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(Other) Tecmo NBA Basketball 23 & Super Tecmo NBA Basketball 23


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Tecmo NBA Basketball 23 & Super Tecmo NBA Basketball 23

In honor of the NBA finals I have come up with a 2023 end of season TNBA23 and STNBA23 ROM's. I am really new to ROM hacking and put together these ROM's using the Rabbit utility. Here's what I edited:



-Player Stats

-Player attributes (as best as I could determine using stats online)



The game play is pretty nice. However because I used the Rabbit utility and so when you try to SIM a season the SIM data gets all botched up and the usual last player on the roster scores all the points.  So this version is definitely a prototype. I'm trying to research and find ways to fix this. If anybody has any ideas or help to fix this please comment and let me know. I have looked into it a little bit and have gotten some advice from others but still looking for more.


The best way to play using this is to put all teams on COM and pick a team on MAN and use the FF option on whatever emulator you use. I have been able to get through a whole season in a few days to a week depending on time I have.


I would love to combine with anyone to update this ROM to a full 30 teams and update all the logos and anything else. Hope you enjoy. Hit me up if you want to collaborate on this project!


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