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    HSTL S46 Preseason Alignments

    QB2, jim HARBAUGH, Face=0x1d, #4, 25, 69, 13, 13, 44, 25, 56, 25 ,[3, 5, 2 ] QB1, scott MITCHELL, Face=0x40, #19, 25, 69, 13, 13, 44, 44, 25, 50 ,[2, 4, 2 ] RB1, thurman THOMAS, Face=0x83, #34, 38, 69, 63, 25, 75, 50 ,[10, 7, 8, 8 ] TE1, tom RATHMAN, Face=0x32, #44, 44, 69, 25, 94, 50, 56 ,[5, 9, 6, 4 ] RB2, bruce PERKINS, Face=0x80, #32, 38, 69, 31, 31, 50, 25 ,[3, 2, 4, 0 ] RB4, bill JONES, Face=0x91, #43, 38, 69, 25, 38, 50, 38 ,[3, 3, 6, 2 ] RB3, tim MCGEE, Face=0x91, #85, 31, 69, 31, 13, 50, 56 ,[1, 7, 12, 10 ] WR2, michael IRVIN, Face=0xa1, #88, 38, 69, 44, 13, 50, 50 ,[1, 3, 8, 1 ] WR3, leo LEWIS, Face=0xc6, #87, 25, 69, 19, 13, 50, 44 ,[1, 3, 7, 1 ] WR4, dennis GENTRY, Face=0x9c, #29, 25, 69, 19, 13, 50, 50 ,[1, 4, 9, 4 ] WR1, gerald MCNEIL, Face=0xc0, #89, 25, 69, 44, 13, 81, 44 ,[6, 5, 10, 0 ] TE2, tony JONES, Face=0x9a, #82, 25, 69, 19, 13, 81, 50 ,[1, 6, 12, 0 ] C, jay PENNISON, Face=0x47, #52, 25, 69, 31, 50 LG, mike MUNCHAK, Face=0x2c, #63, 25, 69, 31, 63 LT, bruce MATTHEWS, Face=0x28, #74, 25, 69, 44, 69 RT, don MAGGS, Face=0x44, #78, 25, 69, 25, 50 RG, dean STEINKUHLER, Face=0x1e, #70, 25, 69, 25, 50 RE, bill MAAS, Face=0x48, #63, 25, 38, 44, 44, 19, 44 ,[20, 0 ] NT, dan SALEAUMUA, Face=0xb, #97, 38, 31, 25, 56, 19, 56 ,[30, 1 ] LE, neil SMITH, Face=0xb7, #90, 31, 44, 50, 63, 19, 56 ,[24, 5 ] RILB, jim MORRISSEY, Face=0xc, #51, 25, 31, 38, 44, 31, 44 ,[0, 20 ] LOLB, keith MILLARD, Face=0x1e, #75, 38, 50, 56, 69, 19, 81 ,[20, 3 ] ROLB, jimmie JONES, Face=0xd1, #97, 31, 31, 50, 56, 19, 69 ,[64, 2 ] LILB, leon WHITE, Face=0x8f, #51, 25, 31, 31, 38, 31, 38 ,[7, 0 ] SS, kevin ROSS, Face=0xb2, #31, 31, 38, 50, 44, 56, 44 ,[0, 102 ] LCB, ricky REYNOLDS, Face=0xc4, #29, 25, 31, 38, 31, 50, 38 ,[3, 38 ] FS, ronnie LOTT, Face=0xab, #42, 44, 56, 69, 69, 50, 75 ,[1, 51 ] RCB, leonard SMITH, Face=0x84, #46, 31, 38, 50, 44, 44, 50 ,[2, 40 ] K, nick LOWERY, Face=0x31, #8, 56, 81, 81, 31, 81, 81 ,[12 ] P, bryan BARKER, Face=0x9, #4, 25, 56, 44, 31, 31, 63 ,[4 ]
  3. i am speechless/transfixed/enstoned where i sit witnessing this ROM if there is a pantyless cheerleader at some halftime, i will spit on the ground, quit tecmo forever, and walk home laughing to myself all the way... i am too scared to check right now
  5. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/dvoa-ratings/2008/1995-dvoa-ratings-and-commentary I came across this excellent article from Football Outsiders breaking down DVOA rankings for the 1995 season and after reading over it a second time, I got to thinking about TSB 3. Some of these ratings reflect into the game. Tecmo has always amazed me over the years with how accurate they estimated a number of players in rankings and team behaviors. Of course, they could never get a season completely accurate in a simulation run, they usually are close with player rankings and such. When it comes to the perennial playoff teams of the early to mid 90's which the old games cover (Dallas, SF, GB, Pittsburgh, KC, Houston, Buffalo), Tecmo's simulation runs and overall game behavior usually are on the money. Off topic from Tecmo; Interesting note here; between 1994 to about 1998, the NFC was basically a triangle between the Niners, Cowboys and Packers. The playoffs came down to them avoiding one team and getting matched with another; the Packers owned the 49ers, the Cowboys owned the Packers and the 49ers owned the Cowboys. This bit that talks about the Niners don't mention how the Packers thoroughly dominated them. GB was always the thorn in their side during this time span, meanwhile Green Bay had their own problem with Dallas. IMO I've always felt the 1995 NFC playoffs were determined out of the match up seedings between these three teams. Dallas got to avoid the 49ers while they got GB in the NFC title game whom they owned. Change around the teams in the NFCCG and there's a way all 3 of them could've made the SB just