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Tecmo SuperBowl - Sega Genesis - Helmets

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hello everyone, good night, how are you?

my name is raphael and i'm from brazil, and i'm developing some editing tests in this rom, because i'm a fan of this game.

First of all, I'm new to this forum and would like to share a breakthrough I made in the game Tecmo Super Bowl 1 on Sega Genesis.

I was able to change the graphics of the small helmets. in this case I only changed the one for the Tenesse Titans and the Whasighton Commanders....

now the next step is to try to update these helmets in their bigger and more detailed version...

Below is an image of the edit that was made.
I used the 22/23 season hack available on this forum to develop these tests.

The next news I will inform here in this topic.

thanks and sorry for my poor english.



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Hello people good night...

After a while I'm back here to demonstrate another update on the Sega Genesis Tecmo Super Bowl 1 hack.....

basically what was done was to replace all the helmets on the selection screen with the team logos...

what do you think? it looks different 😃

The next steps will be editing the big helmets... I found a big oilers helmet... but editing is another complicated task... lol...teladeequipesnfl.thumb.png.ba13c15a29ca738ac66b560d0375d453.png

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Hi folks....new updates....

Yes, it was possible to change the helmet with the team logo... and the change is valid for all folders on the screen where the larger helmet appears...

positive point, it's not such a complicated edition...

negative point... apparently the logo has to be 48x48 px... this apparently results in a smaller size than the original helmet...

But I really liked the result of the team logo...
news coming soon with all the logos placed in place of the helmets...

I hope you find this possibility interesting...


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new update !!..

helmets changed to current designs...

ok there are some errors...
example charger has a blue grille and not yellow... because it is linked to the colors of the bears helmets... so it turned blue...

However, I think the end result is very good.... what do you think??...

as it was done based on an original version... the team names are still old... this will be the next step...

See you soon!!


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New updates:
- NFL logo main menu
- NFL logo center field
- Tecmo field logo... changed to "X" by kickoff

- 3 colors line on the 20 yards. blue white red.
- EndZone changes color depending on the team's side. the colors are the same as the helmet team.
- All home and away shirt colors have been changed for the 2023 season.

The next step is to change the complete squad and skills for the 2023/2024 season.


See you soon!!






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