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Making Rom "Accurate" to Real Seasons


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When editing player data and player/team SIMs, is it possible to get a ROMs relatively accurate to real-life standings? Do you need to edit something deeper? My experience editing ratings, sims, playbooks I always end up with like...the 1988 Buccaneers somehow going 11-5 every season. Is there any way to be close to matching the way the real season went and capturing a little of the original TSB magic?


I'm sure there are other threads touching on this but I was having trouble searching for the right term.

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@SBlueman Probably I should be able to glean this from those threads but: For offense starters target sim, does it change anything if you make all teams add up to 32 vs just having them all be less than 32 total? I noticed Chiefs are like 16 in original TSB and most teams are in the 20s, I'm assuming as long as you put everybody at a reasonable target sim the stats will be normal. I think in the past I took it very literally and tried to make every team have exactly 32 for starters.

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