseghian beat Texas in Cotton Bowl 24-11 #18 Penn State (WSH) 7-3 coached by Joe Paterno #14 Dartmouth (NYJ) 9-0 Ivy League Champions #9 Michigan 9-1 (RAI) coached by Bo Schembechler lost to Ohio State 9-20 #5 Ohio State 9-1 (PHI) coached by Woody Hayes Big Ten Champions lost to Stanford in Rose Bowl 17-27 #12 Toledo 12-0 (TB) MAC Champions beat William and Mary in tangerine Bowl 40-12 Northwestern 6-4 (IND) #15 USC 6-4-1 (SD) coached by John McKay Washington 6-4 (GB) #8 Stanford 9-3 (MIA) Pacific 8 Champions beat Ohio State 27-17 in Rose Bowl #6 Arizona State 11-0 (BUF) coached by Frank Kush WAC Champions beat North Carolina 48-26 in Peach Bowl #17 Air Force 9-3 (DEN) lost to Tennessee in Sugar Bowl 13-34 beat Navy 26-3 Georgia 5-5 (PIT) coached by Vince Dooley #13 Georgia Tech (MIN) 9-3 coached by Bud Carson beat Texas Tech 17-9 in Sun Bowl #4 Tennessee 11-1 (KC) coached by Bill Battle beat Air Force 34-13 in Sugar Bowl #10 Auburn 9-2 (RAM) coached by Shug Jordan beat Ole Miss in Gator Bowl 35-28 Alabama 6-5-1 (NO) coached by Bear Bryant tied Oklahoma 24-24 in Bluebonnet Bowl #11 Arkansas 9-2 (CIN) coached by Frank Broyles #17 Tulane 8-4 (ATL) beat Colorado 17-3 in Liberty Bowl #7 LSU 9-3 (CHI) coached by Charlie McClendon SEC Champions lost in Orange Bowl to Nebraska 12-17 #20 Ole Miss 7-4 (CLE) coached by John Vaught lost to Auburn in Gator Bowl 28-35 #19 Houston 8-3 (DAL) #20 Oklahoma 7-4-1 (DET) coached by Chuck Fairbanks tied Oklahoma 24-24 in Bluebonnet Bowl Colorado 6-5 (PHX) lost to Tulane 3-17 in Liberty Bowl #3 Texas 10-1 (NYG) coached by Darrell Royal SWC Champions lost to Notre Dame in Cotton Bowl 11-24 #1 Nebraska 11-0-1 (SF) coached by Bob Devaney Big 8 Champions beat LSU 17-12 in Orange Bowl 1970 Consensus All-Americans Jim Plunkett, QB, Stanford (Heisman Trophy) Don McCauley, RB, North Carolina Steve Worster, RB, Texas Tom Gatewood, E, Notre Dame Ernie Jennings, E, Air Force Elmo Wright, E, Houston Dan Dierdorf, OL, Michigan Larry Dinardo, OL, Notre Dame Chip Kell*, OL, Tennessee Bob Newton, OL, Nebraska Don Popplewell, OL, Colorado Bobby Wuensch, OL, Texas Bill Atessis, DL, Texas Dick Bumpas, DL, Arkansas Rock Perdoni, DL, Georgia Tech Jim Stillwagon*, DL, Ohio State Charlie Weaver, DL, USC Mike Anderson, LB, LSU Jack Ham, LB, Penn State Tommy Casanova, DB, LSU Dave Elmendorf, DB, Texas A&M Jack Tatum*, DB, Ohio State Larry Willingham, DB, Auburn 1971 Army 6-4 (NE) beat Navy 24-23 lost to Air Force 7-20 Navy 3-8 (IND) lost to Army 23-24 #13 Notre Dame 8-2 (CHI) coached by Ara Parseghian #5 Penn State 11-1 (BUF) coached by Joe Paterno beat Texas 30-6 in Cotton Bowl #14 Toledo 12-0 (TB) MAC Champions beat Richmond 28-3 in the Tangerine Bowl #6 Michigan 11-1 (RAI) coached by Bo Schembechler Big 10 Champions lost to Stanford 12-13 in the Rose Bowl Ohio State 6-4 (PIT) coached by Woody Hayes Michigan State 6-5 (NO) Northwestern 7-4 (SEA) #20 USC 6-4-1 (DAL) coached by John McKay #19 Washington 8-3 (CLE) #10 Stanford 9-3 (RAMS) Pac-8 Champions beat Michigan 13-12 in the Rose Bowl #8 Arizona State 11-1 (DET) coached by Frank Kush WAC Champions beat FSU 45-38 in the Fiesta Bowl Air Force 6-4 (PHX) beat Army 20-7 #7 Georgia 11-1 (PHI) coached by Vince Dooley beat North Carolina 7-3 in the Gator Bowl FSU 8-4 (GB) lost to Arizona State 38-45 in the Fiesta Bowl #9 Tennessee 10-2 (MIN) coached by Bill Battle beat Arkansas 14-13 in the Liberty Bowl #12 Auburn 9-2 (CIN) coached by Shug Jordan lost to Oklahoma 22-40 in the Sugar Bowl #4 Alabama 11-1 (NYG) coached by Bear Bryant SEC Champions lost to Nebraska 6-38 in the Orange Bowl #16 Arkansas 8-3-1 (WSH) coached by Frank Broyles lost to Tennessee 13-14 in the Liberty Bowl #18 Texas 8-3 (NYJ) coached by Darrell Royal SWC Champions lost to Penn State 6-30 in Cotton Bowl #11 LSU 9-3 (MIA) coached by Charlie McClendon beat Iowa State in the Sun Bowl 33-15 #15 Ole Miss 10-2 (SD) beat Georgia Tech 41-18 in the Peach Bowl #17 Houston 9-3 (DEN) lost to Colorado 17-29 in Bluebonnet Bowl #2 Oklahoma 11-1 (HOU) coached by Chuck Fairbanks beat Auburn 40-22 in the Sugar Bowl #3 Colorado 10-2 (KC) beat Houston 29-17 in the Bluebonnet Bowl Iowa State 8-4 (ATL) lost to LSU in the Sun Bowl 15-33 #1 Nebraska 13-0 (SF) coached by Bob Devaney Big-8 Champions beat Alabama 38-6 in the Orange Bowl 1971 Consensus All-Americans Pat Sullivan QB, Auburn (Heisman Trophy) Ed Marinaro RB, Cornell Johnny Musso RB, Alabama Greg Pruitt RB, Oklahoma Terry Beasley E, Auburn Johnny Rogers E, Nebraska Tom Brahaney OL, Oklahoma Dave Joyner OL, Penn State Reggie McKenzie OL, Michigan Jerry Sisemore OL, Texas Royce Smith OL, Georgia Willie Harper DL, Nebraska Larry Jacobson DL, Nebraska Mel Long DL, Toledo Walt Patulski DL, Notre Dame Sherman White DL, California Jeff Siemon LB, Stanford Mike Taylor LB, Michigan Tommy Casanova DB, LSU Clarence Ellis DB, Notre Dame Ernie Jackson DB, Duke Bobby Majors DB, Tennessee 1972 Army 6-4 (NE) beat Navy 23-15 beat Air Force 17-14 Navy 4-7 (IND) lost to Army 15-23 beat Air Force 21-17 #14 Notre Dame 8-3 (MIN) coached by Ara Parseghian lost to Nebraska 6-40 in Orange Bowl #10 Penn State 10-2 (RAMS) coached by Joe Paterno lost to Oklahoma 0-14 in Sugar Bowl #18 Louisville 9-1 (DAL) coached by Lee Corso MVC Champions #6 Michigan 10-1 (NYG) coached by Bo Schembechler Big Ten Co-Champions #9 Ohio State 9-2 (CHI) coached by Woody Hayes Big Ten Co-Champions lost to USC in Rose Bowl 17-42 Purdue (GB) 6-5 Michigan State (NO) 5-5-1 #1 USc 12-0 (SF) coached by John McKay Pac-8 Champions beat Ohio State 42-17 in Rose Bowl #15 UCLA 8-3 (SD) coached by Pepper Rodgers #19 Washington State (WSH) 7-4 #13 Arizona State 10-2 (DEN) WAC Champions beat Missouri 49-35 in Fiesta Bowl Air Force 6-4 (SEA) lost to Navy 17-21 lost to Army 14-17 Georgia 7-4 (PIT) coached by Vince Dooley #20 Georgia Tech 7-4-1 (ATL) coached by Bill Fulcher beat Iowa State 31-30 in Libert Bowl Florida 5-5-1 (PHX) coached by Doug Dickey #12 North Carolina 11-1 (TB) coached by Bill Dooley ACC Champion beat Texas Tech 32-28 in Sun Bowl #17 North Carolina St. 8-3-1 (NYJ) coached by Lou Holtz beat West Virginia 49-13 in Peach Bowl #7 Alabama 10-2 (RAI) coached by Bear Bryant SEC Champions lost Cotton Bowl 13-17 to Texas #5 Auburn 10-1 (KC) coached by Shug Jordan beat Colorado 24-13 in Gator Bowl #11 LSU 9-2-1 (MIA) coached by Charlie McClendon lost to Tennessee 17-24 in Bluebonnet Bowl Ole Miss 5-5 (CLE) #8 Tennessee 10-2 (DET) coached by Bill Battle beat LSU 24-17 in Bluebonnet Bowl #2 Oklahoma 11-1 (BUF) coached by Chuck Fairbanks beat Penn State 14-0 in Sugar Bowl #16 Colorado 8-4 (CIN) lost to Auburn 13-24 in Gator Bowl #3 Texas 10-1 (PHI) coached by Darrell Royal SWC Champions beat Alabama 17-13 in Cotton Bowl #4 Nebraska 9-2-1 (HOU) coached by Bob Devaney Big 8 Champions beat Notre Dame 40-6 in Orange Bowl 1972 Consensus All-Americans Bert Jones, QB, LSU Otis Armstrong, RB, Purdue Woody Green, RB, Arizona State Greg Pruitt*, RB, Oklahoma Johnny Rodgers*, WR, Nebraska (Heisman Trophy) Charles Young*, TE, USC Tom Brahaney, OL, Oklahoma John Hannah*, OL, Alabama Ron Rusnak, OL, North Carolina Paul Seymour, OL, Michigan Jerry Sisemore*, OL, Texas Bruce Bannon, DL, Penn State Dave Butz, DL, Purdue Rich Glover*, DL, Nebraska Willie Harper, DL, Nebraska Greg Marx*, DL, Notre Dame Randy Gradishar, LB, Ohio State John Skorupan, LB, Penn State Cullen Bryant, DB, Colorado Randy Logan, DB, Michigan Robert Popelka, DB, SMU Brad Vanpelt*, DB, Michigan State