from the triangle of how they stomped each other down in this time. Couple notes here - It's so easy to breeze through TSB 3 with the Chiefs or Steelers. They both dominate the AFC pretty handily without much competition. The Chiefs rank higher in DVOA for 1995, which I think makes a lot of sense with how they finished 13-3 were the #1 seed that year. Tecmo also gets this right; in almost every simulation I run of TSB 3, the Chiefs always win 11 or more games and rank in the top 5 on defense through the year. I would argue that this is the best version of the Chiefs in any of the SNES Tecmo games. Their offense may not be as good as previous versions,, but their defense is much superior than any of the 3 versions on TSB 2. When your offense is struggling, you can just sit back and run nickel formations to prevent big passing plays and grind the opposing offenses to a halt. I'd say Tecmo also gets this right with the Colts. Even if you switch in Jim Harbaugh during the season, the Colts are awful in this game. I've never had a simulation where they actually make the playoffs. The one time I did put them in the playoffs myself, they got crushed in every simulation I ran. Funny enough, against the Steelers, Chargers and Chiefs whom all wiped the floor with them in the game despite underachieving vs them in the real world. I got Indy to the SB one time running multiple simulations on Save states and Dallas beat them into the ground. All the teams in the NFC Central are pretty good in TSB 3. I've seen it mentioned on here over the years how the Bears really aren't a bad team in TSB 3 and it's mostly their schedule that can be tough. The Bears even rank in the top 10 of DVOA on this article, proving that the people on here who like the Bears were definitely onto something. Their offense is even ranked in the top 5 of Offense DVOA. They're not a bad team by any means. I like to mess around with the Bucs in these games cause they usually make the game very challenging due to how bad they are (yet have a favorable playbook in every game), but this game is the one exception where Tampa Bay can be pretty good. The Bucs defense is vastly improved over the previous versions in TSB 2. The offense also has play makers in Alvin Harper and Rudy Harris. The divisional games of the NFC Central in TSB 3 are so unpredictable at times. If you're just simulating the season, you never know what's going to happen in this division. Only with the Packers have I ever stomped through all games and despite that, the Bears usually give me issues in one game through the year and Barry Sanders can run all over you. If you switch in some substitutions on the Bucs defense (put Warren Sapp in), the Bucs can also be a threatening opponent. When shifting the roster around on defense with Tampa Bay, their defense can be threatening even if you are playing the CPU. I've had games where the Bucs front just annihilate my QBs and games where their secondary has tore me up, even getting interceptions off Troy Aikman and Steve Young. I've simulated the Bucs many times and they usually don't make the playoffs due to an inept offense. One time I did put them in the playoffs and they had some crazy simulations vs Dallas and Detroit where they forced a ton of turnovers on both of them. Some of the AFC East teams do have easy schedules, especially Buffalo and Miami. I've always seen one or the other reach the playoffs in a simulated season. Miami is usually the winner of the AFC East in my simulations. It's hilarious in this article they bring up the Jets, whom we all know on this forum is the worst team in all of TSB 3. I could write essays with stories of my times playing as the Jets and all the crazy stuff that has occurred with them. They are the only team I have ever lost multiple games from hail mary attempts on. The Jets have the worst playbook in the whole game, even worse than the Cardinals and it makes them challenging to use as you try to work around all the