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8O Being of sound mind and body...I have an original cartridge of every football game every created by the organization known as tecmo...yet I ponder....

TSB 1&2 for the SNES

Does anyone have the damn manuals? I'd really like a copy in pdf form.


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The beauty of this little program is that you can modify it for any game for up to 30 teams.

First of all open up the Teams.dat file and edit any of the teams. If you were doing this for TSB you would remove Jacksonville and Carolina while replacing St. Louis and Arizona with the Rams and Phoenix.

The next and tricky part will be to open the Numbers.dat file. There are 30 lines with 30 values in each of them. These values are either a 0 or 1. A 1 indicates that the teams play each other. A 0 indicates the teams don't play each other. A 0 is also used when a team is compared against itself. All of the values are separated by tabs.

For instance, the first line indicates what teams Bufallo does or does not play since Bufallo is team 1. You will notice that the first 6 values are 0 1 1 1 1 0. These match up against the first 6 teams of Buffalo, Indianapolis, Miami, New_England, New_York_Jets, and Cincinnati. The first number is 0 because it's Buffalo against Buffalo. The next 4 values are all 1 because Buffalo obviously plays against the rest of the AFC East. The last value is 0 because Buffalo doesn't play Cincy.

There you go. The only other thing to keep in mind is that by removing Jac. and Car. that you need to make it so they aren't available. That means that the last two values of every line will be 1 so that the program will thing the team plays them and won't bring them up as a choice. Also, that means line 29 and 30 (the last two) will be all 1s.

If someone would like to take the time to do this I'd be happy to host the file.

I saw these boys have the TSB 3 Drafting utiility. Did anyone ever get around to doing this for the NES?

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