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    Great Tournament by Troy, I had a great run and more importantly, had fun with a lot of good dudes. BEAST matchups with legendary Tecmo ballers all day long like TundraYeti, Nelson79, DPS, Tom, GreenMajik and JoeyGats. I like the format of picking teams in tiers. My take on the hardcore format is that it just rules some of the playbook out, or you have to be smart picking your formations. I can't say enough about Trojan getting his WORK in setting up, officiating, administrating and streaming...TROJAN IS A GRINDER. Trojan even steps to the mic and kills the national anthem to get it started. It gives Jim Cornelison a run for his money. Other highlights include: LOW ENTRY FEE, free pizza, Tom's commentary, pass 3, awesome bartenders, hardly any downtime, and good brews, people and Tecmo. I really still can't believe I won. As a wiser fella than myself once told me, sometimes you eat the bar, and well, sometimes the bar, it eats you. With all of my lovesauce, TimPapi
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    Super (obviously) important oversharing of my thought processes for the name of this shindig. I perused the top movies of 1991 and used them in this stream of consciousness. My Own Private Bo... Or Joe... Backdraft Draftback Beauty and the East What about Bob Nelson? Point Broke Boyz All in Good JFK - Jerry, Fulcher and Krieg Robbin Good (Players) : Price of Thieves My Girl - (byline of Silence of the Rams) #Chrissy Fried Green Marinos Slacker (The Draft) The Last Cowboy Scout The Add Man's Family Don't Tell TBK The Cardinals are Dead CCing with the Enemy Bills and Jets Bogus Journey New Bo Jackson City An American Tail: Thurmal Goes West LA Story Dead Again The Prince of Sides (Swappin) and finally Necessary Roughness Oh yeah, we're doing a Tecmo thing this weekend on Saturday at the Eagle's Nest in Sammamish (we gonna change that moniker to the Hawk's Nest?) Here are the particulars: CONCEPT: 7 players will be participating in a one-day tecmo tournament in a format never before seen. There will be two rounds of drafting, a TEAM draft and PLAYER STEALING draft. 1. TEAM DRAFT: Each of the 7 players will choose 4 teams each from the original TSB, totalling 28 teams. This will be a SNAKE draft (person picking last in round 1 picks first in round 2, etc). There’s not much for rules here, pick a team that hasn't been taken yet, and make it snappy. 2. PLAYER DRAFT: Once the teams are chosen, there will be a 2 round NON-SNAKE draft, beginning with the last team selected and ending with the first team selected. This draft has lots of rules, so read a few times to make sure you got it. RULE 1: You cannot steal from one of your own teams. Example: You drafted the teams SF, SD, NO, IND. Any time you’re up to steal a player, you CANNOT steal players from those teams. RULE 2: A team can only be stolen from a maximum of 3 times. Once this limit is hit, the team is immune from being stolen for the rest of the draft. Example: The Oilers lose Warren Moon, Drew Hill, and Richard Johnson. They are now immune from being stolen from again, so if you want Lorenzo White, get him EARLY. RULE 3: Once a team loses a player, the position of that player is immune from future steals Example: If Joe Montana is stolen, Steve Young is safe. If Bo Jackson is stolen, Marcus Allen is safe. If Derrick Thomas is stolen, Percy Snow is safe. Etc for all positions RULE 4: The player you steal must be the same position and alignment as the player you’re giving. Example: Jerry Rice is WR2. If you want to steal him, you gotta trade your WR2. Example: Gil Byrd is DB2. If you want him, you gotta trade your DB2 RULE 5: There will be NO RE-ALIGNMENTS Example: If you steal Gil Byrd, get ready to play DB2 RULE 6: Once a player is stolen, they cannot be RE-STOLEN again. Example: IND takes QB Eagles. QB Eagles is the IND QB for the rest of the draft. RULE 7: A given player can be stolen by another team, but a given player may NOT be given away again in another trade. This is the most complex rule, so a couple examples will help explain the logic. Example A: Indianapolis, with the first pick, steals QB Eagles (and in exchange, give the Eagles their original QB1, Jeff George). Now that IND has QB Eagles and PHI has Jeff George... QB Eagles is immune from being stolen from the Colts (per Rule 6), Jim McMahon is immune from being stolen from the Eagles (per Rule 3), The owner of PHI may NOT trade away Jeff George for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal Jeff George (per Rule 7) Example B: Cleveland, knowing someone will eventually steal QB Browns, preemptively solves their QB problem by stealing Warren Moon from HOU (and in exchange, gives QB Browns to HOU) Now that CLE has Warren Moon and HOU has QB Browns… Warren Moon is immune from being stolen from the Browns (per Rule 6) Cody Carlson is immune from being stolen from the Oilers (per Rule 3) The owner of HOU may not trade away QB Browns for another QB1, but some other team COULD steal QB Browns (per Rule 7) So Far we are done through Round 4. I'll post the results below but will keep the End Results on this top post of this thread. Round Zero: Picking draft slot Joey B - 1. Shamanyo - 2 Boogie with Stu - 3 Tick - 4 Gripsmoke - 5 DT - 7 Kamp - left with 6 Teams selected. Joey B: Shamanyo: STU Boogie: Tick: Gripsmoke: Kamp: DT: Player Draft: 1.1 Browns snatch QB Eagles, giving up QB Browns to Philly 1.2 Bucs snatch Jerry Rice, giving up Bruce Hill to the 49ers. 1.3 Eagles snatch Bo Jackson, giving up Keith Byars 1.4 Falcons snatch Joe Montana, giving Chris Miller
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    (NES) Tecmo Grey Cup 2019

    There will be another update sometime this month.
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    Congrats again on a great run. Resilience would be the attribute I'd apply to your performance. You were also funny on the microphone, and it's always great having you compete in these events. Hopefully this confidence puts you back where you need to be as you compete in other tournaments moving forward into 2020. I appreciate the great feedback, and am pleased you had a good time.
