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  2. What about a trade board? Trades go into a queue and are arbitrated by trusted individuals. I'm not in the league, just wanted to see if I could read the whole text block without skipping a line
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  4. Can't believe you typed that whole thing on your phone. You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  5. Boot em. Don't have time for this nonsense. We just lost an admin over this crap.
  6. Look, yeah I'm stuck with only phone discord and this has been a very Life Comes at you Fast moment. I just want to remind the league that to me one of the most important tenets of this league was the idea of camaraderie. We've seen some great examples of it today. Eifert agreeing to give DT the Seahawks for one. Guys have been nice enough to me to accept my trades to get Cowboys and Huskies even if it doesnt really do anything for them (I'm still getting the worst end of most of these, and gladly). The owner and division draft was fun as heck. But it seems like some of us are taking this a little too seriously, or are identifying more as the owner of their team than as tecmo brethren. This whole situation with Erik and BoOklahoma is sad as I bet if Erik never took the reins to keep this league going, there wouldn't be as much issue between them. As for the root of this issue, it's obviously the trading drama. I dont know of a perfect solution. In my brief tenure as "just an owner", even one who did phile and database fixing shit, a glorious tenure for me personally, I get it that there's the general feeling that trade rapeage occurred and there's a lot of people up in arms over the unfairness of it all. I've seen the "analytics" but all I'm hearing is what I hear from one of my daughters when the other is the only one that gets something desired. Whining, which was a term used to describe it, it kind of fits. There are systems in place to try and curb this stuff and try to maintain that franchise integrity, like the only being able to trade picks from 1 year in advance, and the trade committee. Plus, aren't we all big boys here? Don't we all put on our big boy pants daily? But what the league, (emphasis on THE LEAGUE as the entity that I am holding up as most important in this convo, meaning all of us) is getting are statements like: well since the system does not seem like it will be fixed to my liking, and this other guy got to "unfairly get really good commodities" well I will also "unfairly get really good commodities" and then incessantly bring it up without offering much in the form of solutions, sure you can say you're joking but thats trolling. And then the benefactor of those trades, the other bo if you will, continues to throw out bullshit trade offers amidst all this, so.much so that others ascribe to the same mentality to "start the trade process" (maybe it's just me, but if someone starts off a trade process to me with that kind of offer it turns me off from wanting to deal with them" and so much so that it stands out when a reasonable trade offer is sent out to start negotiations by this other bo, that I'm moved to alert the recipient of said offer and say hey you know what, this offer from this guy actually isnt bullshit. That's trolling in my mind too. All this drama and hassle to feel the need to deal with as a commish, not to.mention the personal attacks tonight, which for some like me might be entertaining like watching WWE, but as a custodian of the league I could see it not only being a turn off to some that are in the league, but also to prospective new owners to the league. If this were say my reboot of retro where I would actually just be the one voice of judgement inspired by MRTSB, I would just boot the both of the guys who, as somebody mentioned was amazed that they'd made it this far in life with such a tremendous lack of self awareness. But this isnt that reboot and this league is not me. Its WTF. I want to bring back the camaraderie aspect. Being in this league is not a given, he'll this league existing is not a given, but we ARE better than this aren't we? Anyway, the real hero is me for typing all this shit up on my fucking phone. We'll figure out a lot of what needs to be done as a league in the next few days with whatever votes are necessary. Then hopefully we can get back to the fun. Like draft recap posts and season preview posts. And using TBorg more. Anyway that's all I got for tonight. Fuck you all @WTF and GN
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  8. the more the better just needs to be a even number
  9. If taking NFC West you better accept the challenge gauntlet and choose PHI
  10. Love that rom should be used for tourney more often great job bruddog!
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