playbook. I've always held the Patriots as an underrated team in TSB 3. Football Outsiders brings up the tough schedule they had which is also a statement to be made for this game. The Pats are a good team but their schedule can kill them in simulations. In the 1994 season of TSB 2, the Pats are one of the better AFC teams but in that game they have a much easier schedule that can get them to a 12-4 record. This pretty much reflects TSB 3 in a way with how you can carve up teams with wide receivers you never dreamed was possible. It's a shame Isaac Bruce isn't in the game. This is the one Tecmo game that managed to get Michael Irvin's speed right. It's always bugged me in TSB 1 and 2 how Irvin is slower than Alvin Harper. Irvin still catches most passes thrown to him in those games, but he can't burn the player as badly as he can in TSB 3 where he's got the speed. Some of my favorite Tecmo receivers I've had monster seasons with in this game - Irving Fryar (Dolphins), Robert Brooks (Packers), Bert Emanuel (Falcons), Alvin Harper (Bucs), Michael Haynes (Saints), Jake Reed (Vikings) Even the CPU as the Jets using Yarbough can rack up a 1,000+ yard season. (Often fooling the player into thinking Yarbaugh is some amazing receiver) Some final notes on DVOA - The Falcons rank 5th overall in DVOA and they're another team like the Patriots whom I've felt was underrated in TSB 3. I've had some great luck with the Falcons over the years and they usually do well in simulations often making the playoffs. Their defense is surprisingly really good and can be a challenge to play against. The only problem I tend to have with them is that Jeff George is their QB who can be absolutely amazing one game and then a dumpster fire the next week. Minnesota and Detroit both rank ahead of Green Bay in DVOA. I find this surprising cause I tend to believe the Packers are one of the best teams in TSB 3, but this might just be my confirmation bias showing and being a huge fan of Brett Favre. In the last few years, I've began to finally see the weaknesses all around with GB in this game, despite them having some great play makers on both offense and defense. I used to argue they were a top 5 team on defense and only in the last few years I've come to realize it and admit that their defense isn't one of the best units in this game. Denver ranks at #10 on overall DVOA and #4 on offense. I almost want to call them an underrated team, simply due to how improved they are in TSB 3 compared to the previous game. All 3 versions of the Broncos in TSB 2 are mediocre teams that live and die off the arm of John Elway. He gets injured very often in 1992 and 1994 simulations. I've grown to really love the Broncos offenses in these games and had Tecmo continued to make these kind of games after 1995, it would've been interesting to see them with Shanahan's style of playbook and with Terrell Davis and Rod Smith on offense. The Cardinals rank lower than the Jets in DVOA. At least the Cards are more manageable in the game with a few playmakers but what really helps them is having a better playbook than the Jets. Both teams have arguably the worst playbooks in the whole game, but the Cardinals are manageable. It helps that they can run the ball better for sure.
  6. Welp, Eff it. Here is the OFFICIAL Cascadia Fucking Tecmo Season 2 Rom. A couple of notes. Trying to play in season mode will not work. Any time you set up any kind of game, you must play or sim it in preseason mode. Once the Box Score screen is moved on, you'll see it in the Regular Season menu. All the stats and records will be recorded. What is cool about this rom, is you can play a set of games and it will keep the stats and conditions. If you want them to reset, just go to the season menu and reset the season in the schedule. If you want to do that to the OG rom (or your own rom) just apply the hack I linked in the top (admittedly long) post. Better yet, here is the link. Enjoy! CFT2Official.nes
  7. jessegto