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    I'll have to update the labels in the next release. I'm also working on 'Auto Update Team Sim Data', but I haven't yet come up with formulas that produce results that I'm happy with.
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    I feel like more people need to hear this. The stigma around hardcore is absolutely ridiculous, and I used to buy into it. If you're good at non lurching rules, you'll still be good in hardcore, but it does require some consideration and some risk/reward that wouldn't otherwise be a factor in other tournaments. Obviously if you're playing against teams like the Lions or Packers, and you have a slow QB, the risk is greater, and thus your playbook needs to take all of that into consideration. We had at least 6 people who made it to their first ever GBLAN event, and they all had fun, and didn't complain about the rules one bit. In fact, I think not having any gameplay restrictions went a long way into easing their transition into Tecmo. In the last few games of group play, they were all playing their peers in ability, which is the beauty of Swiss rules. I'm excited as we carve our own path in Tecmo, seeing where it leads. I'm also looking forward to expanding the original Tecmo Bowl tournament moving forward. Those of you who didn't participate in that event really missed out.
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    The 2020 version of PSF has been out a month now, and is well received on both Steam and iOS! This year's version has a full league editor - you can edit leagues, teams, and players. You can now have multiple careers running at the same time, and can edit your careers (and career options/rules). And now you can even edit the league and game rules! If you're like me and enjoy college ball, create a league and match up two top teams and set the rules to college play! I played one game that went five overtimes! The Steam game is here, and the forums start here. By the way, one exciting new development I'm watching for is Steam's "Remote Play Together" - looks fantastic for playing remote multiplayer with PSF! The iOS game is here! Let me know if you have any questions, I'll be happy to help. Thanks!
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Launch Edition 11.0) *Schedule -Week 12 Schedule Change : Seahawks @ Eagles Moved to Early Game Packers @ 49ers Moved to Late Game *Rosters 11/14/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Bills - DL, jordan PHILLIPS Jets - T, chuma EDOGA Bengals - LB, germaine PRATT Ravens - DL, jihad WARD, *CB, jimmy SMITH Titans - LB, kamalei CORREA Cowboys - LB, sean LEE Lions - TE, logan THOMAS Buccaneers - *CB, m.j. STEWART 49ers - WR, dante PETTIS Seahawks - WR, malik TURNER, DL, q. JEFFERSON Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Week 11 Version 1) *Schedule -Week 12 Schedule Change : Seahawks @ Eagles Moved to Early Game Packers @ 49ers Moved to Late Game *Rosters 11/14/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Bills - T, cody FORD, DL, jordan PHILLIPS Dolphins - C, daniel KILGORE, CB, ken CRAWLEY Jets - TE, daniel BROWN, T, kelvin BEACHUM, G, tom COMPTON, *CB, arthur MAULET Bengals - TE, cethan CARTER, LB, germaine PRATT, *S, brandon WILSON Browns - TE, stephen CARLSON, *DL, chad THOMAS Ravens - DL, jihad WARD, *CB, jimmy SMITH Steelers - RB, james CONNER, T, c. OKORAFOR Titans - WR, corey DAVIS, TE, delanie WALKER, LB, kamalei CORREA Chiefs - DL, tanoh KPASSAGNON, *DL, frank CLARK Cowboys - LB, l. VANDER.ESCH Lions - TE, logan THOMAS, G, graham GLASGOW, DL damon HARRISON Vikings - TE, tyler CONKLIN, *CB, m. ALEXANDER Buccaneers - TE, o.j. HOWARD, *CB, ryan SMITH Saints - G, will CLAPP, *CB, p.j. WILLIAMS Falcons - RB, keith SMITH, TE, jaeden GRAHAM Panthers - WR, donte MONCRIEF 49ers - RB, raheem MOSTERT, TE, garrett CELEK, CB, e. MOSELEY Rams - RB, malcolm BROWN, G, austin CORBETT Seahawks - WR, malik TURNER, TE, ed DICKSON, DL, q. JEFFERSON, S, quandre DIGGS *ENJOY!
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    He's a decent QB, though. What would be a better option for Detroit?
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Launch Edition 10.1) *Rosters 11/10/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Bengals - G, john MILLER Browns - WR, khadarel HODGE Buccaneers - *DL, j PIERRE.PAUL Saints - WR, krishawn HOGAN Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Week 10 Version 2) Rosters 11/10/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Jets - TE, chris HERNDON, *CB, maurice CANADY Bengals - G, john MILLER Browns - RB, kareem HUNT, TE, pharaoh BROWN, *DL, chris SMITH Steelers - RB, t BROOKS.JAMES Colts - QB, chad KELLY, WR, ashton DULIN, WR, marcus JOHNSON Titans - RB, rod SMITH, C, ben JONES, LB, wesley WOODYARD Chiefs - WR, byron PRINGLE Raiders - C, rodney HUDSON, S, d.j. SWEARINGER (#) Chargers - TE, lance KENDRICKS, T, trent SCOTT, DL, brandon MEBANE, LB, drue TRANQUILL Giants - TE, kaden SMITH, C, spencer PULLEY, T, nick GATES Bears - TE, ben BRAUNECKER Lions - QB, david BLOUGH, DL, mike DANIELS Vikings - WR, davion DAVIS, DL, jaleel JOHNSON, *CB, mike HUGHES Buccaneers - *DL, j PIERRE.PAUL Saints - WR, krishawn HOGAN Falcons - G, james CARPENTER, CB, k. SHEFFIELD Cardinals - CB, k. PETERSON *Updated depth charts, injuries, and returns for Week 10 based off NFL snap counts. *New starters added to the Launch Edition *ENJOY!
