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(NES) TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl


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TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl




TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl - Dynasty Ep.1 Cut Footage


TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl - Game Intro



And if you're super rad, I also accept tips on Venmo & CashApp, thanks!

Table of Contents

A. How This Works
B. How To Play - PC/Mac
C. TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl Notes

D. Credits

A. How This Works
If you're new to emulation:

  • ROM = Game or Cartridge (.nes file)
  • Emulator = NES System

B. How To Play - PC/Mac

  • Download Nestopia - Windows | Mac
  • Download the TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl .zip file
  • Open Nestopia
  • From Nestopia, File > Open the TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl .nes rom file

C. Tecmo Super Bowl 2023 notes

  • All 32 NFL Franchises
  • NEW 4-3 and 3-4 Defenses
  • Updated Players and Stats
  • Updated Graphics
  • Halftime Stats
  • In-Game Playbook Change
  • Change Quarter Length

D. Credits

TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License



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6 hours ago, War6 said:

No worries. I also noticed that you have the Colts sim data offense set to zero & KC's sim is set at 0 for OFF/1 for DEF is that accurate?



You need an updated version of TSB Tool.  The sim settings are wrongly identified in earlier versions


Offensive sim settings are based on individual players.

The settings control Rush and pass defense, respectively



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1 hour ago, bruddog said:

Holy juice for NE. Lol For reference the 49ers are  345 on the original rom. The Colts are a 30. Average team around 200. 





Absolutely! Uniquely, the Patriots roster consists of some of the best players from 2000-2019. My design was to give them a balance of players on both offense and defense that were represented in the two decades across Brady's playing career. Corey Dillon is represented by a 1600+ yard rushing season. Moss and Welker during '07. Early Gronk. I mean--they're stacked. So absolutely they are scored like an All-Pro team. And, honestly, for a rom like this, it both rewards Patriots fans to be able to control some of the past dynastic greats, and it gives the haters a clear adversary in the game. It's a win/win. :D

The rest of the roster numbers you have here are fascinating to me! I strangely don't have those exact numbers, BUT, the elegant heatmap coloring in your image of the cells does a pretty good job illustrating each team's focuses. Like, I would love to use the sheet you're using for this chart to actually make a graphic from it. I think it would go a long way in helping to flesh out the experience playing as each team. Any chance you're willing to share with me just a flat copy of this sheet where you've screenshot this image? :)

The rosters were made from ascending/descending player & team stats in various spreadsheets. I assigned those rankings OG TSB player stat sets, adjusting the stat sets in my rom for more unique characteristics--like Gronk's HP, and whatnot. OG TSB has so many duplicate stat sets across player positions, that a goal of mine was to also customize them across the board in incremental ways to actually make them unique, if even marginally. Some of those incremental attribute boosts are superficial, like QB HP bumps. I definitely stay very true to the OG player stat sets, though, with some subtle variation here or there. 

What I may not have paid as much attention to in my rom is in comparing overall team composition to OG TSB. From the onset, I knew teams would rate differently in the end on the whole than OG TSB, because I was selecting (more often than not) unique opponent teams for the Patriots. So for instance, teams that had good defenses in their own season year might be less so in a game consisting of teams from many different seasons. But absolutely my focus leaned more heavily in player-to-OG player comparison than team-to-OG team.

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  • 3 weeks later...

So I got this physical NES cartridge of TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl last week, and am currently in talks with a frame maker to make me a custom frame/light box with TSB artwork for this cart. Haven’t gotten the quote on that yet. Very exciting developments.  


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  • GameplayLoop changed the title to (NES) TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl

Hey guys—I cut some footage together from Ep. 1 of The Dynasty!! TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl > Tecmo Bowl 🥳🤣





Also, I nerfed some Patriots skill players speed. I’ve been getting great feedback from some players. Although my spreadsheets argue that the Patriots players are the stoutest, the general playing experience is better balanced by dropping speed values a bit.


1.0.5 update:

  • RB - Corey Dillion RS from 38 to 31; MS from 69 to 50
  • WR - Wes Welker MS from 63 to 56
  • WR - Troy Brown MS from 56 to 50
  • WR - Julian Edelman RS from 44 to 38
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Posted (edited)

Gentlemen, the custom order frame for my TB12 cartridge is complete, and it is pretty baller if I do say so myself. It’s the pièce de résistance of this TB12 Tecmo Super Bowl rom journey. 



Whenever I release the next rom update, my goal is to also release the spreadsheets that I used to build the rosters. Some folks might enjoy looking more closely at some of those details.


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