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    As for every Midwest tournament, I'm so happy this weekend is over. But also, I'm saddened that it passes by so quickly. To date, after hosting 11 of these things, MWTecmoXI was by far the most fun and smoothest run tourney. There are so many people to thank: David Fulcher for being who he is and providing representation for not only MWTecmo but for the Tecmo community in general. We were able to raise $544 for his foundation on only 28 total participants. Do the math. I think that's amazing. So thank you all. To @AJFullam AJ Fullam, who is the glue to this tournament when it comes to the group play excel document that calculates where everyone is placed in the elimination part of the tourney in real time. Derek Ruble, who provided an outstanding setup for our live stream. @allamerican1569Tom Stahnke, who not only provided his livestream for the RBI tourney, but offered up his wifi hotspot after some technical difficulties regarding hooking up to Rick's Tavern's router with a hardwire. Rick's Tavern's two waitresses Caitlin and Kaylin for wanting to continually take care of us rioters. They are always great and supportive and eager to be a part of this every year. My wife and kids for understanding that this is something that means a lot to me. My brothers for always being supportive in my directive mentality during the day. Aaron Hake for running the registration table and manning the raffle gift table. My mother Diane who ran the raffle ticket sales for the first 4 hours of the tournament and Jimmy's girlfriend Destinee who finished up the last hour of the raffle sales. Mort for offering up his stockpile of systems, carts and other equipment. Our supporters Yuengling, Ohio Valley Beer and Wine, FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, Pure Romance, The Sports Gallery, The David Fulcher Foudnation, Rick's Tavern, McKinley's Pub and The Retro Sports Gamer. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You can check out the results from everything at these links: https://challonge.com/MidwestRBIBracket2018 https://challonge.com/MWTecmo2018Pool https://challonge.com/MWTecmo2018Bracket MWTecmoXI in its entirety: Friday I woke up and finished the final touches for prep at my house. Then took a trip to pick up the tourney TShirts and some Yuengling donation raffle items around 1 p.m. ... I left for Rick's Tavern around 4 p.m. once my wife got home from work. Began setting up equipment immediately upon my arrival. The first two dudes that arrived for the RBI Tourney/Nintendo Night were Marc Z and Brian M. Nice fellas who came from the northern parts of Ohio. We had about 14 of the 28 guys show up for the Friday night festivities, which told me that it was worth having. The predominant reason why the Friday night event was a success was because we literally had everything set up the night before and could focus on operational aspects of the tourney the day of. Saw some Master Blaster, Tetris Attack, Dr. Mario, Tecmo Bowl, and others being played. It was cool. The final four of the RBI tourney was Me, Joseph M., Matt and Mort. @bigmv54Matt beat @mort1237Mort 11-1 and Joseph beat me 2-1. Matt took down Joe for the first ever Midwest RBI Baseball title. The event lasted until about midnight and we all felt it was the right time to pack up and get some rest, which surprised me. I had a hunch we were going to be staying until last call. But that wasn't the case. Ruble crashed on my couch for the weekend. Before we hit the sack, we made sure his stream setup on his laptop was good to go. The only thing we had to do was just set his stuff up, hook up to Tom's hotspot and we are livestreaming. Went to bed. Saturday Loaded up the remaining items that I had in my garage, which included the rest of the Yuengling donation raffle items. My head is usually in about 15 different places the morning of the tournament but seeing the systems already up and running when I get there made for a little less tense of the time. Mort grabbed what he could from his bag o' stuff and hooked up the 3 tvs that were not ready. Registration went without a hitch. One person no-showed but informed me the night before that he would pay at the table. Would have been 29 participants. So it didn't bother me one bit. 28 players it is. 7 groups of 4. Boom. I was happy. Setting up pool play groups the week of the tourney really helps me out in terms of small adjustments the day of. Not one single adjustment had to be made except for plugging my last entry into the dude's spot who didn't show up. It didn't ruin the quality base of each group as I feel they were as evenly spread out as I could make them. I said "ef it" let's roll in Gats' group because I've never played him live in a tournament and I was an easy No. 2 seed after dissecting the No. 1 seeds in this specific tourney. There really was no separation in the No. 2 and No. 3 seeds. It was crazy. Derek and I put together a 15 minute pregame show on the livestream to give everyone a heads up on how the day would be operating and we also did some player profiles. It was fun. Fullam was ready to roll regarding the excel document and pool play groups were announced. The tourney began on time. My goal was to have the pool play groups wrapped up and the announcement for who is playing Fulcher in the charity game by 2 p.m. and at this point of the day, I looked at my phone