    Overthrow Bug Fix Question

    @bruddog Do you mean change from 4CF0BF -> 4C60BF?
  8. fairfensheeding

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    Looks like I'll have to start it back at one (3:07) https://youtu.be/DIOJIOsJXIA I would accept your challenge if you were a challenge... but unfortunately that's not the case. However, I'd be more than happy to take another $100 from you.
  9. Thrash

    TTL Wait List

    Thrash no
  10. crossing fingers my RANDY FAIR*IELD, I'M BETTER AT LIFE THAN YOU... AND TECMO TOO! tborg thread makes it into kamph's top 10 posts list
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    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Yeah, What he said 😀^^^^^
  13. AZcards77

    2013 MT REmix Project Mayhem Trailer.....

    Any updates drunken ? It's almost 🏈🏈🏈
  14. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    *BUMP* @manYo720 Rivalry re~kindled.
  15. I can definitely see Midwest Tecmo turning into something like this in the future. 😍
  16. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    "A hush fell over the stadium as Randy slowly took off his headset, and turned toward the tunnel, a single tear rolled down his cheek as he looked up at the night sky and whispered one name.......................................Manyoooooooo" ~absolutely fuCC!n' {CLASSIC} sh!t talk, which deserves a plaque~
  17. ~Tailback King~

    Seattle, WA - 04/12/14 - Pac-Rim Tecmo II

    @kamphuna8......that was the proffesor
  18. Wow. JUST WOW! I can't believe there is only 1 week left until CFT 2 kicks off. 7 DAYS! In today's CFT Best Post/Moments, we have the origin of one of the true lifebloods of the CFT and PNW scene, Manyo's Mayhem... After PNWTC2, there was much lamentation that there would be so much time in between tourneys as we were just getting the taste of that sweet Tecmo Competition being available in these larger scale formats, and of course, we wanted more. @~Tailback King~ suggested here what it should be dubbed... While it didn't quite get done that summer, it did eventually go down early in 2014. The original Manyo's Mayhem was just me and manyo, and we literally played until AND BEYOND the point we couldn't really function anymore. This isn't the first (or last) time Kamp has kompeted in Zombie mode, as Manyo is well aware. Back in the day, i kind of "zombied out" during a beatdown of a friend in Greatest Heavyweights. I kinda came to right after it was over, and didn't really remember the bout, but I SAW THAT SWEET VICTORY SCREEN. I was not so lucky in Mayhem 1 as Manyo literally beat me to submission. Now on to our countdown... With 7 days left... there are quite a few #7s in Tecmo, and some really big name ones at that, but to me, the most impactful to me was a guy who went to the Cowboys between 1990 and 91, and saved the 91 season in so doing. Stevie B is the Raiders backup on TSB, and has yet to be drafted in CFT but... I think it's only a matter of time. And methinks he WILL be a CFT Cowboy just like in real life. The above picture is from probably my favorite game that I saw the Cowboys win. You'd think, but, but, the Super Bowls kamp? Nah, don't get it twisted, I loved that those Super Bowls were won, but the first 2 were first my best friend and homie JayMc the Corkster, and I didn't take as much pleasure in that, esp as it was their 3rd and 4th straight losses in the Bowl. The wins over the 9ers in 92 and 93 NFC Ships are close (as is the 94 loss, which I've never been prouder of the teams heart, except maybe for) the 1991 Week 13 game at RFK stadium. The 11-0 Redskins, hosting the 6-5 Cowboys, having lost some heartbreakers recently, including an OT loss to the Oilers where Emmitt fumbled in OT. This 1991 W over the 'Skins had it all. An onsides kick recovered in the first half, a hail mary to end that first half from Aik to A Harp, and then Aikman goes down and he goes down hard. Steve Beuerlein is called in (after the aforementioned Laufenberg incident the previous season) and he wins 5 straight games to finish the season, including throwing the GWTD pass to the PL88MAKER to beat Washington. Yeah, Beuerlein is gonna get his chance in CFT all right, you can bank on that. Now we have some keekers who have got no play in CFT. Fuad was actually born in the same city my mom was... Bogota Colombia. Ruzek also kicked for Dallas in his career. Zendejas is the subject of this weird little story. And then there's the other TSB Mort. I think he's the GOAT of kickers. This next card illustrates the tools of his success.... Now one of the iconic QB #7s is a guy who hasn't been drafted in CFT yet, but I think it's just a matter of time. The hard throwing lefty and his backup are a good value if someone is looking to get a great QB, but he has yet to see his card called in CFT. Carlson has, and will be backing up Vinny for @invader_star64's in season 2. John Elway will once again lead a team in CFT, after a dumpster fire year in Buffalo, the Bills Mafia ran him out of town, but @gripsmoke feels confident that will lead his to glory in CFT 2. Kenny O has moved from @DT.'s to @XtraLargent's and hopes to get over that hump and not only get to the Super Bowl but JUST WIN IT BABY! The final 2 #7s are my starting QBs for CFT 1 and 2. Last year, the MaJJikman led Dallas to CFT GLORY without throwing one pick (and there were some chances, let me tell you, it wasn't me). Now this year, the HughMillenator is called upon to duty. This Dawg, whose middle name is Breedlove, will get the nod over Chris Miller but he will still have to "prove it" on the field with his conditions. Any conditions advantage Miller has, he's going in. If they're equal in conditions or Hugh has the advantage, Millen will get the snaps. 7 days left man. I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT!!! See y'all tomorrow and in a WEEK!
  19. ~Tailback King~

