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(NES) (SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl Legacy-1990

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(SNES) Tecmo Super Bowl Legacy-1990

Tecmo Super Bowl Legacy 1990 utilizes our Redux ROM as the base game file & improves upon the original 1993 release in the following areas:

- All mini/large helmets to include team logos have been touched up to remove muddy textures and unnecessary shading.

- Menu screens have been simplified and the drum loop music has been removed.

- Uses 8-bit NES team rosters. Sim data reflects actual player/team performance levels.

- Uniform matchups corrected to ensure team colors do not clash with one another.

- Hacks included: COM QB find open receiver, COM late season coverage, 4th quarter punt logic (COM will punt in 4th with 2+ minutes remaining), stats after each quarter, elimination of motion from all triangle set formation plays, & full juice from week 1.

(NEW) Classic Sprite Standard (CSS): Normal sized athletes to closely resemble the original 1993 sprites; however, all sprites were redesigned to reduce muddy skin textures & clashes with uniform or field turf. Original 1993 field turf used with this variation for a nostalgic look & feel.

Programs used: HxD, TSBToolSupreme, Tile Layer Pro, Retron5IPSCreator, and War6's TSB SNES Hex Guide 

The Super TecBros are: RAYOUNG269 & War6.


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