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(NES) Tecmo Super UFL

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Tecmo Super UFL

Spring Just Got Stronger. 

After a successful Tecmo Super XFL, I bring you Tecmo Super UFL. 


Now partnering with Alternative Football Network some new features for this version.


Play as last season's XFL or USFL teams or play as a 2024 team.


Schedule is the same used by all 3 leagues.


New icons are helmets above players and a Madden-style B button to throw to your receiver.


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Whoa!  This thing's an interesting mofo.  I rock with Stars, cuz they defunct and that's junk.

Wk1 game:  opened with back-to-back KR touch downs;  one by either team.  We eventually - eventually, because no adjustable quarters(?), mean games go on for a loooong time {but I kind of like that change of pace...} - won, and I digg the helmet-icons above the players heads!

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