    Tacoma, WA - 07/28/18 - Cascadia Effin' Tecmo Season 2

    OH MY GOD.........I completely forgot about the Manyo, Randy rivalry/debacle......that was some {CLASSIC} s#!t talk and banter right there that almost made me shed a lil' tear. There's NO QUESTION you 2 gotta score to settle.
  20. kamphuna8

    Seattle, WA - 04/12/14 - Pac-Rim Tecmo II

    GL YOU ARE GOING TO NEED IT RUDEEEEE! and was that @TheProfessor pointing at the TV there? Can you confirm mr. EZ?
  21. ~Tailback King~

    Seattle, WA - 04/12/14 - Pac-Rim Tecmo II

    What the fuCC??????? I'ma have to use that vs you Kamp in game 1
  22. Would love to see you out here too, hit me up if that's a possibility in the future! Also would love to help you do one of your own if you would like. On another note... Have you been watching this Nagoya Basho? Seems like the shift to a younger generation is underway... Although I still cheer for the esteemed one from Georgia and hopes he continues to progress even though he's already in his 30s.
  23. Thanks Chris! Best of luck in MWTecmo to you and yours as well! Like I told you, I could help you make this happen in your neck of the woods, and better yet, would love to get together with all y'all Vogts and do up a season/seasons like this.
  24. This thing totally appeals to my nerd team building thing and my desire to just have a ton of Tecmo fun with some cool guys.
  25. gojiphen malor

    (NES) Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (BETA 2.1)

    Goji's NFL Tecmo Super Bowl LIII (Beta 2.1) is up! *Graphics (and sound) -SET Command added : (All Versions) 'Hut-Hut' Pre-Snap Cadence for 32-Team Roms *Gameplay -SET Commmand added: (All Versions) 15 Yardline Extra Point Try -SET Command adjusted: (NES Classic Edition) Better INT Returns ~ interception / fumble returner MS and HP boosts have been lowered -Team SIM Rating adjustments *Rosters 7/21/18 -Jersey number corrections -More accurate depth charts -Player rating adjustments -Players added : Saints - RB, shane VEREEN Seahawks - DL, dion JORDAN *Extra Points moved back to 15 yardline. I've already missed once lol. Forgot the INT Return fix with the NES Classic version last update, my apologies. Team SIM offense and defense numbers have been revisited. This will only apply to stats generated in SKP games. For example : Aaron Rodger's return has boosted the Packers offensive output a bit. An old friend's joke reminded me that I should try to add the 'Hut-Hut"s back in. Input is welcome and appreciated. There should be a flavor of this ROM available for everyone. A vanilla version of my BASE rom is also uploaded. ENJOY!
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