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Nesticle Save State Format

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This is something that should be here but for whatever reason it's not. Does someone have the documentation on how this thing is laid out?

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could you post any relevant info...i used to have it i think but can't find it....and i don't feel like re-inventing the wheel if i don't need to

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The Nesticle info for injuries and conditions in the save state (STA) comes from the RAM section of the game (x6000 to x7FFF during play).

x873 to x87D are the injuries and conditions for Buffalo.

x873 to x875 are the injuries. The numbers are broken down into bits where a 00 = Healthy and 11 = Injured. The first hex is QB1, QB2, RB1, RB2. The second hex is RB3, RB4, WR1, WR2. And the third hex is WR3, WR4, TE1, TE2.

x876 to x87D are the conditions. The numbers are again broken down into bits where 00 = Bad, 01 = Average, 10 = Good, and 11 = Excellent. Order goes QB1, QB2, RB1, RB2 // RB3, RB4, WR1, WR2 // WR3, WR4, TE1, TE2 // C, LG, RG, LT // RT, RE, NT, LE // ROLB, RILB, LILB, LOLB // RCB, LCB, FS, SS // K, P


Home Team: x500

Away Team: x605

BUF = x873

IND = x943

MIA = xA13

NE = xAE3


CIN = xC83

CLE = xD53

HOU = xE23

PIT = xEF3

DEN = x1027

KC = x1197

RAI = x1267

SD = x1337

SEA = x1407

WAS = x14D7

GIA = x15A7

PHI = x1677

PHX = x1747

DAL = x1817

CHI = x18E7

DET = x19B7

GB = x1A87

MIN = x1B57

TB = x1C27

SF = x1CF7

RAMS = x1DC7

NO = x1E97

ATL = x1F67

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The Nesticle Save State Format Documentation from Goroh lists:

x0000 (x2000) Extend RAM Dump
x2000 (x0800) Static RAM Dump
x2800 (x0002) Current reg PC
x2802 (x0001) Current reg A
x2803 (x0001) Current reg S
|||||||+ Carry flag
||||||+- Zero flag
|||||+-- Interrupt flag
||||+--- Decimal mode flag
|||+---- BRK flag
||+----- 0
|+------ Overflow flag
+------- Sign flag
x2804 (x0001) Current reg X
x2805 (x0001) Current reg Y
x2806 (x0001) Current reg SP
x2807 (x0100) Sprite Setting (unknown fill #$00)
x2907 (x4000) PPU-RAM Dump
x0000 Pattern Table Dump (if chr-bank size=0, else fill #$00)
x2000 NameTable & Attribute Dump
x5907 (x00c9) Other Setting
x0077 Current H,V setting 0:H 1:V

This is only helpful to find info but you actually have to understand what these things are.

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