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    Ian Jones

    RS, RP, MS on Defense

    @bruddog i wasn't asking for anything, just making conversation while i had the forum up in my browser. And there are some good GUIs out there that let you do a bunch more than just graphics. I was able to learn at least half of the programming language for TS1 using a GUI called codex to edit behaviors and objects (which in that game is where over 50% of the behaviors are stored). With the Frosty editor for madden 19&20, you can edit way more than just graphics and rosters, you can even edit the physics of the game, you can really change anything about the game, and they made a patch for it that breaks down what all the values you're working with are doing. The civ games have some decent GUIs too, but I haven't gotten into them as much yet. There's usually separate GUIs for the graphics/animations side of games that work alongside programs like adobe and blender, but I stink at graphics so i leave them alone. But things like that churn out a lot of content for games and increase the longevity of the community, because more people can get involved on a creative level. Anything on this forum that says "change this value to do this"....GUI. Pointers for the ROMs behaviors and where they point to....GUI. What the snippet of code does that the pointers are pointing to...GUI. That playbook editor taught me as much about this game in 15 minutes as spending all night sifting through threads that point to what hex codes are doing, and there a few things I had written off as failed experiments, but once I saw all that offense and defense behavior stuff i was like hey i think i can implement this now and it can work. And think about how many times you or @jstout had to figure out this or that for someone, when it was something they likely could have easily worked on themselves if they better understood what they were looking at. If this were a "hack NES games" community I would say yeah, a GUI isn't practical, but this is - or was - a community revolved around modifying the code to a single game. Again, I'm not asking for anything, its all a moot point now, just having a convo about the merits of GUIs in modding communities, like the last two people left in a mad max wasteland.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    Face=0xba is similar to several other faces, but there are a couple of details that make it a little unique. It looks like slight tweaks were made to look like a specific player. It's one of the few faces with that receding hairline, and it has a different stache and mouth than similar faces. They really seem to have had an eye for detail on this one. There's only one problem. This face is not used for anyone in the game! Why go through the trouble of making such a unique face, only to not use it? Was it intended for a certain player, and then they decided on a different face? Or a bench player who was going to be in, but then got cut or something? I'm so curious about this face.