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    Arnco Tap Challenge

    seems like a good place to drop this here
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    I'm supplying the Fulchers for the All Day Fulcher segment
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    1999 Week 1 Prolegomenon

    You might be wondering what that word means. I only heard of it today. I'm pro Lego like most, but I'm even more PRO WTF. PRO PRO WTF if you will. Here is the Prolegomenon for Week 1. Face Meltin Matchup vs This is a Super Bowl rematch, a rematch of an extraordinary WTF Bowl. Tight, injurious, and down to the wire. THE KEY PLAY made by some nobody, just like a lot of our actual Super Bowls (Tyree? ) And we just happen to be in a year where a Super Bowl rematch is possible, so it gets the week 1 treatment. The defending champs made a pretty significant trade with the rival Browns to acquire some rarefied DB INT. Gone is the Marshall Plan and in comes Rashaan Salaam. AND Sammy Knight. Ravens also added Rodney Harrison to bolster the hands of the questionable secondary. Not a lot of speed but the picks will come. As for the Falcons, their secondary is kinda the opposite. More speed, less INT. Added a couple of LB pieces to an already stout crew. But pretty much the whole gang is back for one more 'gain. Prime is primed to fill that spot on the mantle reserved for a WTF trophy. I think he gets this Dub. Prediction 21-10 ATL Other games of Hawtness. vs Wilford Brimley is bringing his Packing company to Lambeau to roast them Cowgirls like they usually do. Such Dawg and Tuna have a special rivalry, and every once in a while a great game of tecmo emerges. I highly doubt it this time as this will probably be all Bits and no Glory for this not so humble 'Mish. Prediction: One of us will start the game with a full field JJ attempt. vs These teams are potent. Both playoff teams with some punch. Both teams are getting a little long in the tooth. Prediction: There will be lots of fumbles, a tight game where things get really tight late. Jags score a late FG and hold on for dear life. 24-21. 🤡 vs I wish it had that old Patriot image but wygd. This matchup features some Tecmo Titans both reppin their favorite squads, so immediately I love it. Dolo's team seems to be wallowing in the mire. He replaced an unfortunate early retirement with some BHumps, and made it work but BHump already is aging again and the GMen have some Needs. The Patriots come in with a stronger corps, BDawk really gave his franchise an infusion. I can relate to just how hard it is to acquire a good DB in this league, and Kovalkin felt it way worse than I. Prediction: A Pats Plonkin. 28-17 vs This one I call the HOUSTON HISTRIONICS! Every 3 years we shall see this epic battle for the city of Houston. Houstonians everywhere gather for this preeminent matchup. Natrone Means business, especially after Darion Conner got his walking papers. Troy Aikman is gone so the Texans usher in a new era, the era of Aaron Brooks. The rest of the Texans lineup is a funky mishmash of talents. 38rp 75int Stinson. 56rp 38int Madison. Fred Taylor and his young 56ms RB self. Donnie Edwards, the heir apparant to Darion. As for the Oilman, QB Jonathan Quinn is an up and comer and Jeff Burris and Ray Lewis are super STUDS not to be trifled with. Prediction: Wackiness. OIlers get a big lead, Texans tie it up. Then tecmo shits in both of their faces. WHO TF knows? 28-24 Oilers The Rest of the Tea: vs tadaos vs Speed. Speed took Matt Hasselbeck to new attempt heights. Tadaos I'm sure LOVES him some Speedball. Especially with an all 50 INT secondary. Prediction: The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. Big day for Jerome. vs TBone vs Barletti. This one I would LOVE to watch. I think it would make for a great tecmo viewing experience. Prediction: Panthers 21 - Dolphins 14 🤡 vs Stu gets his wish and takes his franchise to similarly defensive minded CHI TOWN. Nos got a hit on Tim Couch, the new Troy Aikman, and I think he will be anything but an LVP. Prediction: NOS gives Stu a lesson he won't forget. The lesson is NOS CAN PLAY vs Another newcomer to WTF, MattGT brings the RAMS into the WTF fold. He gets to take on MattyD and the Colts, a team in shambles after some BRUTAL aging ceremonies post 1998. Prediction: Matt gonna win vs An all indigenous matchup here to kick off 1999. TrINT Green played for both of these franchises in WTF AND real life. Chiefs are starting to mold their team to their liking with an up and coming Stephen Davis toting the rock. Cubs' team is just knocking on the door but really looking for improved QB play, whether through a gain or draft or acquisition. The squad is pretty beast otherwise. Can he put it together in 1999. (One of my favorite Cowboy wins was in 1999, involving a certain Troy to Rocket combo. Prediction: Lots of protestors vs The former Broncos squad moved to the Puget Sound region with new HQ based out of the Eagles nest up in the 'Mamish. JoeyB is improving in his tecmo game and his WTF team. Can he take out the Steel Curtain? Swamp has QB RB and WR pieces all in place. And of course the LBs. The secondary is still meh. New QB Dante Culpepper will look to attack with nice weapons like Randy Moss and Joe Horn. Should be a barn burner. Prediction: JJs vs The Raiders traded away their first round pick from 2000 to get a stud LB. Looking at their division and the emigration of DT from WTF, Thrash has to be eyeing the division crown in the controversially intact AFC East. BigFatPaulie continues to chug along, building a terrific roster and getting some really sneaky good wins but struggling to find that consistency to get in the playoffs repeatedly. Prediction: Peyton Manning will throw some balls to Troy Brown.
