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  2. A week from now another name will be added to the Cup. Will it be yours?
  3. Tecmo Super Bowl - Best Team Football League Week 7 Highlights Early Games Part 1 (NFL)
  4. Stunningly accurate. I'm impressed. You could be an NBA analyst. You'd probably make a lot more sense than Shaq or Chuckles.
  5. Face=0x02 is not used for any player, but it bears a striking resemblance to Jim Kelly. The programmers clearly made his face before they found out he wasn't in the NFLPA:
  6. Its the tournament in NJ on june 1st.
  7. Seals the deal / Furious Styles (^ the hunt for blue november.)
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  9. This is a special Hair of the Day edition. Knobbe once called this particular image "Montana hair," but there are actually two slightly different hairstyles that look like this, and this one isn't Montana's. This is Steve DeBerg hair. Check out DeBerg and Montana side-by-side: Face=0x0f Face=0x01 S.F. QB1 joe MONTANA Face=0x01 #16 25 69 19 13 56 81 81 75 [3 12 2 ] K.C. QB1 steve de BERG Face=0x0f #17 25 69 6 13 50 63 56 56 [1 6 3 ] DeBerg's hair is also used in Face=0x1b, and Montana's hair is used in Face=0x15: DEN. ROLB karl MECKLENBURG Face=0x1b #77 31 44 50 56 19 63 [46 20 ] RAI. P jeff GOSSETT Face=0x1b #6 25 56 44 31 31 38 [4 ] SEA. C grant FEASEL Face=0x1b #54 25 69 31 56 PHI. QB2 jim MCMAHON Face=0x1b #9 25 69 6 13 38 38 38 38 [2 4 3 ] PHX. P rich CAMARILLO Face=0x1b #16 25 56 44 31 75 81 [11 ] DET. LG eric ANDOLSEK Face=0x1b #65 25 69 31 50 N.E. P brian HANSEN Face=0x15 #10 25 56 44 31 31 31 [4 ] PIT. K gary ANDERSON Face=0x15 #1 56 81 81 31 63 50 [9 ] RAMS QB2 chuck LONG Face=0x15 #16 25 69 13 13 44 38 31 38 [2 3 2 ] And now for fun, as always, some photos. Here's Joe Cool himself, DeBerg, Jim McMahon (I can't find a photo of McMahon that looks anything like this face), Karl Mecklenburg, and Gary Anderson: I also used DeBerg's face for Joe Theismann in an uncompleted all time greats rom:
  10. To be honest, I don't know how Bucks stand a chance against Raptors, Game 6 in Toronto. Bucks been exposed - losing 3 straight (after kyfing the first two in Milwaukee) - as too disorganized. Greek Freak is an incredible athlete; but I don't know how he is even in the MVP conversation, much as he turns the ball over. {Kawhi/old-school > Giannis/millennial-ball, days-a-week !} TUNE IN TONITE, though, 'cause it's a heckuva entertaining series, nonetheless: Especially that it's on TNT... 8p.m.ET, pregame! (1-hour POSTGAME, too!)
  11. Challonge: https://challonge.com/3sdqknaj Below is how the bracket shaked out. For those complaining about their matchups, see below note that was in the War Games rules: " Skill is not a determining factor in seeding. It is purely on performance in group. Just going to rank every team on the above criteria and however the matchups shake out then so be it. So if Nos is #1 seed and Joeygats is #8 seed based on how they performed in group, then they will play each other. " Click image below to enlarge for better visibility
  12. This may be late-to-need; I see you posted this some time ago! I will caveat this post by saying that I am an avid fan of the PSX TSB (yes, I am the one). I still play on an old school PS2, and I have spreadsheets crammed with rosters and player attributes. I do not play TSBIII, but I am familiar with the player attributes because they are very similar to those found in the PSX TSB. In fact, I am currently playing a season using the All Star team roster from TSBIII. Running Speed (RS) is the base speed of the player. Rushing Power (RP) is something I am not entirely certain of, but I have some input. Popular opinion: time to accelerate/decelerate from RS to Maximum Speed (MS). My experience: this is the "blocking ability" of the player. The higher this is, the less likely it is that a player will get blocked. Case is point: Bob Nelson from the SNES TSB. Why was he so unstoppable in "the lurch?" Rushing power. It was the only attribute he had that could explain why he was an unstoppable force of nature. I have also noticed that the best pass rushers in PSX TSB tend to have above-average RP. Conversely, you want your run-stoppers and OLs to have LOW RP to ensure they don't miss blocks. ** You will want to flip RP and RS when converting players' attributes from SNES TSB to TSBIII. This should be fairly obvious when you compare the players attributes from both games. Body Balance (BB) is the ability of a ballcarrier to execute a spin move when a tackle is attempted face-to-face. Agility (AG) is the ability of a ballcarrier to execute a jump when a diving tackle is attempted from behind. ** Coming up with BB and AG are going to be tough sledding, as these were not attributes in the SNES TSB, so you will need to conjure these up. Finesse players tend to have higher AG (they run away from head-on contact), while Earl Campbell types have higher BB (they seek out contact). You will want your QB to have decent BB for that DL that pops though your line unexpectedly. Good