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    BO FB Offtackle Left

    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    I liked that radio call because he talked about the cat before the play, and went seamlessly between calling the play and calling the cat. On TV they didn't show the cat until after the play was over. I didn't realize the cat was making moves the same time as Engram. "A black cat is running from the 20, to the near side the 10, from the 39 of Dallas here's a short throw down the middle caught by Engram, caught at the 35 went to the 30, now the cat is running the other way, and so is Engram, at the 30 to the 25, near the 24-yard-line of the Dallas Cowboys. It's a catch and run of 15. Now, the cat has stopped, at the 50." Hysterical.
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    Blood Sugar Sex MaJJik Region 1 Seed: DT – Cincinnati Bengals The Bengals were selected right after I/kamp picked the Cowboys. I almost picked the Bengals to see if DT would pick perhaps the Seahawks and some non Cowboys team due to the hate, but in the end, the prospect of raining JJ’s to my favorite PL88MAKER was too much to pass up. DT got Cincy immediately and my how things fell his way in the Queen City. Fulcher obviously was a goner, snatched by gripsmoke’s Colts, but DT had a plan for that, in picking up Rod Woodson from Stu’s Steelers. Stu responded in kind by taking Boomer Esiason, giving DT that fresh Douchebag Harbaugh Style. The Kaiser will be able to hold it down in this OK BOOMER situation, and DT fortified the Offense with a BAD MOON. Andre Rison was swiped from Tick’s Falcons for Downtown Eddie Brown. And then there was the wait. Will James Brooks get picked or won’t he? Well, in short, he wasn’t. And Cincy and DT got themselves a helluva squad. And then they messed around and got the last bye… Net Adds: Rod Woodson, Andre Rison, Jim Harbaugh, Keith Taylor Net Losses: David Fulcher, Boomer Esiason, Carl Carter, Eddie Brown 2 Seed: Shamanyo1080 – Minnesota Vikings The Vikings were a bit of an enigma to me. They lost their biggest offensive threat in AC, so Steve Jordan is Whiskey Wade’s best field stretcher, and Herschel remains the running threat. That’s a lot of 44s to rely on, but perhaps the Tecmo Gods favor has been curried in ways that only the Shamanyo can curry them, leading to a run of Good and Excellence. On Defense WHEW. Yes Browner got gotten. However Richard Dick Dick Johnson was installed as DB1, and Millard was untouched, and given a ride or die homey in Mike Singletary. I think Manyo LIKES THAT KINDA PARTY! Unfortunately, a little smidge of buzzkill was delivered on the last Player Snatched, as Chris Doleman was taken by Joey B’s 49ers. Net Adds: Richard Johnson DB, Mike Singletary, Kevin Fagan, Kevin Porter, Perry Kemp Net Losses: Joey Browner, Anthony Carter, Chris Doleman, Reggie Rutland, Scott Studwell 3 Seed: kamp – Detroit Lions The Lions are the only “1st round” team to be selected for the Blood Sugar Sex MaJJik region. Presumably Barry Sanders would be stolen, and this was true. J J J Joey and the Jets took Barry, but gave back Blair Thomas leaving some potential usage of Mel Gray as WR as a decent option with a 44ms RB carrying the load. Thinking I might lose William White as well, I selected Deion Sanders from Tick’s Falcons in exchange for Bad Bad Leroy Irvin. Then Manyo snatched up Andre Ware for his Bills, gifting Frank Reich in return. Not a terrible replacement, with equal PC to Peete. Then the Lions final move was to get Howie Long to partner up alongside Jerry Ball and create Havoc. Gripsmoke did not take to this move after a MaJJSnatchki (grip will get this, at least he should). Luckily, William White remained to help Deion hold the fort with Mike Cofer and crew. Net Adds: Deion Sanders, Howie Long, Blair Thomas, Frank Reich Net Losses: Barry Sanders, Andre Ware, Keith Ferguson, Leroy Irvin 4 Seed: Stu – Philadelphia Eagles Man did the Eagles FAAAALLLL in the team draft. The 26th team selected. We all knew QB Eagles was a goner, but man, things really turned out better than could be expected for Stu in the City of Brotherly Love. Joey and his Browns snatched QB Eagles up right off the bat, giving QB Browns in return. Then Gripsmoke and his Rams gave Jim Everett for QB Browns from Stu’s Eagles, which counted as Philly’s 2nd player being purloined, with the rules allowing only 3 before a team can be untouchable. Then Kamp and his Cowboys took Jim Everett, leaving Stu kinda stuck with the LVP Aikman hisself, but also with no more moves being allowed from the Eagles roster. That defense remained intact! Stu snatched up Bo Jackson with the 3rd overall Filch, losing Keith Byars in the exchange, and then Stu really shook things up by “gifting” the PHI OL to DT’s Miami team in exchange for that Miami OL! WOW. Net Adds: Bo Jackson, Troy Aikman, Miami OL Net Losses: QB Eagles, Keith Byars, PHI OL 5 Seed: Tick – Denver Broncos Tick picked the Broncos as his 3rd team. Then he transformed them into a passing team. Bobby Humphrey was stolen by DT and his Dolphins after Tick stole Marino from DT’s Dolphins giving Elway in exchange. Then Tick did a Ricky for Ricky exchange with another DT team, giving Ricky Nattiel for Ricky Sanders. The Broncos still have their 2 other WRS and the 2 LBs, but instead of a run heavy offense, Sammie Smith will be looking to keep the defenses honest and the pressure off Marino. Net Adds: Dan Marino, Ricky Sanders, Sammie Smith Net Losses: Bobby Humphrey, John Elway, Ricky Nattiel 6 Seed: Joey B – Phoenix Cardinals Joey meet Johnny. Johnny meet Joey. Now that that is settled, Johnny, don’t get yourself too concerned because Joey added QB Bills and Willie Gault to the mix. Joey started by sending Rosey to Manyo’s Bills for QB Bills, and then traded Ernie Muthaphukka Jones for Willie Gault of Gripsmoke’s Raiders. Things were still looking like that would be it until Tick snatched up Lonnie Young for his Chiefs in a secondary power move. Net Adds: QB Bills, Willie Gault, Deron Cherry Net Losses: Lonnie Young, Ernie