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i forgot how the pointers to the name work... can someone...


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tell me how to find the pointer to qbBILLS? this is gay to forget things.

For the NES, x10 to x47 are the pointers for each team to the pointers of the names on that team. First one is the Bills (x38 x80). Swap them for x8038. x8038 - x8000 ($8038 is in game address) for x38. x38 + x10 (add in the header) for x48. x48 is where the Bills' name pointers start.

At x48 is the pointer for QB1 which is qbBILLS. Same process as above. xCA x86 to x86CA. x86CA - x8000 = x6CA. x6CA + x10 = x6DA.

x6DA = name of QB BILLS

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