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    What the frick am I gonna do with these Custom Grand Conjureror Burning Mort N95 Facemasks!?! I had to order 300 pcs to get the "good" price break.
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    It will truly be missed. I feel like Griffey during the strike season. I was just getting my feet planted into this thing. @Beef Juice should send some sacrificial juice to the Conjurer to keep the Burning Mort temple flames a blaze. Also that sweet aroma will bring joy. It will be missed but we all will be waiting with great excitement for next year.
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    I would like to partake in this event for the sole reason of playing in this game so that I could possibly win or lose regardless of that matter think if I scored enough points I might win then again if my defense is poor enough points may not be enough, but with that said.I would like to partake. Have a good day and a better tomorrow thumbs up double finger pistols *pew pew. Shoota* fin
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    Just remember. The real Burning Mort is in here. (Points to @sonofpatbeach's penis)
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    The Conjurer is NOT pleased. In fact, this Covid debacle has put a crimp in his otherwise freewheeling lifestyle. By this point, it is pretty obvious, but Burning Mort is sitting out 2020. It's really a shame, because we were just thinking about getting together this week to start planning the damn thing. BM will be back in 2021. Block off the whole goddamn year on your calendars. #eatshitorenga #dirtnaps #conjurersdreamland #fuckflo #russianhighkicks #conjurer4prez2020
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    The 13th annual Midwest Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament is canceled due to COVID-19. But don't be too sad! The MWTecmo committee is putting together a 24-Hour Tecmo Super Bowl Marathon benefiting the David Fulcher Foundation for multiple sclerosis. WHAT: 24-Hour Tecmo Super Bowl Marathon benefiting the David Fulcher Foundation WHEN: Noon Saturday, July 18 through noon Sunday, July 19 WATCH LIVE: twitch.tv/MWTecmo; Twitter.com/MWTecmo; Facebook.com/MWTecmo DONATE: Facebook.com/MWTecmo SPONSOR: Want to sponsor a time slot? Send email to [email protected] The Midwest Tecmo committee will be participating in various fun contests for 24-Hours, all while raising funds and awareness for the David Fulcher Foundation. Tune in for chances to win prizes by answering questions and other fun stuff! Schedule of Events Saturday, July 18 Noon to 2 p.m. -- Bo Knows Tecmo 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. -- Viewers Choice 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. -- Viewers Choice 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. -- All Fulcher, All Day 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. -- Team Tecmo 10 p.m. to Midnight -- Blindfold Tecmo Sunday, July 19 Midnight to 2 a.m. -- Run Central 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. -- Oh, Hail Yes! 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. -- NFC vs. AFC 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. -- Pass Attack 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. -- Viewers Choice 10 a.m. to Noon -- Stay Awake! https://twitter.com/mwtecmo/status/1273736160767094792?s=20
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    What's New in Version .0981 Added QB Cam Newton to the Patriots Updated the playbook for the Patriots there are some other minor adjustments as well. Enjoy everyone!