Jones, Tim Rosenbach 7 Seed: gripsmoke – Indianapolis Colts Grip took the Colts much earlier than most had the Colts pegged for. Most except me. How appropriate is it that he takes the Colts right after I take the Patriots? Doesn’t get any more appropriate if you ask me. I would love it if our teams were able to meet in the Elite 8, perhaps if they don’t we could run this on the side for Gits and Shiggles. Grip started things off with a bang, picking up Fulcher and dashing my Fulcher in a Dallas Uniform dreams. Then Grip dashed DT’s hopes of keeping ol’ Mudbone, snaking Dave Krieg from DT’s Seahawks for one Jeff George. The Colts were one of 3 Grey Worm teams in this draft along with the Patriots and the Browns. Fulcher on D with Krieg tossing up moonballs to the likes of Hester and Brooks? Watch out CFT Region ANALysis and PreDICtions I feel fairly confident in saying the the top 2 teams in this region are the Bengals and Eagles. Both teams surprisingly survived the Player Snatch Phase with less damage than anticipated and added some absolute NitroGlycerin to their teams respective offenses. Stu’s Eagles adding Bo and the MIA OL while only losing QB Eagles, and getting a serviceable Troy Aikman at that. And then DT’s Bengals getting to keep Brooks and adding Bad Moon and Rod Woodson. The next tier of teams I’d say would include Lions and Vikings. And then I just don’t have much faith that the Colts, Broncos and Cardinals are going to get the consistent results they’ll need from the passing game to survive and advance. Elite 8: Eagles and Bengals Bubblicious: Vikings and Lions Back and B Doomed: Colts, Broncos and Cardinals
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    Lo White End Theory Region 1 Seed: Joey B – San Francisco 49ers The Niners went first overall in the draft, and they were the 1st number 1 seed to be selected last night in the Region Selection process, securing a bye in the Lo White End Theory bracket. Both started with a bang and it just felt right that both Joey B and the Roll Gods selected the 49ers first in both of these instances. Choosing the 49ers, you have to know that you’ll be losing Joe Montana AND Jerry Rice, plus probably someone else. This came true, but you are also able to ADD 2 players to the mix as well. Joey selected Ernest Givins to bolster the WR corps in lieu of losing Rice. With the final pick of the Player Snatch Phase, the Niners took Chris Doleman from Manyo’s Vikings to give the 49ers an all 69 HP DL. Instead of Dave Waymer being pilfered, Ronnie Lott was chosen by Stu’s Chargers. Net Adds: Ernest Givins, Chris Doleman, Chris Miller, Vencie Glenn, Bruce Hill Net Losses: Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott, Mike Wilson, Kevin Fagan 2 Seed: DT – Washington Redskins DT’s Strategery in many of his picks included securing teams with STOUT OL’s. As the Player Snatch Phase of the draft proceeded, his hopes of teams overlooking the Redskins for their shopping needs faded as first Darrell Green (not Mayhew), then Ricky Sanders, and finally the straw that broke the camel’s back, the WAS OL were all pilfered. With his Dolphins being saddled with the Eagles OL, and then both Green and his Hogs being pilfered by Joey B’s Browns and Jets respectively, sparking DT to be noticeably shook. DT’s next step was all about the VENGEANCE, going right for Dennis Byrd from Joey B’s Jets. DT’s first pilferage was BRUUUUUCE from Manyo’s Bills. Bad things, man. Bad Things… Net Adds: Bruce Smith, Dennis Byrd, Raymond Clayborn, Ricky Nattiel, JETS OL Net Losses: Darrell Green, The HOGS, RiGGy Sanders, Marcus Koch, Greg Manusky 3 Seed: Shamanyo1080 – New York Giants Manyo took the Giants 2nd overall in the Team draft. GiGGantes yall. It makes sense that it seems Manyo is VERY PUMPED for this GiGGantes squad. 2 RBs, 2 WRs and a LB corps from hell all mean that there will still be a solid RB, WR and LB corps after the Player Snatch Phase of the draft. Getting in front of the whole “potentially stuck with SHITE QBs”, Manyo went and got HIS QB, John Elway. You might be hardpressed to find someone who has more of a Tecmo hard on for playing with John Elway than Gripsmoke, and Manyo is THAT DUDE! Manyo also traded OJ Anderson for Emmitt after Meggett was snatched. LT and Everson Walls were casualties of war. Watch out for this team! Net Adds: John Elway, Emmitt Smith, Ken Norton Jr, Derrick Fenner, JB Brown Net Losses: LT, Phil Simms, Dave Meggett, OJ Anderson, Everson Walls 4 Seed: Tick – Atlanta Falcons Tick got to continue living his best Tugg Life with the Falcons falling to him late in the draft. Immediately, he picked Joe Montana off the Niners to replace Chris Miller. Deion Sanders got pilfered by Kamp’s Lions, and then Andre Rison got snatched by DT’s Bengals. Tick DID pilfer Erik McMillan from Joey B’s Jets to replace Prime Time. Losing Rison was rough, but Shawn Collins is still there as well as Mike Rozier to help the cause. Net Adds: Joe Montana, Erik McMillan, Leroy Irvin, Eddie Brown Net Losses: Andre Rison, Deion Sanders, Chris Miller, Scott Case 5 Seed: kamp – New England Patriots The Patriots are one of only 3 Grey Worm teams in this Shuffle Draft #unsullied. New England was able to add Warren Moon and Christian Okoye in the Player Snatch Phase of the draft, “gifting” Grogan (what a great band name that would be) and Marvin Allen to Tick’s Oilers and Chiefs in the process. The Patriots luckily were able to avoid losing Lippett and will rely on Hurst, Agnew and Tippett to Ronnie hold down the D. Net Adds: Warren Moon, Christian Okoye Net Losses: Steve Grogan, Marvin Allen 6 Seed: gripsmoke – Green Bay Packers Grip took the Packers and proceeded to add Mark Carrier to the mix in the Player Snatch Phase from Stu’s Bears. Bye Bye Chuck Cecil. We will see how effective Carrier is playing for the enemy. Then grip turned up the AC, taking Anthony Carter from Manyo’s Vikings. As the march to the end of the draft proceeded, the AC pick was prescient, as Sterling Sharpe was acquired by Stu’s Steel Curtain in exchange for Louis Lipps, the Ship Sinker. And