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2024 TSB 32-Team Base Rom with updated helmets (not complete)

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Looks like the Lions, Texans, Broncos and Jets are going to be sporting new uniforms this year. So far the Lions and Broncos new unies haven't leaked, the Texans uniform changes aren't drastic enough to make a change to the helmet but the Jets have announced they will be going with their "Sack Exchange" uniforms as their primary uniforms. I was able to edit the jets mini helmet logo, large helmet logo and facemask. However, I have no clue as to how to change the Jets mini helmet facemask to white (like the Bills, Dolphins and Chiefs). Anyone know how to make this change? Attached is a file of the base rom with the updates I added:





TSB Base 32-Team ROM 2024.nes

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I edited my version last week. I will get you the hex locations & changes for CLE’s mini within the next 24 hours or so unless someone beats me to it. Also, if the rumors are true, DEN is adopting a white helmet as primary. I sure hope not since a variation of blue has been their identity for a very long time. 

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See attached. Changed 0x23BDF to 97 98 99 FF 01 & used a tile editor to change the colors on two tiles to complete the FM change to white. Waiting on Denver...I hope their color remains blue for the primary shell! Detroit will not be changing their shell color or primary logo; however, I imagine the center helmet stripe will be modified to coincide with the new uniform.



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