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    Version .0981


    Team rosters accurate as of 6/28/20! The classic NES sports title, updated for the upcoming 2020 NFL season! Enjoy this version with the following features: Players Rated Using Tecmo Super Bowl's Original Player Rankings Playbooks Edited - Plays Moved To Different Slots, Edited Running Plays, Removed 'bad' plays 44 Hacks Added To Hardtype Versions (26 hacks in Vanilla version) Teams Line Up In Either 3-4, 4-3 Or Nickel Defenses Team Uniforms Edited So Home Team Plays In Primary Uniform (NFC West Glitch And Divisional Matchups Limits This Feature) This is a post-draft edition. Most of the team rosters are accurate with the exception being uniform numbers on the Jets and Patriots. For now free agents are wearing their former numbers and rookies are using their rookie numbers. Keep an eye out for updates and I'd love to get member feedback so let me know what you think! Three Versions Available: #1 - Vanilla - Hacks Included: Disable Alt 3 Uniforms Schedule Background Color Change Team Data Screen Background Color Change TEAM ROSTER instead of 1991 ROSTER after Super Bowl Add 'Hut' Pre-Snap Cadence to 32-Team ROM More NFL-like QB Ratings Player 2 Condition Fix Prevent Schedule From Being Random QB Backpedal Animation Hack Change Touchback to 25-Yard Line 15 Yard XP Playoff Bracket Fixed Randomize Sound Loop Used For Each Play FG Avoid Kick Block Fix Increase CPU Kickoff Length Better COM Punt Timing Changing KR Speed PR Speed Change From SS To Actual PR Player TE sim fix Change offensive SIM to 'out of 32' sum QB/PR Ball Control COM Goes For FG w/:20 Left In Half/End of Game Ultra Logic Hack [IPS Patch] Punt Coverage Boost Cut In Half [IPS Patch] More Accurate Field Goals [IPS Patch] Decrease Fumbles By 30% [IPS Patch] #2 - Hardtype - Hacks Included (also includes all the Vanilla version hacks): Passing Game Probability Table Hack Add Stats After Quarters Timing Of Snap Exchange Between C & QB Faster Handoffs, Pitches, Snaps & Player Control Player Controlled QB Rollouts For Play Action Passes PA/PC Hack - PC Is INT And PA Is Target QB Throws Ball Instead Of Taking Sack And Runs Less COM Dive Tackling Like SNES TSB I Directional Punts XP Block Fix Onside Kick Hack Better Recovery Rate For P2 Changing The Differential For Popcorning/DL Busting Through Better INT Returns Diving Time Based On HP Buck's TSB COM Juice Setter Find Open Receiver Push/Pull hack #3 - Hardtype + P2 As Road Team Hardtype version with the Road Team Plays As Player 2 hack added Details: Base Rom: Updated 32-team ROM Editors Used: TSBTool, TSB Playbook Editor Beta03, Lunar IPS, Translhextion, TSB Play Editor, yy-chr, Tecmo Endzone Editor Notes: You will find the .ips patches used in this edit along with the set commands used in attached files. You can edit the Vanilla version with TSB Tool. If you want to edit the Hardtype version you are ok to do so with TSB Tool with the exception of the NFC West teams. Editing the NFC West teams will require you to download and edit the Vanilla version, then re-apply the .ips patches and hardtype set commands. Editing the NFC West teams can cause the game not to run correctly. Make sure to backup your files before making any changes!
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    Bags is super fun! IM still going to set up a bracket. We play is the neighborhood almost every week. @kamphuna8
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    looks like a tecmo cut scene
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    2K SEASON 6: Weekly Awards

    This is my horrible attempt at this 🤷‍♂️
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    The first one is a given as original console, though I've never seen it before. That fake incomplete pass followed by an insta-tackle in the next two looks like trouble with a hack, I've never heard of that happening on the original rom before. The safety off a pick is also a common occurrence on the original rom on console. I wanted to stop and write that much, I'll look at the rest of the videos later. Oh, there's not much else. Regular long Tecmo FG, and that last one is new to me, also. I've never seen anything like that and can't really hazard a guess as to the cause, since it looks like the original rom.
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    In Minnesota they are now allowing groups up to 20. I will have a bags (corn hole tourney as well) outside. Tecmo Bags! For when players aren’t playing. I still might find a venue but I think a garage party would be slick.