then the MaJJik was taken from Green Bay by kamp and his Saints, leaving Green Bay with a pair of 44 38 QBs to lead the way in former #1 pick Steve Walsh (#supplemental) and Anthony Dilweg. At least nobody was foolish enough to steal Bob Lurch Nelson away, or there LEGIT would have been HAIL SATAN to pay! Net Adds: Mark Carrier, Anthony Carter, Louis Lipps, Steve Walsh Net Losses: Don MaJJkowski, Sterling Sharpe, Chuck Cecil, Perry Kemp 7 Seed: Stu – Pittsburgh Steelers Stu took the Steelers with his 2nd team pick after acquiring the Bears. Notice a trend there? Yes, Stu likes Defense (and so do I). Predictably, the Steelers lost Rod God Woodson (to the Bengals helmed by DT). However, that was it, as Greg Lloyd (despite some mid draft shenanigans on the google doc) remained a vital part of the Steel Curtain. Stu was able to add Thurman Thomas and Sterling Sharpe from Manyo’s Bills and Grip’s Packers, losing Merrill Hoge and Louis Lipps in the process. Is it Loose Lipps sinks ships? Or Losing Lipps Sinks Ships? Time shall tell… Net Adds: Thurman Thomas, Sterling Sharpe, Carl Carter Net Losses: Rod Woodson, Merrill Hoge, Louis Lipps Region ANALysis and PreDICtions The Lo White End Theory region unfortunately does not have Lo White, who along with QB Browns is in the Fear of a QB Browns Planet Region. But it does have some heavy hitters. Joey B’s 49ers, even with Young in for the Lost Joe, are a problem AND they have that 1 seed and it’s bye. Manyo’s Giants are up in this too. That’s the top 2 teams drafted overall y’all! Kamp’s Patriots have some oomph on offense with Moon and Okoye, while still maintaining their reasonable defense. DT’s Redskins are still pretty deep, even with the JETS OL in place of the HOGS, and Grip’s Packers have the weapons on both sides of the ball, despite the drop in level of QB. Tick’s Falcons might not have that Bad Moon speed, but they do have Cool Joe and 50 ms RB and WR to go with Erik McMillan holding down the DB3 spot. Then there’s Stu’s Steelers, with the same Steeler QB Room, yet a Thurmal back support and a Sterling air target in Sharpe. I still see the top 2 teams drafted as the ones to beat here. Elite 8: GiGGantes and 49ers Bubblicious: Redskins, Falcons, Patriots To QB or Not QB: Steelers, Packers
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    whew that was wild. Here's a graphic that shows how the Team and Player draft resulted.
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    All of them. I can't wait till you're put in a super group as the 4th seed in said group.
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    Im picking up gats room and my room when I arrive 330 friday so ill try to get them conjoined.
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    Trying to come Friday. We should try to get rooms together so we can play in multiple rooms.
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    After being banned here are my predictions 1st Henry Brown 2nd Gats 3rd Rico 4th Mort 5-6 DPS and Peters 7-8 Some Jerkoffs from Iowa
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    how'd the bills go so late? Sounds like my kind of tourney.
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    @BO FB Offtackle Left Big Head Todd, a.k.a. 'Goat's Buster' I'm not at all surprised New England lost. I was hoping for a crushing defeat: but, a 17-pt loss is pretty much that; so - as a casual fan of New England taking crushing defeats - I'll take it
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    2018 Calcutta @justinpeters51 auction HLDQ3031[1].MP4
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    Congrats to the Nats!
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    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    It really needs to be the Hoodeymen....
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    This just might be the year...
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    This is just under 9 months away. Plenty of time for planning. It would be awesome if some new regions could experience the experience. PNW? Ohio? Michigan? You guys need to work on getting a group together to come to this.
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Launch Edition 8.0) *Gameplay - Player SIM rating adjustments *Rosters 10/24/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Dolphins - LB, charles HARRIS Patriots - WR, mohamed SANU, WR, jakobi MEYERS Jets - WR, vyncint SMITH Texans - CB, gareon CONLEY Jaguars - LB, quincy WILLIAMS Broncos - WR, fred BROWN Raiders - CB, trayvon MULLEN, *S, erik HARRIS Giants - WR, bennie FOWLER Lions - S, will HARRIS Falcons - WR, russell GAGE 49ers - WR, emmanuel SANDERS Seahawks - S, quandre DIGGS Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Week 8 Version 1) *Gameplay - Player SIM rating adjustments Rosters 10/24/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Bills - *CB, taron JOHNSON Dolphins - WR, jakeem GRANT, LB, charles HARRIS Patriots - WR, mohamed SANU, TE, ryan IZZO Jets - WR, vyncint SMITH, LB, c.j. MOSLEY Bengals - WR, stanley MORGAN, G, alex REDMOND, DL, andrew BROWN, CB, darqueze DENNARD Ravens - LB, l.j. FORT Colts - CB, pierre DESIR, S, malik HOOKER Texans - *RB, cullen GILLASPIA, CB, gareon CONLEY Jaguars - RB, tyler ERVIN, T, cedric OGBUEHI, LB, quincy WILLIAMS Titans - *DL, cameron WAKE Broncos - WR, fred BROWN Raiders - G, gabe JACKSON, T, david SHARPE, CB, trayvon MULLEN, *S, erik HARRIS Chargers - WR, andre PATTON, C, s. QUESSENBERRY, DL, damion SQUARE Giants - WR, bennie FOWLER Eagles - DL, anthony RUSH, CB, rasul DOUGLAS Bears - G, rashaad COWARD Lions - RB, ty JOHNSON, S, will HARRIS Vikings - WR, davion DAVIS, *TE, tyler CONKLIN, T, riley REIFF Saints - QB, drew BREES, RB, d. WASHINGTON Falcons - RB, brian HILL, TE, jaeden GRAHAM 49ers - WR, emmanuel SANDERS Seahawks - RB, rashaad PENNY, DL, branden JACKSON, *S, quandre DIGGS *Latest trades, depth charts, injuries, and returns for Week 8. *Player SIM stat adjustments. *Player rating adjustments (Some players have been 'buffed', some 'nerfed') ENJOY !