and it was 1:57 p.m. Boom. Greg H. won the Fulcher Foundation game. We also allow Fulcher to play using the Bengals of course and the raffle winning player can use SEA, IND or NE. But Greg is a GB fan so we allowed him to use GB. Fulcher beat Greg 28-2. I will have to watch the game on the recorded stream to see how this all panned out. I think Fulcher is no slouch and could be labeled as a middle to low tier player in most tourneys. The Fulcher game raised over $100 itself. @JimSocks13won the Bucket O Liquor raffle 2 years in a row. He stated that all he wanted to do at Midwest was win that. He went home a happy camper. The raffle prizes were being announced while the Fulcher Foundation game against Greg was going down on the livestream. Fullam was finishing up the pool play results as well. It was a good transition so people weren't waiting to hear their first round game. I felt good all tourney. I went 3-0 in pool play which was only good for the 6th seed. I felt as though Gats wasn't with it during my game. But oh well. I take the win. Gats was ready for tournament play though. I could tell. The ultimate scenario played on the livestream with our last game between @RetroNathan and @diazhole. If Matt doesn’t win by more than 6, then Flo would get the 4th seed bye -- the last bye being the fact that we had 28 participants. Diaz won by 3 and missed out on the 4th seed and pushed him to 5th – no bye. We announced all of the raffle ticket winners. A lot of great matchups throughout the day with, what, 4 overtime games on the live stream? I think. Matched up with Brian S in the first round. Super nice local guy, teaching inner city kids from Cincinnati. Had a great chat with him during game about how hard it is to be a teacher. He explained that he’s more of a parent to them than a teacher, and I believe it. Talked about the ins and outs of Tecmo knowledge and he was open-eared about taking it in. He said he was going to go back home and tell his buddies that the community is worth the trek to these tourneys. I won 31-3. Next up was Jordan (Woodshed). Such a great and close game. Wish this was on the live stream. Couldn’t believe I (DEN) pulled it out. Jordan (WAS) had me up against the ropes. Won 14-10. Elite 8 was Mort. Snatched a first-drive INT which sort of set up my momentum. If I didn’t try to do anything fancy and play straight forward, I was only hoping to keep the momentum and not let Mort’s expertise strip it away from me. And I was able to do that 17-10. On to the double elimination Final Four against Gats. I picked DET-WAS matchup as a slight bait call. He didn’t want to give me WAS, which I felt OK with. 0-0 heading into halftime. Gats get ball and kicks field goal in third. I couldn’t muster up a decent drive at all and was hoping for a couple opportunities with a deep ball and some luck. Gats was on. I wasn’t. He wins 10-0. I have Diaz in losers fourth place game. I pick CIN-WAS matchup against Diaz and he takes CIN. Really don’t remember much of this game other than I lost 21-20. I was able to call the finals with Joseph M, which turned out to be a great game as well. Gats pulls it out to take the MWTecmoXI title against Diaz. I will point out that Gats accidentally hit field goal on an early punt attempt. Diaz professionally punted it back to him. Gats got the originally planned punt off to Diaz. At this level, those two players are far more than qualified to make their own decisions regarding a situation like that for what was at stake, without having to get commishes involved. Gats was extremely humbled for Diaz’s kind gesture. And no hard feelings were expressed, assuming any other Tecmoer at this level would have done the same thing. Unfortunately, you’ve lost roughly 40 seconds of the first half because the ball was in the air when it shouldn’t have been. Clean up ensued following the tourney. I was worried I didn’t bring any of my equipment home it was such a blur. The only thing I was worried about was our 5 Tecmo carts and 4 RBI carts. Matt has them all. I think. LOL. The debate was where to go after the tournament. As we are cleaning up, my wife texted me and said just come home and we can sit by a fire outside and swim. I happily, and drunkingly, invited everyone over to my house. Literally everyone. Our house turned into a frat house. JoeyGats was chilling at a table eating Arbys. My bathroom downstairs smelled like piss toward the end of the night. Hendershot handed me his credit card and forced me to buy 5 pizzas from Papa Johns. They were devoured within minutes. We set up shop with a station and played team Tecmo in my living room. @Super DuperKrebs and I were a team. I forget how we did. RetroNate and Matty V were a team, and I think they won a couple straight games. I enjoyed a conversation about music with RetroNate. We jammed on some tunes in my downstairs living area. It was awesome. Pretty sure RetroNathan, Ruble, my wife and some others sat outside around the fire the entire time. Krebs and I took a dip in my pool and talked about how my brother Joey ditched up for the Manchester United-Liverpool soccer match at the Big House in Ann Arbor. We were both pissed at him. LOL. @joeygatsGats and my two year old son were chilling on the couch next to each other, Gats playing on his phone, my son on my phone in his diaper. It might be one of the most epic photos I’ve ever seen. @tecmoninjaHendershot took the photo and said, “Look at this pic.” It melted my heart that Gavin and Gats bonded. Gavin and Gats are two of the best GOATS ever. I really didn’t feel like I had to rush everyone out the door because it was already 2 a.m. and many people had to wake up early enough to get home Sunday. I think I offered people to crash at my house if they weren’t able to drive. But there were enough people in each caravan who were able to drive safely. Ruble was the only one who snagged a couch overnight Saturday. I didn’t really know what to expect when I woke up the next morning. Woke up with my swim trunks on still. GG. Long. Live. Tecmo. #.url