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    60's Roms

    I don't know why they aren't here either. I saw some on another site somewhere. I'm pretty sure I have them here. This is most of what I have that I pulled years ago. Cartier's are in here TSB 1966 (carther).NES TSB 1967 (carther).NES 1962_TSB.nes 1968 Season TSB.nes C1966TSBI.NES TSB 1968 (carther).NES TSB 1969 (carther).nes TSB 1960.nes TSB 1962.nes TSB 1969.NES
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    i appreciate the help!! learning new things every time i interact with people here, so i really, really appreciate your help. thanks again!
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    and another question: you mentioned that some SET commands might not work correctly with other SET commands. i've added 3 to your rom and thus far i know 2 of them work fine, but the 3rd one (change conditions after every play) doesn't seem to be working. question: is there a way for me to drill down and determine whether or not this SET command is conflicting with others? (i've used the menu function "check SET command setting values in same location" and it comes back clear. (the SET command in question:
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    @8-bit new league ttlhs wil be worth 2 points to champion and 1 point for runner up based on owners overall skill level, pace and amount of owners
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    Regular tecmo bowl edit rosters

    If your WR, TE, or RB special ability is not 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14, it may cause this. In Hex it's 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E.
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    You won't be able to use conditions always in average with conditions change more every play. Conditions always in average means the conditions never change throughout the entire game. It definitely reduces the randomness of a bad team being able to compete with a good team.
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    I going to be posting some videos shortly about the tourney and adding more stuff in the coming weeks. It has been kind of slow but this COVID kind of hampers some of the things I can do. Fingers crossed numbers don't spike to much in the next couple of weeks and we will be straight. Just want to make sure like @Knobbesent out, that we are doing this in a safe way that can still be enjoyable. I will have hand sanitizer at each station and sealed masked if you need them. All food will be handled with utensils and I will have beer but you can bring your own as well. Also BYOC. Bring your own controller. LOL
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    SECOND FOLLOW UP: I think the best plan to work in trades is to use this SET command to make all players average: Pros: After a new rom is created after a trade is approved, (from the example of Team A, B & C above), it wouldn't interrupt the flow of teams flying high on Excellent condition, because they'd all start teach game in the same condition. Team Owners will know that player X will always play at their drafted stat level (ex: max speed will always be 56). Eliminates the need for Team Owners to inquire on the condition of their starters before setting a lineup. Owners could still tinker with lineups and playbooks, but they wouldn't have to worry about the conditions. Cons: This could disrupt the ebb and flow of a season, the highs and lows of a player's seasonal trends. Could maybe make the game less random and more predictable? with these combined SET commands (preseason as season mode (keeps stats), preseason injuries on, and conditions always average) along with stat extraction, we'll be able to functionally run a SIM league that allows trades. I'm open to someone pointing out where my logic is flawed!
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    FOLLOW UP: (this is a COM vs COM sim league where all games happen in preseason mode) ok. Game 1: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team A vs P2: Team B = no injuries. Game 2: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team B vs P2: Team A = 3 injuries for Team B Game 3: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team A vs P2: Team B = 1 player from Team B returned Game 4: preseason COM vs COM, P1: Team B vs P2: TEam A = 2 remaining injured players returned SO, i learned that those 2 SET commands can in fact be placed on top of each other (at least on the ROM i'm using, noted above). for my next trick: using the "change condition every play" SET command. my reasoning is this: if i want to somehow incorporate trades, i'll need something to counter the fact that conditions would be reset every time i made a new ROM after the trade, essentially resetting everyone to average. If the player condition changes every play, then it's less of a factor. here's an example: if Team A is cruising along winning weeks 1 & 2 in dominating fashion with their QB and WR both in Excellent condition. Team B and Team C negotiate a trade and after the new ROM is created, Team A's QB and WR will go back to average condition. My logic is: if player condition changes every play, it would be less of a factor. lastly, i'm wondering if there's a SET command to make every player start the game at Average or Good and then the condition will change every play from there. Kind of like you're fresh and ready before a game and your condition will either go up or down through the game. Not sure if that's doable, but I'll start looking/testing.
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    I think we can all appreciate how uncomfortable and unsatisfying it is to hold off on a BM for an entire year
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    TSB 2019 and TSB Gold

    To anyone that was still looking for one of these versions of Tecmo Super Bowl, it appears the TSB 20 version was actually posted to this very site, including all the unique features like 2 point conversions, touchbacks on kickoffs, spinmoves, etc. etc. I highly recommend it, probably the best readily available Tecmo Super Bowl rom hack out there.