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    First hardcore it was...I wouldn't call it major difficulty. I'm typically a .500 player in all of these tourneys so it turned out as expected. Although I came close against Joey in our first game. My particular match ups didn't favor a lot of subbing of WR's or TE's into weird spots. I think Tom S dived at me once for a sack and maybe Gats did once as well but that was it. I feel capable of playing either Hardcore or Madison style.
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    Had a great time both Friday and Saturday. Top notch streaming set up, really liked the venue as well. 10/10 would bang again. Now let's get more of you guys out for OG Tecmo next year.
  32. 1 point
    Great tournament run by Troy. The value was unbelievable really. For $20 - $30 entry you got entered into a free raffle with some great prizes (I won the signed Andre Reed jersey and $35 gift certificate to the bar), got a free drink, and there was free pizza coming out for hours during the tournament. Top 2 players took home some good cash prizes as well. The guys that came were all laid back and fun to hang out with. Troy set up and tore down the whole tournament himself, set up the stream, and sat out playing to commentate all day and enter all the scores on challonge. We were done with the whole tournament in less than 7 hours and everyone got at least 7 games in. Truly an impressive effort. Also, the bartenders and patrons of the bar were extremely friendly which made for an excellent time in-between games. If you haven't been to a GBLAN Tournament yet, then I don't know what you are waiting for. Troy's a one man show. Oh yeah he sang the national anthem too.
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    Mike Gordan

    NFL 2019-20 Season Discussion

    Bold words given how stacked the NFC West is, and the Cardinals started the season off 0-3-1. Since the Broncos and Chargers are both hot garbage this season, hope you're right.
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    This make cutting more realistic as players will lose speed cutting in any direction. This hack would require some tweaking to the player ratings in general. It more of a place holder for a better version. SET(0x2B9AA,0x4CABB9)
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    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Launch Edition 7.0) *Rosters 10/17/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Dolphins - *CB, ken WEBSTER Patriots - WR, nkeal HARRY, TE, ben WATSON Jets - DL, quinnen WILLIAMS, LB, neville HEWITT Bengals - TE, drew SAMPLE Browns - TE, r SEALS.JONES, *CB, t.j. CARRIE Ravens - RB, patrick RICARD, WR, chris MOORE, CB, marcus PETERS Jaguars - DL, abry JONES, LB, najee GOODE Broncos - *S, william PARKS Eagles - LB, nathan GERRY, CB, jalen MILLS Lions - QB, jeff DRISKEL, RB, nick BAWDEN Buccaneers - WR, scott MILLER, *CB, s MURPHY.BUNTING Panthers - TE, ian THOMAS Rams - CB, jalen RAMSEY Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (Week 7 Version 1) *Rosters 10/17/19 - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Dolphins - WR, albert WILSON, WR, allen HURNS, T, jesse DAVIS, S, bobby MCCAIN Patriots - TE, ben WATSON Jets - DL, quinnen WILLIAMS, DL, tarell BASHAM Bengals - RB, t. WILLIAMS, CB, tony MCRAE, CB, torry MCTYER Browns - TE, pharaoh BROWN, CB, greedy WILLIAMS, CB, denzel WARD Ravens - RB, patrick RICARD, WR, chris MOORE, LB, jaylon FERGUSON, CB, marcus PETERS, S, chuck CLARK Steelers - QB, mason RUDOLPH, DL, javon HARGRAVE Texans - RB, buddy HOWELL, T, roderick JOHNSON, CB, phillip GAINES, *CB, keion CROSSEN Jaguars - DL, abry JONES, LB, najee GOODE Titans - G, nate DAVIS, LB, wesley WOODYARD Broncos - *S, william PARKS Chiefs - G, martinas RANKIN, DL, khalen SAUNDERS, LB, ben NIEMANN, *CB, rashad FENTON Chargers - WR, jason MOORE, G, forrest LAMP, DL, justin JONES Redskins - TE, hale HENTGES, C, chase ROULLIER Giants - RB, saquon BARKLEY, TE, evan ENGRAM Eagles - T, andre DILLARD, LB, nathan GERRY, CB, ronald DARBY Cowboys - WR, cedrick WILSON, T, brandon KNIGHT, DL, antwaun WOODS, *CB, jourdan LEWIS Bears - WR, taylor GABRIEL, G, ted LARSEN Lions - QB, jeff DRISKEL, RB, nick BAWDEN, S, tavon WILSON Packers - WR, allen LAZARD, WR, ryan GRANT Vikings - T, rashod HILL, *CB, m. ALEXANDER Buccaneers - WR, breshad PERRIMAN, LB, devin WHITE, *CB, s MURPHY.BUNTING, S, andrew ADAMS Saints - *CB, patrick ROBINSON Panthers - WR, brandon ZYLSTRA, *CB, javien ELLIOTT 49ers - *TE, ross DWELLEY Rams - G, david EDWARDS, LB, kenny YOUNG, CB, jalen RAMSEY, S, marqui CHRISTIAN Seahawks - RB, nick BELLORE, TE, j. HOLLISTER, DL, jarran REED Cardinals - *WR, pharoh COOPER, WR, damiere BYRD, CB, patrick PETERSON • TRADES! • Jalen Ramsey to the Rams, Marcus Peters to the Ravens. • Defensive RUSH/COV SIM number check. (=255) • Week 7 Injuries and Returns. 10-17-19 ENJOY !
