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Random thoughts on ranking players

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We rank players in order to decide which one we want to use. Typically the thing to do is come up with a formula and apply it to a list of players and attributes for a given position. The problem I run into with this is who I would prefer to use changes from one set of players to another. For example, when looking at QBs, I think I would prefer Jim Everett (13ms/56ps/63pc) over Dave Krieg (13ms/25ps/69pc) because one notch of PC doesn't seem that big of a difference, but 25ps is a noticeable detriment. I don't want my QB throwing rainbows. But then I look at Boomer Esiason (19ms/63ps/56pc) and I think, okay even though he has 19ms and 63ps, that's two notches of PC lower. Maybe I want the better control of Krieg over Esiason. And then I compare Everett and Esiason, and I think Esiason has better ms and ps, and only one notch lower of PC again. So I can't make a single list like this.

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The problem is most basic formulas assume each notch of an attribute is worth the same amount but thats not really the case for SOME things in tecmo.


One easy example is running back hitting power 


Rb hitting power is basically worth 0 until you get to maybe 88. At least in man vs man game. But then its kind if exponential because 94 hp popcorns way more defenders and then 100 hp even more. 

So you need a lookup table of values.



Passing speed is a weird on in that mid level passing speed is probably the best overall especially with a fast wr. 

High passing speed results in very few jjs and having to hold the ball forever for very long passes. Its good for quick strikes though.


Super low passing speed tends to have more wild overthrows and makes it tough to sneak passes in tight spaces.However a kreig paired with a 56+ wr is a nightmare on 70 yd+ passes as you defender and the drones will get “no locked” a ton.










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