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    Version 1.0.0


    To all TRIPLE PLAY enthusiasts!!! I've fixed the is issue of the dreaded TODD's TEAM or GHETTO CITY, or not being able to play a season from the start or Unable to create, release and players. Look no further, I we can now all enjoy the "Your Out", the crouch scratching and the great game play. As well as 2020 rosters (effective as June 25th (https://www.rotowire.com/baseball/depth-charts.php)) It takes a only 2 steps. - Download RetroArch (Google Play, Apple Store, or Online (https://retroarch.com/?page=platforms) - Load CORE ==> Sega MS/MD/CD (Gensis Plus GX) - Load Content ==> Find the path for the game. - Start the Game. It should go through the process of Initializing the memory. The downside, is that there is no expanded teams (No Arizona D-Backs, and Tampa Bay Rays). Also the jersey#'s. I haven't found where they are. Let me know if your interested.
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    I had this at our last live season and they just got ignored... Garage Tecmo is right up my alley tho!
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    Scottywaggs HSTL G, TRL, and GTFO can host
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    We hit over 1,000 downloads today, nice! Keep the feedback coming people!
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    View File Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - 2020 Welcome to the Tecmo Super Bowl 3 - 2020 I've updated the rosters referring to the Lindy's Sports Pro Football rosters 2020. I will be using the lineups.com/nfl/rosters to obtain the accurate player ratings (-20 rating from that site) New in 2020 rom: - All top rookies from draft class - Joe Burrow, Chase Young, Isaiah Simmons, Derrick Brown, Javon Kinlaw, Justin Herbert, Jeff Okudah, Jerry Jeudy, Henry Ruggs, and many more. - Rosters accurate as of June 19th, 2020. - Houston Texans replaced the Houston Oilers. - There is no Balitmore Ravens or Tennessee Titans (Lamar Jackson and Derrick Henry are on the FA market for in-season play). Looking for assistance on editing the graphics to some degree (Mini helmets, Logos and Endzones) Any updates you would like to see, please let me know. Submitter Thomas Arthur Solarik Submitted 06/19/2020 Category Genesis  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Welcome to the 2020 season of World Series Baseball (98). The rosters have been updated to the current depth charts and rosters. Gerrit Cole - Yankees Mookie Betts - Dodgers David Price - Dodgers Anthony Rendon - Angels And many more. Some updated Logos - Nationals and Orioles. If something is missing please let me know.
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    lol @slim_jimmy7
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    6-10, Post-season chances are dim
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    Honest to Christmas, I know not. But as soon as I do find out I will let you know ! Your ROM - other than Crowder - gives me MEGA-cause for concern about NYJ's WRs; but we shall see, what the season brings - Take that as a challenge, NYJ wide-outs, to STEP UP !!!
