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  2. BOOM! Going with a big raffle prize right out of the gate! How about a Bo Jackson autographed Raiders jersey?
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  4. I did get verbal confirmation that one @~Tailback King~ is in it to win it fa sho!
  5. @oklahoma and @Earthwing Angel Just got the email today. Too Many Games is bringing us back.
  6. Just a reminder, even if you replied in this thread or let me know in person I still need everyone to fill out a registration form. Only takes a minute! Register here!
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  8. This tournament name might be too long to get tattooed on my butt after I win it
  9. Couldn't you, like, put these teams in alphabetical order or something? I have no idea where to look for anything here. Also it should be noted that for anybody who is even remotely familiar with a certain YouTuber named UrinatingTree, I recommend you go check him out. He actually does cover a lot of bases and is genuinely funny to look at. He even did two videos on the Cleveland Browns--the second video after they completed their disastrous 0-16 season.
  10. Can't wait to see new Jets uniform in TSB.
  11. Why the John Fox Era for the Denver Broncos? I get it sure 2011 was basically a fluke year plus 2013 and 2014 were nightmare years. (Reffering to the Ravens "Fail Mary play and Seattle blowout in the Super Bowl) Denver best run was under Mike Shannan; They should have a 3 peat if it wasn't for the Jaguars in 1996. From 1996-1998 was their best run.
  12. Yeah, I missed those days of the AFC were more high scoring teams while the NFC were mostly defense and ground attack teams expect for a few.
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  14. Who's Ready?? <Crickets> - OBJ to Cleveland √ - AB to Oakland √ - Updated uniforms for almost everyone √ - Huge player rating scale adjustments √ - Readjusted default playbooks √ - Up to the minute rosters √ - New SIM ratings √ - New 2019-2020 NFL schedule √ - Easter release date (4.20.19) √
  15. "Hold on to Your Butts" Challenge During pool play, player with the most rushing yards with Marion Butts gets $35. Player who holds Butts to least amount of yards also gets $35. Call me over to confirm yardage or take (clear) picture of blue screen. Remember this is not mandatory, you do not have to call any SD matchups if you don't wish to.
  16. That appears to be exactly what I’m looking for; thank you
  17. I saw this a few months back and have been thinking ever since, what the hell happened to SB logos? The SB logo used to be so cool and unique. I love all the ones from the 80's and 90's. They were still fine in the 2000's up until 2010s when it became a stock photo of the trophy that they just replace the roman numerals on. SB 52 and 53 are completely identical, just adding another numeral.
  18. Agreed. From 1982 to 1998 is about my favorite era all together for the NFL. That was the era of the dominant, juggernaut teams that fill up lists of GOAT teams. Some of the best QB classes and head to head QB showdowns (sadly they were mostly blow outs like 1984 and 1989), not to mention historic defenses. I hated the 49ers back then, as well as the Dallas dynasty (who didn't?) but it was actual greatness we were witnessing. IMO the 1991 Redskins are the GOAT team and I am grateful now that I was able to witness them. The NFL looked better back then too. The old kelly green Eagles, pastel blue and white Oilers, orange crush Broncos, aqua and white Dolphins, creamsicle Bucs, blue and yellow Rams, silver and blue Seahawks, etc etc. I liked these colors so much better than what these teams changed to. It seemed some time in the late 90's, teams began changing their colors and making them darker. This led to navy blue becoming the most overused color in the NFL and IMO a lot of these teams lost their charms when they changed to darker colors. The only two teams who changed to darker colors that I think did it well was Denver and New England, and yet Denver's uniforms did not look right until a few years ago when they finally switched the navy blue to orange for home jerseys. Every time the Dolphins and Bucs break out their throwback jerseys, the fans say they look better than the current uniforms they wear. The only 90's year I didn't like was 1999 cause the league was so weak at the time. From 1999 to 2001, those 3 years were weak points for the whole league. The 1999 Rams and 2000 Ravens both had some of the easiest schedules ever of SB winning teams with the Rams ranking #1 at easiest SOS and Baltimore's list of opposing QBs in 2002 was truly pathetic. Things improved after 2001 with better teams, but I don't think there ever would've been 7 win teams making the playoffs back in the 80's or 90's, let alone those mediocre teams winning their wildcard games.
  19. I think this is what you'er looking for. Fernardo did a terrific job with this ROM, as he has with his other ROMs over the years. Enjoy!
  20. The Eagles lost that game on Akers missing those short field goals. It put them in a position to where they had to go for the home run TD pass on the final drive. If he makes those field goals, they could've burned the clock and finished the game with another field goal. GB really got lucky that Philly kept shooting themselves in the foot that day. Green Bay did not play all that great in that playoff run. Flukey win over the Eagles, stomped an overrated Falcons team (The NFC South in 2010 had 3 teams win 10 or more games from playing weak schedules and all 3 of them were embarrassed at multiple points in the season), then got lucky Jay Cutler gave up in the NFC title game (Bears dramatically outplayed them in the second half of that game) and then in the SB, they blew a 21-3 lead letting Pittsburgh come back to life and nearly beat them. If not for that fumble on the first play of the 4th quarter, I do strongly believe the Steelers would've won that SB.
  21. Yeah sadly, I do not think Tecmo Philly (or us being at Too Many Games) will be happening again. Tecmo Dallas is most likely no more either. Tecmo PHX and Tecmo LA are questionable as well.
  22. Glad to hear from you, man. I'm sorry about whatever injuries you're mending. You lead a busy life and handle it pretty well. It doesn't look like Retro World Series is coming back to Too Many so if you're there, we might just have to gather people and have fun with Tetris Attack. I love Super Tecmo Bowl but I'm sure I can't put up a fight in that against you guys :P Again. Glad to hear from you, man. Take care
  23. Holy Shit. To Do List: β˜‘οΈ Nothing ◻️ Everything
  24. Has anyone created a version of TSB3 with the correct rosters, offensive and defensive strategies and player attributes? The original game holds a warm place in my heart but it annoys me that some of the player names are missing, rosters are wrong and you have teams with 2te plays taking up the bulk of their play book but they don’t have 2te’s in the game. Anyways I suppose in reality I’m just looking to see if anyone created a TSB3 version that is cleaned up and correct for the era. Thank you
  25. Week 2 - Scrambling Match-up choices: GB/CLE , PHI/CIN, DET/TB, PHI/HOU, S.F./HOU, GB/PHX , TB/DEN
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