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    Natty Dread DET. RCB leroy IRVIN Face=0xbe #47 25 31 25 25 38 50 [3 25 ] S.F. TE2 jamie WILLIAMS Face=0xbe #81 25 69 19 38 50 31 [1 4 6 0 ] These guys must have had dreads for a very short time, as I could find scant photographic evidence of it. I'm putting Jamie Williams first, as it's a little clearer. In the photo you can clearly see long hair coming out the back of his helmet. In the video interview below that, you can see his hair in the photo on the wall behind him. All I could find of Leroy Irvin was a football card from 1989. If you look closely (zoom in) you can see his long hair coming out on the right side:
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    IND. LG randy DIXON Face=0x95 #69 25 69 25 50 SEA. LG edwin BAILEY Face=0x95 #65 25 69 38 44 GIA. LOLB carl BANKS Face=0x95 #58 38 44 50 63 19 56 [12 2 ] PHX. RT tootie ROBBINS Face=0x95 #63 25 69 25 56 N.O. LCB robert MASSEY Face=0x95 #40 31 38 50 44 56 50 [2 12 ] MIA. ROLB hugh GREEN Face=0xb2 #55 25 31 38 44 25 50 [16 5 ] DEN. RB3 sammy WINDER Face=0xb2 #23 44 69 25 31 50 25 [4 2 7 1 ] K.C. RCB kevin ROSS Face=0xb2 #31 31 38 50 44 56 44 [0 102 ] GIA. RB4 rodney HAMPTON Face=0xb2 #27 38 69 31 38 63 38 [5 4 7 6 ] ATL. RT chris HINTON Face=0xb2 #71 25 69 31 69 ATL. LG houston HOOVER Face=0xb2 #69 25 69 19 44 RAMS RILB fred STRICKLAND Face=0xb2 #53 25 31 38 38 19 25 [14 4 ] WAS. RT ed SIMMONS Face=0xb5 #76 25 69 25 63 Why did Ed Simmons need his own face? Good answer, Ed. Here's Carl Banks and Rodney Hampton:
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    I think of this as the Ronnie Lott face, so I was mildly surprised to rediscover that it was used for 7 other players, including Freeman McNeil and Rodney Peete (photos below next to Lott). Looking at photos of these guys now, I think this was designed as Peete's face. They seem to have placed priority on QBs in general, and this face looks the most like him. IND. WR1 bill BROOKS Face=0xab #80 38 69 38 13 50 69 [1 5 5 10 ] JETS RB2 freeman MCNEIL Face=0xab #24 38 69 38 19 50 25 [4 2 6 2 ] CIN. RB4 s. JENNINGS Face=0xab #36 38 69 38 25 50 25 [4 2 6 0 ] DEN. SS dennis SMITH Face=0xab #49 38 44 56 50 44 63 [7 38 ] DET. QB1 rodney PEETE Face=0xab #9 25 69 31 13 38 44 31 25 [6 3 2 ] MIN. ROLB m. MERRIWEATHER Face=0xab #57 31 44 50 56 44 69 [20 12 ] N.O. RCB toi COOK Face=0xab #41 25 31 38 38 44 38 [5 76 ] S.F. FS ronnie LOTT Face=0xab #42 44 56 69 69 50 75 [1 51 ]
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    The Headbands I can't find photos of any of these players wearing headbands. You know who is in a lot of photos wearing headbands? Jim McMahon. You know who has a Tecmo face without a headband? Jim McMahon. Photos are Hoss, Landeta, and Bostic. The Tecmo faces are good likenesses, just not sure why they have headbands: CIN. RE jason BUCK Face=0x19 #99 25 31 38 50 19 25 [7 3 ] GIA. QB2 jeff HOSTETLER Face=0x19 #15 25 69 25 13 38 31 38 19 [5 4 0 ] GIA. P sean LANDETA Face=0x1c #5 25 56 44 31 81 81 [12 ] WAS. C jeff BOSTIC Face=0x1c #53 25 69 38 69 T.B. LT paul GRUBER Face=0x1c #74 25 69 25 50 N.O. C joel HILGENBERG Face=0x1c #61 25 69 44 50 S.F. LILB matt MILLEN Face=0x1c #54 25 38 50 63 31 63 [3 7 ] Just for fun, here's a photo of McMahon in all his headband glory. I'm thinking about combining the bottom half of his Tecmo face with the top half of Hoss, but that would be too much like work.