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    these are my DMs from me and kamp starting 4/17: tadaos04/17/2020 so who got booted just saw your post in scheduling kamphuna804/17/2020 JPthebowler, yah I'm hitting the hay, i actually have to go in to my school tomorrow for most of the day tadaos04/17/2020 ah ok gotcha. get some sleep i just thought i'd give you a shout cause you're 3 hours behind me kamphuna804/17/2020 yah man, hey happy wife happy life tadaos04/17/2020 so they say kamphuna805/21/2020 WTF tonight? tadaos05/28/2020 hey bud i'm sorry but my wife and i got into it tonight i had every intention of staying up for our game and it sucks ass. i want to finish this season out asap i need a break from all these deadlines it's stressing me out. i'll be here tomorrow night for games my bad boot me if you need to kamphuna805/28/2020 I wont boot are you done for the night then? tadaos05/28/2020 yeah i am i'm sorry kamphuna805/28/2020 ok do you need a temp? tadaos05/28/2020 No I just need a couple more days to finish season. Doesn't help that dolo has new baby too so his schedule is also all over the place kamphuna805/28/2020 ok tadaos05/30/2020 dont suppose you're available to play are ya? kamphuna805/30/2020 Give me 10 min or so tadaos05/30/2020 Ok I have some time just wanted to catch you before you it gets too late for me here Dolo mia today I messaged him a couple of times kamphuna805/30/2020 Ok kamphuna805/31/2020 ok shall i host it let me know tadaos05/31/2020 Hey I'm really sorry but the baby woke up shortly after I messaged you and it took me over an hour to get her back down. I was barely keeping my eyes open afterwards my bad kamphuna805/31/2020 I get it np tadaos05/31/2020 Got a tight window right now wanted to see if you could go kamphuna805/31/2020 sure tadaos05/31/2020 Cool host up kamphuna805/31/2020 k one sec up tadaos05/31/2020 syt tadaos06/01/2020 thanks for your patience with my situation i do appreciate it. i'm sorry i went past the deadline and such it's never my intention to hold anything up. that being said fuck timbone i don't need the troll factory tagging me 20 times a day kamphuna806/01/2020 Just ignore his idiocy tadaos06/01/2020 oh i know i'm just venting shitty season and all but i hit 2, 2 flea flicker pass TDs in my last game vs dolo kamphuna806/01/2020 Yeah I tried to tell everyone along the way how different this season is tadaos06/01/2020 and you know what i got for it? a blocked FG in OT and then he drives and kicks FG to win kamphuna806/01/2020 Lll flew flicker tadaos06/01/2020 2 in 1 game! tecmo says eat a dick and i lose kamphuna806/01/2020 Lol tadaos06/02/2020 You can give speed the win for the hp tourney I really don't have the desire or the time to play in it right now kamphuna806/02/2020 Np
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    60's Roms

    I have made roms for 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969 and 1970.
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    @tecmoninja we have never had a ninja at Millard’s so you would be more than welcome!
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    @gray wilcox, you can try reaching out to @averagetsbplayer or post your save file in the thread linked below for someone to troubleshoot:
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    Always figured I'd die at Burning Mort anyways