KRs tend to have high BB (kickoff blocking tends to be sketchy in the PSX TSB ), and good PRs tend to have high AG (punt blocking is decent in the PSX TSB). QB Passing Accuracy (PA) attributes in the SNES TSB are like ZIP codes in Seinfeld: meaningless. It was unused data. In later versions this was corrected. This represents the probability (multiplied by 100) of a QB completing a pass to a receiver who is in the vicinity of the pass. Case in point: in PSX TSB, if you intercept a ball thrown by Troy Aikman, better have it bronzed because he doesn't throw them. Ever. His PA = 81, and is the highest of all QBs. Avoid Rush (AR) is the ability of a QB to complete a pass once a sack is imminent...I think. QBs with above-average AR seem to get an extra "beat" to deliver a pass when I am about to sack them--sometimes even while I am in the PROCESS of sacking them! Dan Marino (AR = 63) comes to mind. I can have that plodding Howitzer dead-to-rights, pass rusher diving to crush him, yet he manages to fire out a pass as if he has a force-field around him; my diving pass rusher falls harmlessly to the ground. Coolness (CL) is how the QB will throw under a heavy pass russ. If it's low, he tends to get rattled and throws inaccurate/imprecise passes. If its high, he's Joe Cool (CL = 88 in TSBIII). K Kicking Accuracy (KA) controls the speed of the targeting needle’s oscillation. The higher the KA, the slower the needle will oscillate, making it easier to make an accurate kick. For punters, it is a ZIP code, if you will. P Avoid block (AB) is the same as AR for QBs, actuated during the act of punting vice passing. Defense Quickness (QKN) determines how well a defender covers a receiver. Low QKN guys blow assignments, are slow to react to routes, and are slow to run to passes underway. I'm not sure this was much of a factor in SNES TSB, but it has a profound effect in PSX TSB. Keep in mind that the vast majority of my current knowledge stems from experience from the PSX TSB. Your results may vary! Good luck.
  13. I am searching for all of the original player attributes from all of the original Tecmo releases, preferably in spreadsheet form, but text files would suffice. Can anyone help? Years ago, I found a glorious webpage that had the rosters and player attributes of every team, from every Tecmo Bowl release...ever! It was a goldmine. I foolishly bookmarked the page and left it at that. The website no longer exists and I cannot find it's equal. I have the data from the original TB, TSB, and TSBIII, but am missing the others (TSII and TSB II SE). If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it!
  14. Gotta love the doc haha. Kinda wonder if something happens when he's in the game if they consult him haha
  15. Some things just aren't meant to be. Speaking of Juiced Beta 0.4, here. So's... I was, like, J'ville: They intrigue me, as Folesk-Hero, magician be slingin'. Like with JETS/Panthers: Ajax be 12-4. ('cep' - a page-ago - Cam be GIF-lyin'; 'cause, we didn't even win no rematch with Titans!... In fact, didn't even make it out of 1st round!... Saints, first possession of OT... fg!) Like with Panthers (only), iJAX be early-exitin'. K.C. Had a controller issue, so I replayed the bitch, a few days later ... Trailing 14 in the 4th, miraculously blocked their short-range FG-attempt (after I'd cut it to 7). Me: TD. OT. K.C: three-n-out. Me fumble PR! Dr. Tardif, scoop-n-score!... STETHOSCOPE ~FLAPPIN',~ ABOUT HE COLLAR!!! 28-34.
  16. You know what i'd love to see? Baker Mayfield vs Patrick Mahomes in the AFC Championship next year.
  17. I can't endorse the pile of... extremely stable oranges below Because a vote for it would be a vote for
  18. Pretty crazy finish to this game. Mahomes chucked it to Hardman, got picked by McCourty. McCourty fumbled, Kelce picked it up and took it to the house for 6, nullifying the int as the last play of the game. Wish i could've recorded it. This was Beta 0.5
  19. No but found a better picture of you (or at least your perception to the Ohio Tecmo Community lol)
  20. Anyone have a Picture of Jim Socks or KMolnar?
  21. Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIV (BETA 0.6) *Rosters 5/24/19 - Jersey number corrections - More accurate depth charts - Player rating adjustments - Players added : Bills - RB, patrick DIMARCO, TE, dawson KNOX Patriots - RB, rex BURKHEAD, WR, dontrelle INMAN Jets - RB, ty MONTGOMERY Redskins - LB, montez SWEAT Buccaneers - DL, ndamukong SUH, (#) TE, jordan LEGGETT *We're close to having all the player jersey numbers in place! Holding off on a couple Patriots rookies for this reason, with veterans placed instead. Montez SWEAT makes his debut in place of Foster who is out for the season. SUH to the Bucs, assuming he will take McCoy's #93 ? Special Thanks to Knobbe for making this one of the featured downloads on the site, and for having a place for us to keep this game from 1991 alive and well ! Follow on Twitter for the latest news and updates : https://twitter.com/GojiPhen ENJOY!
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