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Hey Rod is there an ignore list like at the TB Buccaneers forum?

However, there is a very simple solution to most of this.

There is a new feature of this board called friends/foes.

If there is someone who is trolling on you and you don't care to here what they say, simply add them as a foe.

You will no longer see anything they post. End o story.

read all the posts asswipe.


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Here is a update of my rom. If you like it play it,if you dont then dont play it. Alot of ppl have criticized my ratings. That's them but the rom plays just fine. Instead of dogging the ratings. Play the rom. The rom plays fine. Also special thx to JSTOUDT for the new opening scenes! This rom will be updated once more after the nfl regular season starts.I have come to the conclusion that i dont really care if you like this rom or not. The fact of the matter is i put 5 months into this rom,and that some do like it. So if a few like it that's all that matters. The rest can make their own or they will download this rom and edit it. So my work will be used in one way or another. Just like it was for the 2006 repository roms.

Drummer4God NFL Tecmo Super Bowl 2007 1.1.rar

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Looking forward to trying out this new rom! I can't get it to play on any of my three emulators. What's the ".rar" on the end? Is there a way I can make it work? All of my other roms end in ".nes"


The ".rar" at the end is a "zip" version of the ".nes" rom....if that makes any sense.

you just download it to your computer and then "unrar" (unzip) the file and you will have the .nes file.

Here...check this out:


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Thanks for all of the hard work you put into this rom. It plays really well, especially the best RBs getting the best speed and the best WRs getting the best catching. A few questions....

-- I'm not very familiar with all of the patches that have been applied. Which patches were they again?

-- Is there some way for me to modify the text on the intro screen?

Thanks again!

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sorry dude, devin hester isn't one of the best WRs in the NFL... and reggie bush isn't the best rb in the league either (whoops, sorry, 2nd best by a very little bit).

But Devin Hester IS one of the best WRs in the game.

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also just because devin hester has amazing speed doesn't make him the best wr in the league. does james jett ring a bell he had great speed but never posted anything past 50 catches a season. the best wr's in the league has the abilities to be the best and its not just because of top speed. u can have all the speed in the world but if you cant catch the ball then speed is nothing but an empty attribute.

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You get around 69 speed and you get a reciever who can dominate. He can blow by the corner if he sucks or doesn't take off running deep immediately. You just have to be more careful about when you throw to him.

There is precident for bad recievers getting 69 MS and becoming dominant recievers in Tecmo. Take previously mentioned James Jett and his 69 MS and 44 RC in TSB III.

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no... only roms that make no sense. im sorry if you dont like constructive criticism from someone that actually knows what they're doing - or even tomtupa's constructive criticism (sorry tomtupa, not to say you dont know what you're doing, just trying to stress that d4god is being a crybaby).

if you dont think 75ms makes devin hester one of the best wrs on the rom, then you really know nothing about this game. did you know that a qb with 69 or better PS can throw to a wr with 63 or higher MS on a fly pattern, and even covered, the wr can still beat the defender? THAT'S why high MS makes a player overpowered.

Here's my team of nonsensical all-stars:

QB1 - Vince Young (sry not top 5 best qbs in the NFL by a long shot)

QB2 - Jamarcus Russell

RB1 - Reggie Bush

RB2 - Edgerrin James

RB3 - Carnell Williams

RB4 - Adrian Peterson

WR1 - Devery Henderson

WR2 - Devin Hester

WR3 - Ted Ginn Jr.

WR4 - Josh Cribbs (I don't even know who this is, and he has 69 MS)

TE1 - Doesn't matter, all TEs suck for the most part, so I would just put more ridiculously fast-for-no-reason WRs here

TE2 - See above

OL - Doesn't matter, the strongest DL is 75 HP, and that (for some odd reason), doesn't break through 50 HP consistently.

DL - Doesn't matter, see above, also why are they all so fast?

LB1 - Ian Gold

LB2 - DJ Williams (Alright, I'm a Denver fan and flattered, but why are these guys 2 of the best LBs in the NFL? Better than Brian Urlacher? What?!)

LB3 - Derrick Johnson (WHAT?!)

LB4 - Demarcus Ware (lka;sddjf;lkajf;laksjdf)

Backup: AJ Hawk

NOTE: All of the above linebackers are rated better than BOTH Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs. That is ridiculous.

DB1: Jonathan Joseph

DB2: Tye Hill

DB3: Fabian Washington

DB4: Bob Sanders (75 Int, are you fucking serious?)

K: who cares

P: who cares

Seriously, look at all the players above... I could smoke mostly anyone, any day with that squad; the point being, I SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO. That's just outrageous. Also, I really didn't know that the Titans were one of the best teams in the NFL.

I've rated plenty of bad and good roms in my day, so I'm pretty sure I know what I'm talking about, kefkawhatever.

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Almost every player you just named is a current or future NFL pro bowler. Heck, most of them are rated in the top 10-15 at their position by Madden right now. It's just a simple case of overhyping young players, and Madden falls into that trap too. Just take a deep breath and relax a bit.

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