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    Hi, I booted up TSB3M and these are all the historic player ratings. Guide: RS = Run Speed, RP = Run Power, MS = MS, HP = Hit Power, BB = Body Balance, AG = Agility, PS = Pass Speed, PC = Pass Control, PA = Pass Accuracy, AR = Avoid Rush, CL = Coolness, BC = Ball Control, RC = Receptions, INT = Interceptions, QU = Quickness, KP = Kick Power, AB = Avoid Kick Block, KA = Kick Accuracy. QB1 - #16 QB G Niners (Joe Montana) RS: 69, RP: 25, MS: 19, HP: 13, BB: 19, AG: 38, PS: 56, PC: 81, PA: 81, AR: 81, CL: 88 QB2 - #12 QB G Jets (Joe Namath) RS: 69, RP: 25, MS: 13, HP: 13, BB: 19, AG: 44, PS: 75, PC: 69, PA: 81, AR: 75, CL: 81 RB1 - #34 RB G Bears (Walter Payton) RS: 69, RP: 38, MS: 75, HP: 31, BB: 75, AG: 81, BC: 69, RC: 38 RB2 - #32 RB G Browns (Jim Brown) RS: 69, RP: 63, MS: 63, HP: 69, BB: 38, AG: 56, BC: 50, RC: 19 RB3 - #40 RB G Bears (Gale Sayers) RS: 69, RP: 69, MS: 63, HP: 31, BB: 88 AG: 88, BC: 69, RC: 31 RB4 - #34 RB G Raiders (Bo Jackson) RS: 69, RP: 50, MS: 75, HP: 38, BB: 63, AG: 75, BC: 69, RC: 19 WR1 - #88 WR G Steelers (Lynn Swann) RS: 69, RP: 56, MS: 56, HP: 13, BB: 75, AG: 81, BC: 69, RC: 81 WR2 - #19 WR G Chargers (Lance Alworth) RS: 69, RP: 38, MS: 63, HP: 13, BB: 69, AG: 69, BC: 69, RC: 75 WR3 - #80 WR G Seahawks (Steve Largent) RS: 69, RP: 38, MS: 31, HP: 13, BB: 31, AG: 38, BC: 75, RC: 81 WR4 - #81 WR G Redskins (Art Monk) RS: 69, RP: 38, MS: 44, HP: 13, BB: 38, AG: 50, BC: 69, RC: 75 TE1 - #0 (89) TE G Bears (Mike Ditka) RS: 69, RP: 25, MS: 50, HP: 75, BB: 13, AG: 19, BC: 69, RC: 50 TE2 - #87 TE G Raiders (Dave Casper) RS: 69, RP: 63, MS: 44, HP: 56, BB: 38, AG: 50, BC: 69, RC: 75 C - #52 C G Steelers (Mike Webster) RS: 69, RP: 56, MS: 44, HP: 81, BB: 44, AG: 56 G1 - #73 G G Patriots (John Hannah) RS: 69, RP: 44, MS: 50, HP: 81, BB: 50, AG: 38 G2 - #63 G G Raiders (Gene Upshaw) RS: 69, RP: 56, MS: 56, HP: 81, BB: 31, AG: 63 T1 - #78 T G Raiders (Art Shell) RS: 69, RP: 38, MS: 31, HP: 88, BB: 25, AG: 25 T2 - #78 T G Bengals (Anthony Muñoz) RS: 69, RP: 31, MS: 44, HP: 94, BB: 25, AG: 38 DL1 - #75 DE G Rams (David Jones) RS: 50, RP: 50, MS: 69, HP: 75, BB: 13, AG: 69, INT: 6, QU: 75 DL2 - #75 DT G Steelers ("Mean" Joe Greene) RS: 44, RP: 56, MS: 31, HP: 88, BB: 13, AG: 38, INT: 6, QU: 56 DL3 - #74 DT G Rams (Merlin Olsen) RS: 44, RP: 63, MS: 38, HP: 81, BB: 13, AG: 44, INT: 6, QU: 69 DL4 - #0 (70) DE G Colts (Art Donovan) RS: 56, RP: 44, MS: 69, HP: 75, BB: 13, AG: 63, INT: 6, QU: 81 DL5 - #54 DT G Cowboys (Randy White) RS: 44, RP: 63, MS: 38, HP: 75, BB: 13, AG: 56, INT: 6, QU: 69 DL6 - #75 DE G Raiders (Howie Long) RS: 50, RP: 44, MS: 63, HP: 75, BB: 13, AG: 50, INT: 6, QU: 69 LB1 - #56 OLB G Giants (Lawrence Taylor) RS: 63, RP: 44, MS: 75, HP: 69, BB: 56, AG: 69, INT: 31, QU: 88 LB2 - #51 MLB G Bears (Dick Butkus) RS: 56, RP: 69, MS: 56, HP: 75, BB: 50, AG: 63, INT: 31, QU: 81 LB3 - #59 OLB G Steelers (Jack Ham) RS: 56, RP: 50, MS: 63, HP: 69, BB: 63, AG: 56, INT: 44, QU: 75 LB4 - #50 MLB G Bears (Mike Singletary) RS: 75, RP: 56, MS: 56, HP: 69, BB: 50, AG: 63, INT: 31, QU: 81 LB5 - #58 MLB G Steelers (Jack Lambert) RS: 63, RP: 56, MS: 50, HP: 75, BB: 44, AG: 56, INT: 19, QU: 69 CB1 - #81 CB G Cardinals (Dick "Night Train" Lane) RS: 50, RP: 56, MS: 75, HP: 44, BB: 69, AG: 88, INT: 88, QU: 75 CB2 - #47 CB G Steelers (Mel Blount) RS: 63, RP: 56, MS: 69, HP: 38, BB: 63, AG: 81, INT: 81, QU: 81 CB3 - #40 CB G Patriots (Mike Haynes) RS: 63, RP: 50, MS: 69, HP: 13, BB: 50, AG: 75, INT: 69, QU: 81 CB4 - #37 CB G Raiders (Lester Hayes) RS: 56, RP: 38, MS: 81, HP: 13, BB: 50, AG: 69, INT: 75, QU: 56 S1 - #8 S G Cardinals (Larry Wilson) RS: 56, RP: 44, MS: 63, HP: 69, BB: 56, AG: 63, INT: 81, QU: 69 S2 - #27 S G Redskins (Ken Houston) RS: 56, RP: 38, MS: 56, HP: 75, BB: 44, AG: 56, INT: 69, QU: 75 S3 - #45 S G Seahawks (Kenny Easley) RS: 50, RP: 50, MS: 56, HP: 81, BB: 38, AG: 63, INT: 63, QU: 63 K - #3 K G Chiefs (Jan Stenerud) RS: 81, RP: 56, MS: 81, HP: 31, BB: 13, AG: 38, KP: 81, AB: 94, KA: 75 P - #8 P G Raiders (Ray Guy) RS: 81, RP: 25, MS: 44, HP: 31, BB: 13, AG: 38, KP: 88, AB: 69