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    In brief, while I have a spare moment on this hungover Monday. This was by far the funnest Midwest tourney to date. And I’ve questioned how that’s even possible by measuring past tourneys. I think the best part was being able to have lengthy conversations with TheRetroSportsGamer, RetroNathan, JoeyGats, Hendershot, and others. The smoothest tourney to date as well. And that’s thanks to people like AJ Fullam, the mastermind of pool play excel spreadies. Derek Ruble, the dedicated live streamer. Tom Stahnke who provided the RBI stream Friday and a hotspot to better our internet connection for our main stream on Saturday. Hake for being the setup/registration dude. Caitlin and Kaylin, the waitress girls who served our entire weekend at a Rick’s Tavern. The owners of Ricks Tavern himself. Yuengling. Mort for his plethora of Nintendo equipment. Our sponsors. My brothers. The David Fulcher Foundation and David Fulcher, things would never be where they are at regarding MWTecmo if it weren’t for him. First day of family staycation away from work, so I’ll have an in-depth recap from my point of view to post later tonight. Thank you to TecmoBowl.org for allowing us to showcase and advertise our Tecmo endeavors to the world to experience. Stay tuned for my recap and photos. Anyone who has photos and stories to share from this weekend, please post them. I love recollecting and hearing about them. ✌️
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    Had a great time, was a blast meeting the likes of the Vogt brothers, Diaz, gats, flo, Erik, ac Slater, tom, and many others. Below are some crummy photos I took, one is the crowd behind the finals gats v Diaz, other is of the championship bracket. In which somehow, someway gats managed to win this thing as a 10 seed (quite the stretch for him lol)
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    We came, We Saw, We Tecmo'ed. All I can say is, what an incredible weekend. Congrats to @fairfensheeding on winning the first ever Live Season topped off with a Tecmo Playoff Bracket where we finished an 8 week season of 13 present out of 15 owners in one day... barely. The Super Bowl champ was decided at around 3:30 AM local time. The game of the day (of the Tecmoverse?) was the #Lewis Conference Championship between me and @DT.. Fairf took on the winner and it was tight but he took home the Title. Here are some pics that @gripsmoke and @invader_star64 took . Much much thanks go to the whole CFT Crew for coming to participate and hanging in there through what turned out to be a really long (longer than expected) day and season. While the techology presented some problems and delays here and there, it still would not have gone anywhere near as smoothly as it did without the help of the Save team, Grip, DT, and Invader at the least. Special props to @gripsmoke for taking care of so much of the dealing with food, bringing the most epic Sig/Poster ever, and delivering TBK to the "venue". really Grip was invaluable here. Special props also to @manYo720 for bringing the sweet Nectar of the Gods and providing the music and more support overall with anything that was needed (he knows) and THAT SHIRT!!! Special props also to DT, not only helping with the Saves but also taking control of the Substitutions for absent owners. Definitely helped keep thangs moving. Also without the hacks by @bruddog and all the necessary jar files, none of this would even be remotely possible, really can't ever thank Brudd enough for this, and @brookstonfowler phile support to help make our experience that top notch one you get from all the WTF format seasons in terms of stats and such, but also huge impact with the stream integration. And then finally my hero in help, @invader_star64 brought SOOO much to the table in terms of time before in set up and working his ass off on game day too to get captures from each game. We also both had kind of heartbreaking ends to a #1 seed in conference type of season. Just didn't work out. Would have loved to have us battle it out for the Trophy and Super Bowl Title, but alas the Tecmo Gods deemed it not to be. Tecmo Bros 4eva!
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    ~Tailback King~

    Funny things about TSB!!!

    *BUMP* The true answers to all of Tecmo Superbowls "WHY'S" are right here^^^ This is mostly a guide for the beginners who are just starting to get into this great game. Anyone who calls themselves a veteran in this game { @kamphuna8 @manYo720 } learned about these facts along time ago. This is one of the first things they teach you. It's always a pleasure to pass on what the Tecmo gods have passed on to me. @davefmurray @red98sethuthut @mort1237 and @Knobbe ...you four probably needed this refresher course.
