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(SNES) (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl Decades 1990s-Game 2

The Super TecBros

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(SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl Decades 1990s-Game 2

Tecmo Super Bowl Decades-1990s (TSBD90) is a culmination of the 1990-1999 Legacy Series (LS90). TSBD90 is a dual game pack featuring all the best teams from LS90. Both game files provide the following gameplay elements:

- All mini/large helmets to include team logos have been touched up to remove muddy textures and unnecessary shading.

- Menu screens have been simplified and the drum loop music has been removed.

- As indicated, all teams are ported from the LS90 games & showcase the best teams of the series with the exception of the 1999 Browns. The 1999 Browns were included as they are one of the worst teams in modern NFL history for a unique challenge. Sim data reflects actual player/team performance levels.

- Uniform matchups corrected to ensure team colors do not clash with one another & with ZERO color versus color matchups just like NFL Sundays!

- Hacks included: COM QB find open receiver, COM late season coverage, 4th quarter punt logic (COM will punt in 4th with 2+ minutes remaining), stats after each quarter, elimination of motion from all triangle set formation plays, & full juice from week 1.

- Sprites=Classic Sprite Standard (CSS): Normal sized athletes to closely resemble the original 1993 sprites; however, all sprites were redesigned to reduce muddy skin textures & clashes with uniform or field turf. The field turf has been changed to single gradient in all weather conditions to provide more visibility to the focal point of the game--the players & on-screen TSB goodness.

- Two Game files are available as the ROM file only accommodates 28 teams: Variations between Game 1 & Game 2 respectively: TEN/CIN, JAX/PIT, BAL/HOU, & CAR/WAS.

- Uniforms & team imagery correspond to their respective year as they appear on the team data screens.

* The Legacy series will resume with 2000-2009 and then another Decades dual game project (TSB Decades-2000s) following the completion of TSB Legacy-2009. Please, let us know if you find any issues with game graphics or typographical errors along with constructive feedback. This also applies to Legacy 90-99.  DO NOT message with questions/queries regarding the specific rationale we utilized for team selection & inclusion in the two TSBD90 game files. We will upload a standard juice version at a later date depending on demand. Thanks for downloading & please enjoy…

Programs used: HxD, TSBToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, Retron5IPSCreator, and War6's TSB SNES Hex Guide 

 The Super TecBros are: RAYOUNG269 & War6.


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