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    Wamboozled Works

    (GENS) NHL 20 (95) Sega

    NHL 20 (95) Sega View File Hey Guys, Just adding a refresh of a mod on NHL 95 (2020 season update as of Jul 2nd, 2019) Modded all the rosters. But huge thanks to the following guys who did 98% of the work @kingraph , @wboy, @slapshot67, and @smozoma up front, as just about all of my hacking knowledge has come from them. Since, updating the rosters through NOSE isnt the hard work that these guys have done. Submitter Wamboozled Works Submitted 07/04/2019 Category Genesis  
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    Editing Large Helmets

    I used jstout's info to come up with this table: Team Colors: 1st 3 - helmet palette next 2 - facemask palette final 3 - logo palette this is also a good site to figure out the what the hex value is in actual color: Art of ROM Hacking Team Address- Hex Buffalo x23d79 - 30 16 12 10 30 30 12 26 Indianapolis x23d81 - 12 30 12 10 30 12 00 00 Miami x23d89 - 2c 30 26 1c 2c 2c 26 00 New England x23d91 - 25 30 12 15 25 12 25 00 NY Jets x23d99 - 2b 1b 0b 0f 00 30 00 00 Cincinatti x23da1 - 26 16 0f 0f 00 26 00 30 Cleveland x23da9 - 02 26 30 10 30 36 30 00 Houston x23db1 - 25 30 21 15 25 25 21 00 Pittsburgh x23db9 - 12 02 18 02 12 28 30 25 Denver x23dc1 - 30 12 15 10 30 22 15 30 Kansas City x23dc9 - 26 16 06 10 30 0f 30 00 LA Raiders x23dd1 - 32 10 00 00 10 10 30 0f San Diego x23dd9 - 22 12 02 12 22 28 30 00 Seattle x23de1 - 30 31 10 11 21 11 30 2a Washington x23de9 - 30 15 18 18 28 0f 30 27 NY Giants x23df1 - 15 12 05 10 30 22 00 30 Philadelphia x23df9 - 2b 1b 0b 10 30 32 30 31 Phoenix x23e01 - 30 30 10 10 31 06 0f 28 Dallas x23e09 - 12 31 30 00 31 12 30 22 Chicago x23e11 - 12 02 01 02 12 15 30 22 Detroit x23e19 - 11 10 30 11 21 32 30 11 Green Bay x23e21 - 0b 28 30 0b 1b 0b 1b 30 Minnesota x23e29 - 23 13 03 03 13 28 30 23 Tampa Bay x23e31 - 15 30 26 15 26 15 26 00 San Francisco x23e39 - 15 27 30 10 30 0f 30 15 LA Rams x23e41 - 28 03 13 03 13 13 38 23 New Orleans x23e49 - 0f 18 30 0f 00 0f 30 28 Atlanta x23e51 - 12 02 01 02 12 22 30 12
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    As of 1/4/06 at 4:30 pm, Phil da Skill is #1 on the SOIS poll He has only qualified as playing 10 games [10-0] The overall records of his opponents are 179-331 = ~35% win pct Out of the ten games he has played, 2 wins have been against bwiggle53 [5-17], 2 have been against jurikobeski [8-35], one has been against lm38462 [6-23] and one other against boilerup700 [3-18]. The total record of the opponents of these six wins are [22-93]. That is a win pct of roughly 19%! Let me reiterate, 6 of his 10 wins were from these opponents! None of the ten players he faced are on the SOIS top 50. Yes, he does have the x-factor going for him, but he never played against any teams that are totally dominant like the 49ers, Giants or Houston except ones against the Raiders and Cincy, and the x-factor diff wasnt that great in any of the games - in fact most teams were close to being even. And most of these guys are total noobs - probably didn't even have controllers when they played him for all I know! The reason I bring this up is obvious. We all follow this rating system, and if this guy is #1 and he hasn't even played someone in the top50, something is terribly wrong. Peace out, Ed
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