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    Hey Fellas, I asked in advance if I could post this, but not sure if I got the right spot. Feel free to move or delete. It's all good. WHAT: King of 94 III presented by Mikey McBryan and NHL94.com WHEN: Sunday, October 28, 2018 WHERE: The Canadian Brewhouse at 1305-4755 McClelland Rd, Richmond, BC Buy-In: Special price of $49.94; guarantees 7 games. Registration: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/king-of-94-iii-nhl-94-tournament-registration-47538592209 Rules: http://www.kingof94.ca/rules.html Format: 6 game round robin, 3 or more round robin wins puts you into the king of 94 best of 3 elimination bracket, until final 8 where it converts to double elimination, winners side is still best of 3, and losers side is single elimination. For those that have 2 wins or less after the round robin, will be in a single elimination consolation bracket. Prizes: TBD. Typically 1st, 2nd and 3rd place cash prizes on each console (Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo) Live Stream: ‪https://www.twitch.tv/kingofnhl94 Website: http://www.kingof94.ca/king-of-94-iii.html Tournament Stream Announcer: Arda Ocal of MSG Networks Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdhK3J2-cJ4 If you were thinking about attending but haven't, @kevincabarello would be a good person to ask. He came to Vegas and competed last year. **and seriously, im not sure if there's any out there who plays so well and enjoys so many retro sports games like Kevin. Thanks!
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    I just got back to my house, from the tournament. Which means!?!?! I still got rib juice on my pants....
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    This is what I found in my phone from this weekend: Greg H pigging out during RBI/Nintendo Night. RBI champ Matty V. My beauts. Me and a cool-ass Brian Saylor. Mort, the legend Fulcher and myself. GOAT Gats. After hours at my house with RetroNathan. 2-on-2 Tecmo action at my house after party. Midwest Tecmo 11 Final Four. JimSocks and Jason S in losers bracket title game. Socks wins it. Kaylin, Caitlin, the two Ricks Tavern waitresses and my mom who helped with the raffle. Lefty and his girlfriend Destinee who helped with the raffle as well.
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    I'm really thinking about just going all Caveman and not shaving till Bm3
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    Extremely fun tournament. Vogts are always entertaining and enthusiastic about the game. Dr. Mario sidegames were great which could lead to a tournament one day. Chris Vogts Mort impression was great. David Fulcher is the nicest guy. My favorite line was from Matt Vogt "You guys wanna have a Mario Paint tournament?"
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    I was able to catch the majority of the stream throughout the day. I thought Ruble's stream was excellent. Props to @allamerican1569 aka Retro Sports Gamer Tom for hooking everyone up with the mobile bandwidth. The competition on stream was entertaining. I wanted to say I saw at least 3 overtime games. Nice selection of who to put on stream and when by @vogtcd11.
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    Podcast: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/Lance-McAlister-20799901/episode/midwest-tecmo-11-29628523/
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    @segathonsov kinda party...
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    Going on ESPN1530 with Lance McAlister at 3:45 p.m. EST today to represent the Tecmo community. Give her a live listen here: http://www.espn1530.com/listen
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    5 PHREAKING DAYS!!! Things are rapidly approaching and we are frantically trying to make some last minute needed adjustments. Today's testing could confirm that we are finally (technologically) all systems go, and just have to do the final preps of the game site to get set for July 28th in 5 PHREAKING DAYS!!!! Today's Countdown is a TBK classic... In response to @manYo720 asking @~Tailback King~ what movie this following pic was from... As for the #5s in Tecmo Super Bowl... there's 4 of them and they're all K/P's, and mostly big name ones at that, but none of which are or have been drafted in CFT as of yet... 5 DAYS!
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    I can definitely see Midwest Tecmo turning into something like this in the future. 😍
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    This thing totally appeals to my nerd team building thing and my desire to just have a ton of Tecmo fun with some cool guys.
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    OMG. This is amazing. This is where it’s at. I want to be a part of this thing! Good luck and have fun guys!
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    bring $5 and a neck roll, homie
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    I really don’t know if I’m more excited for RBI or Tecmo. But here’s the scoop. Should be fun, Friday. Will be streamed Friday night as well: RBI Baseball Tourney Rules/Format Round Robin Single elimination bracket placement by win-loss then run differential Championship game is Best of 3 Coin toss winner chooses matchup and home/away Coin toss loser chooses team first Anything goes pitchwise One starting pitcher used per team, per game Can only use relief pitchers mid game, unless game goes into extra innings second starter may be used Infield fly unless there is an error Title game: Coin toss winner chooses matchup and home/away for Game 1, opponent chooses team first... Opponents switch teams and home/away for Game 2... Run differential from Games 1 and 2 determine choice of team or home/away first for Game 3. Note: When fielding ball close to the wall, run away from the wall prior to throwing it to avoid ball in stands glitch. In that case, all baserunners will have to score in order to continue the game. Sorry 😕 Tiers Tier 1 - BOS, DET Tier 2 - CAL, SF, MIN, NY Tier 3 - STL, HOU