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    Gargantua update coming UPDATE : Just waiting on jersey number for Marcus Peters (Ravens) and good to go for update :
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    Fernando 49

    TSB3 SB54 Anyone interested?

    I'm wondering. Does anyone wants a version fro this 100 season 2019?
  38. 1 point
    That's actually hilarious Hank. Well played sir. Much props to Swagz on his skillset.
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    HSTL Waiting List

    Discord: Suicideking81 Nickname (if applicable): Email: [email protected] Availability: Weekdays after 8pm CST, Weekends are open, Scheduling preferred. Can you host?: Yes List 4 Team Preferences: None What's your location/timezone?: Central Why do you want to join HSTL?: Looking to get back in the online action.
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    This is absolutely incredible. Any suggestions on editing? This one crashes the TSBTool.
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    Version 1.2


    The classic NES sports title, updated for the 2019-2020 NFL season! Enjoy this version with updated rosters for all 32 NFL teams. Player ratings are kept to the original game’s scale and the game features updated team uniforms and logos as well (hat tip to @gojiphen malor for help with the Jets helmet this year!). The game includes various changes from the original: Features: Players Rated Using Tecmo Super Bowl's Original Player Rankings Playbooks Edited - Plays Moved To Different Slots, Edited Running Plays, Removed 'bad' plays Over 40 Hacks Added To Hardtype Versions (21 hacks in Vanilla version) Teams Line Up In Either 3-4, 4-3 Or Nickel Defenses Team Uniforms Edited So Home Team Plays In Primary Uniform (NFC West Glitch And Divisional Matchups Limits This Feature) Five Versions Available: #1 - Vanilla - Hacks Included: Disable Alt 3 Uniforms Schedule Background Color Change Team Data Screen Background Color Change TEAM ROSTER instead of 1991 ROSTER after Super Bowl Add 'Hut' Pre-Snap Cadence to 32-Team ROM More NFL-like QB Ratings Player 2 Condition Fix Prevent Schedule From Being Random QB Backpedal Animation Hack Change Touchback to 25-Yard Line 15 Yard XP Playoff Bracket Fixed Randomize Sound Loop Used For Each Play FG Avoid Kick Block Fix Increase CPU Kickoff Length Better COM Punt Timing Changing KR Speed PR Speed Change From SS To Actual PR Player TE sim fix Change offensive SIM to 'out of 32' sum QB/PR Ball Control #2 - Hardtype - Hacks Included: Ultra Logic Hack [IPS Patch] Punt Coverage Boost Cut In Half [IPS Patch] More Accurate Field Goals [IPS Patch] Decrease Fumbles By 30% [IPS Patch] Main Menu Background Color Change Timing Of Snap Exchange Between C & QB Add Stats After Quarters Ball Carrier Can Break Up Drone Tackles PA/PC Hack - PC Is INT And PA Is Target QB Throws Ball Instead Of Taking Sack And Runs Less COM Dive Tackling Like SNES TSB I Directional Punts XP Block Fix Onside Kick Hack Better Recovery Rate For P2 Changing The Differential For Popcorning/DL Busting Through Better INT Returns Diving Time Based On HP Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter Faster Handoffs, Pitches, Snaps & Player Control Find Open Receiver Push/Pull Hack #3 - Hardtype + No Flicker The 3rd version has all the hacks above installed and the No Sprite Flicker hack included. #4 - Hardtype + P2 As Road Team Hardtype version with the Road Team Plays As Player 2 hack added #5 - Hardtype + P2 As Road Team, No Flicker Hardtype version with both the Road Team Plays As Player 2 hack and No Sprite Flicker hack added. You will also find the .ips patches used in this edit along with the SET commands used. If you want to edit the roster use the Vanilla version then apply the SET commands and patches as you'd like.
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    Baron von Lector

    Tecmo Rose Bowl/NCAAF Games

    For this, I'm a firm believer of the mantra "You don't like my player/team selection? The tools are readily available... make your own damn game!"
