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Using Bad Al's tool for playbook editing...

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If you are editing a ROM with a custom playbook. (Someone else created it) How do you assign plays to teams without changing it within the game? If you use TecmoToolSupreme it loads the original playbook and not the custom one. I found the playbook editor on this site to pull playbooks out of a ROM, but can these be applied somehow to be used by TecmoTool?

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don't worry about the picture that's shown in TSBTool...those aren't the actual rom-that-you're-working-ons' graphics.

what matters is the play number (1-:D. You need to figure out which play # represents the corresponding custom play. you'll probably need to make a chart or something.

you can open up the TSBPlayMaker and look at all the plays quickly to get the play number (although, BAD_AL used 0-7 as the numbering system in PlayMaker).

PS - when you copy playbooks using PlayMaker, it doesn't copy the player name for the running plays.

you'll need to double check and make sure the correct player displayed is getting the ball. if you need to, change the name by going into hex:

starting at 0x27506		

player's name displayed above the play.

00 QB
02 RB1
04 RB2
06 WR1
08 WR2

put in the appropriate number for the ball carrier.

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