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    TSB Face of the Day

    Face=0x4f is used for 7 players, but I always think of it as the Howie Long face since he's one of my favorite players. Photos are of him, Trace Armstrong, and Bill Romanowski. All three of them are with my Raiders in these photos. I don't remember Romanowski ever looking that badass when he was on the 49ers. I'm just saying. HOU. WR3 doug LLOYD Face=0x4f #35 38 69 38 25 81 25 [3 2 4 0 ] RAI. LE howie LONG Face=0x4f #75 38 50 56 69 31 69 [38 1 ] S.D. NT les MILLER Face=0x4f #69 25 38 44 56 19 44 [7 0 ] PHX. RB3 ron WOLFLEY Face=0x4f #24 38 69 38 38 50 25 [3 1 3 0 ] CHI. LE trace ARMSTRONG Face=0x4f #93 31 44 50 63 19 69 [84 2 ] G.B. LILB brian NOBLE Face=0x4f #91 25 31 31 31 19 31 [9 2 ] S.F. ROLB bill ROMANOWSKI Face=0x4f #53 31 44 50 50 19 63 [7 1 ] Interestingly, I'm (still) working on a 2002 rom, and I forgot Armstrong was on the original with the Bears. I used Face=0x1e for him:
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    War Machine

    2K League Bylaws

    1. General League Items A. Hacks: 2 point conversion! Ball will be placed on 3 yd line 30 yd XP’s. Ball will be placed on 13 yd line. Modern NFL Overtime Rules! See Game play rules section for detailed rules. In game playbook change hack. Limited to twice per game. Preseason injuries hack (you can play your season games in preseason), Tackle-stats hack (it will count the tackles defenders make) The fumble in the end zone hack (which prevents stats from being lost when a player is tackled in the endzone and fumbles) Bruddog's stat extractions including the Tap Meter during game play. B. League Size: Tecmo 2K will be comprised of 32 league owners that will represent all 32 NFL teams. C. Divisions There will be 8 divisions with 4 owners in each. 4 divisions will reside in the AFC and 4 in the NFC. We will utilize the tiered division format grouping players together by skill. The divisions will be named Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Top players will battle with each other for division titles while less skilled are grouped together and have a better chance at the playoffs each season. The AFC will have AFC Platinum, AFC Gold, AFC Silver, and AFC Bronze. The NFC will have similar classifications NFC Platinum, NFC Gold, NFC Silver, and NFC Bronze. The real NFL teams will remain in their conference to keep semblance of the real NFL. For Example, all the AFC divisions will consist of real AFC teams and same with NFC. Owners will be organized by their team preference the best way possible but may not get what they requested due to balancing of the league. After each season, all division winners will get promoted to the next level while last place finishers will drop down a division. For example, first place finisher in Gold will move to the Platinum division while last place finisher in Platinum moves down to Gold. New owners will be placed based on incoming skill as best as possible. This may mean having to move multiple owners if needed. However, since this may be challenging, the new owner may end up being in a division where he may be over qualified. For example, if Joeygats is coming into the league replacing an owner in Bronze, commish will try best to move him to Silver or above. D. Player Pool: This is a current NFL player ROM so we will use todays NFL players. The commissioner will create player ratings once a calendar year and those ratings will be used anywhere from 2-4 seasons before a new set of ratings are created. E. Draft and Draft Lottery: We will re-draft from the current 32 team NFL players similar to fantasy football. Owners will draft QB's, RB's, WR's, OL, DL, LB's and DB's to fill their roster. The commissioner will determine "tandems" and communicate to the league prior to the draft. The draft will be conducted on the forums and managed through a google sheet. There will be a separate draft thread with more detailed rules specific for that season’s draft format. Draft order will be a lottery system, broken into tiers based on the owner's prior record and reputation. For season 4, the owners will be broken up by their division classification with the AFC+NFC Bronze division drawing for first 8 picks. Then AFC/NFC Silver will draw the next 8 picks, and so on and so forth. Any subsequent draft lotteries will be determined by order of finish+ division classification. Season 4 Tier 1 (8 teams): Bronze members Tier 2 (8 teams) : Silver members Tier 3 (8 teams) : Gold members Tier 4 (8 teams) : Platinum members Season 5 (SUBJECT TO CHANGE, NOT FINAL!!) Tier 1: Bronze members not qualified for playoffs Tier 2: Last Place Silver + Bronze Winners Tier 3: Silver members not qualified for playoffs Tier 4: Last Place Gold + Silver Winners Tier 5: Gold members not qualified for playoffs Tier 6: Last Place Platinum + Gold Winners+ Super Bowl Loser Tier 7: Platinum members not qualified for playoffs+ Super Bowl Winner
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    You can't take back what you said dude! It's very clear on your intent, or else you wouldn't have posted it. Knobbe can also do whatever he needs to do in any situation, it's his forum! We're all a bunch of great guys on here and all of us do the edits for the love of the game, not as a job. Nobody owes you or anyone else anything.
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    Might I suggest that you eliminate your negative content instead of halving it? These guys are going to be turned off more than motivated by BS
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    baseball stars pennant race

    this hack has the 6 divion leaders and 2 wild card leaders. included is a save state file for fce ultra with 6 more teams in the wild card hunt. place the save state file in the 'fcs' folder inside the fce ultra folder. hit F7 while playing the game to load the save state. this will work with the latest version of fce ultra. if you need it, do a google search. rosters and stats are accurate as of 9-4-05. bstars05race.zip
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