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    Tecmo Bowl Friday October 18th. 1st Place : Brad Bell 2nd Place : Ben Schwartz 3rd Place : Nate Merz 4th Place : Tecmo DPS Full Nelson Tecmo : 1st Place @TimPapi 2nd Place @joeygats 3rd Place @Green Majik 4th Place Tecmo DPS
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    Nice sounds like it really going to expand in terms of geography
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    For as long as I can remember I have never thought that the official North American release day for Tecmo Super Bowl for the NES was known. Wikipedia, your encyclopedia in the cloud has always listed the North American release as "December, 1991" while listing a very specific "December 13th, 1991" for the Japanese release. Any other sort of internet deep dive would come up with the same result: no one listed the specific day on which this game was released. Try searching for "Tecmo Super Bowl release date" on Google or Bing now. The result is quite different because wikipedia is now different. I had noticed back in Oct of 2018 that the Tecmo Super Bowl Wikipedia page had been updated with the North American release day. Anyone can update a Wikipedia page and anyone can view what has been changed and who changed it. It's possible to create an account on Wikipedia and this will show you what pages or talk has come from this specific user. If you don't create an account, you can still update a page but the site will list your IP address instead. On Dec 10 of 2017 someone updated the release date of Tecmo Super Bowl from December of 1991 to Friday, December 13th, 1991 The updated user wasn't a registered account on Wikipedia so the IPv6 address "2600:1700:8880:6410:3935:833B:C73E:466F" was credited for the update. This is an address registered through AT&T and unless there is some other record associated with this address around this time there is no way to trace this short of having AT&T search through there records for it. When you drill down into the contributions of this user, you find a pattern: This person, or bot, systematically updated 23 different game release dates over the course of an hour on Dec 10, 2017. One could surmise from this list of completely random games that this was the work of someone with a general interest in NES games, not a Tecmo Super Bowl enthusiast. Why were these particular games selected and if someone did have a list of releases dates for video game in North America 25+ years ago where exactly did they get it? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Contributions/2600:1700:8880:6410:3935:833B:C73E:466F At the end of the day though the question remains: Was Tecmo Super Bowl released on Dec 13, 1991? The answer is doubtful and let me explain why. Tecmo was a Japanese company and like many while they maintained a office in the U.S. most were headquartered out of Japan. If you look through dates for video game releases you'll see a couple of things. Japanese video games are most often released on a Monday or a Friday US releases rarely, if ever, occur on the same calendar day as the Japanese release. It makes sense for a release to occur before a weekend, right? Friday before a weekend seems the most logical as a person might purchase the game with the intent of playing it for the weekend. You'll see that December 13, 1991 is a Friday. However, while it is Friday in Japan it's actually Thursday in the US. As you start to find some games with actual release dates in the US you'll see Thursday and my guess would be because this is Friday to the bosses back in Japan. If there was an official release date for Tecmo Super Bowl that paralleled the Japanese release, it would most likely be Thursday, Dec 12, 1991. It's most probable though that even though this would have been a very highly anticipated sequel worthy of an official release date that the company most likely shipped product to retailers to be sold upon arrival. While unsatisfying, "December, 1991" probably is most accurate. I would welcome any sort of help in answering this question and please comment on this article or send an email to [email protected]
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    Because the 1990 49ers were a great team. They had come off winning two consecutive Super Bowls and compiled a 14-2 regular season record well on their way to the first 3peat in NFL history. The loss to the Giants in the NFC championship game is considered an upset and it involved knocking Montana out late and Roger Craig fumbling with 2:38 left to give the Giants the chance to kick the game winning FG. They are the best team in the game but to say they're practically unbeatable is a bit of an overstatement.
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    But not just any ordinary way. I was traveling through Ohio towards the East Coast and eventually stopped in Martinsburg, West Virginia, and it was there that I found a small, cozy house where I could sense a Nintendo was present. I knocked on the door and was welcomed in by a 40 year old man who was hanging out with two other young men, playing 8-bit Nintendo. I asked them if I could stay for the evening since I was traveling around, and I told them that I was Big Red. They let me stay, and I told them that they were very good, and that now they will be rewarded by watching me exhibit full domination at Tecmo Super Bowl. I ordered the young woman there, the niece of the 40 year old man, to make a visit to the grocery store and purchase 3 cases of Old Milwaukee and a few Stouffer's frozen pizzas. Then, I sat down and told the three men to alternate playing against me in a season, as I would be the Seahawks. I made my restrictions clear: I was not to be allowed to tamper with my playbook, and I was only allowed to run ONE play on offense: The Dave Kreig Play. This play requires picking a pass play and then rolling out and watching one of your running backs in the flat be tangled with a defender. You take your QB and ram him into said defender and shake him off using the B button, freeing up your running back in the flat to complete a short pass to. The three guys rotated games and found that I was in full force and could not be stopped. Frustrated, they continued to doctor their playbooks and try different methods to stop James Earl Jones (my meal ticket who I put in place of Williams) from being freed up and making catches. I was 2-0 by the time that young woman returned from the store, and at that point I shotgunned a beer after every touchdown I scored in game #3. I strategically inserted Jeff Chadwick for Brian Blades, as Chadwick is a money player when it comes to throwing blocks for my man James Earl Jones. I got to 8-0, halfway point of the season, and in game #9 Krieg finally got injured on a sack. Right as he was carted off the field, the young woman in the kitchen said, "Stouffer's Pizzas are ready!" I replied, "So is Kelly Stouffer." She brought some Stouffer's Pizza in for me and I scarfed some down while inserting Kelly Stouffer in the game. He ran the Kreig play as smooth as owl shit, and before I knew it, I was 16-0 and those three dudes were amazed and ready to upset me in the playoffs. Using Kansas City, the one guy got shutout by me 37-0. After that game, I pounded two beers from a bong and said, "Give me a little break here before the Championship." I drank four beers during that break and was completely rip-roaring drunk. I took a blindfold out and put it around my eyes and put the controller on the floor and took my sandles off. In the AFC Championship, blindfolded and using my toes on the controller I routed the Raiders 45-3. Using ONLY the Dave Kreig Play on offense. I drank about 4 more beers since I had my hands free. They were about to give up at this point, and in the Super Bowl, I led 27-0 at the half and told them they must sacrifice the niece as a pleasure sacrifice. During the Mighty Bombjack Show, the young woman did a strip tease in front of me and poured more beer down my throat. During the second half, she sat in my lap facing me. I wrapped my arms around her back and played with the controller behind her back, my face buried between her beefy, tan young breasts, and her bouncing up and down on my lubed-up shaft. The other two drunk dudes were cheering me on while the 40 year old dude, the uncle of the hot young woman, tried to focus as I groaned and sloshed more beer down my throat and let that hot skank gyrate on my crotch much like Tim McKyer's daughter did to me once. This went on until the end of the 4th quarter, and when James Jones waltzed into the endzone to make the final score 47-7, I released my offering and nudged that skank off of me and began shaking up cans of Old Mil and spraying them everywhere in celebration. Those three dudes gave me great hospitality this weekend, and I enlightened them with my Tecmo domination. I thank them all.
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    I'm the most well rested and the least hungover for a day of tecmo in my life. I'm going to probably play like shit.
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