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Tecmo Super Bowl sim code spreadsheet

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I've been tinkering with a spreadsheet @jstout posted here back in '09 and wanted to share this with whoever can find this helpful. You enter information into any of the yellow shaded cells and any of the blue shaded cells has their information auto generated. I use this to get a base to work with, then edit accordingly depending on playbooks and the results I am aiming to get. Here's a rundown on each page in the spreadsheet, I've used the original Buffalo Bills roster with 1990 statistics as a template so people can see how this works in the file I shared:


Page 1: Paste your TSB Tool rosters into the shaded cells, this will auto-populate the roster on all the pages it's used in.




Page 2: Enter the information required in the shaded cells:




Page 3: Enter the stats in the yellow shaded cells (any blue cells auto-populate):





Page 4: Edit the values in the F column until they total 32 (Thomas averaged out to 7 and Mueller to 2, I adjusted them +1 each to end up with a total of 32)




Page 5: The final worksheet, the only adjustment to make here is if the defensive value doesn't total 255 





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There is no such thing as team offense. 


It's team run defense,  team pass defense


I did a couple tests. A team with 15's (0xF) for pass defense and run defense won 47% of the time even if all skill players were rated 0. 


A team with 15's for all skill players on offense and 0's for defense won 74% of the time. 

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ok. I'm having some issues copying and pasting from TSBToolSupreme to the spreadsheet. when I paste it, all the information goes into cell A, and B-O retain the previous data. but you can see all IND 2023 data on cell A. and up top "a.Richardson........" what am I messing up? lol. I  bet it's something easy af.


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