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Tecmo SuperBowl - Sega Genesis - Helmets

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hello everyone, good night, how are you?

my name is raphael and i'm from brazil, and i'm developing some editing tests in this rom, because i'm a fan of this game.

First of all, I'm new to this forum and would like to share a breakthrough I made in the game Tecmo Super Bowl 1 on Sega Genesis.

I was able to change the graphics of the small helmets. in this case I only changed the one for the Tenesse Titans and the Whasighton Commanders....

now the next step is to try to update these helmets in their bigger and more detailed version...

Below is an image of the edit that was made.
I used the 22/23 season hack available on this forum to develop these tests.

The next news I will inform here in this topic.

thanks and sorry for my poor english.



Edited by Raphael Edo
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Hello people good night...

After a while I'm back here to demonstrate another update on the Sega Genesis Tecmo Super Bowl 1 hack.....

basically what was done was to replace all the helmets on the selection screen with the team logos...

what do you think? it looks different 😃

The next steps will be editing the big helmets... I found a big oilers helmet... but editing is another complicated task... lol...teladeequipesnfl.thumb.png.ba13c15a29ca738ac66b560d0375d453.png

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Hi folks....new updates....

Yes, it was possible to change the helmet with the team logo... and the change is valid for all folders on the screen where the larger helmet appears...

positive point, it's not such a complicated edition...

negative point... apparently the logo has to be 48x48 px... this apparently results in a smaller size than the original helmet...

But I really liked the result of the team logo...
news coming soon with all the logos placed in place of the helmets...

I hope you find this possibility interesting...


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new update !!..

helmets changed to current designs...

ok there are some errors...
example charger has a blue grille and not yellow... because it is linked to the colors of the bears helmets... so it turned blue...

However, I think the end result is very good.... what do you think??...

as it was done based on an original version... the team names are still old... this will be the next step...

See you soon!!


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New updates:
- NFL logo main menu
- NFL logo center field
- Tecmo field logo... changed to "X" by kickoff

- 3 colors line on the 20 yards. blue white red.
- EndZone changes color depending on the team's side. the colors are the same as the helmet team.
- All home and away shirt colors have been changed for the 2023 season.

The next step is to change the complete squad and skills for the 2023/2024 season.


See you soon!!






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Hi guys, how are you?

Well, after a long time of studying and testing the edition of the game Tecmo Super Bowl 1 - from Sega Genesis, I finally managed to finish the edition...

what was changed:
- NFL logos field and game, scoreboard right at halftime.

- end zone switchable according to the colors of the teams' uniforms...

- change of the Tecmo logo on the kickoff line, for a demarcation on the field.

- on the team selection screen, the mini helmets were changed to the team logo, with a background compatible with the base colors of each team.

- graphic details such as the colors of red stars for AFC teams and blue stars for NFC teams.

- design and colors of large helmets, both for the game intro and on the squad information screens.

- complete and updated team names... except for the tennessee titans who remained as teness. titans, and washington commanders, which was like washin. commanders. (this is only on the game's intro screen, the other screens have full names).

- update of team abbreviations, for those used in nfl broadcasts on espn. (with 2 or 3 letters without any periods).

- update of the squad and player specifications as the 2023 season begins.

- updating the colors of the uniforms both in the intro, animations and in the game to the colors according to the 2023 season.
The only teams that cannot be updated are the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, as they share the same graphics, unfortunately this does not allow all the correct colors to be created for all teams.

- update of season dates for 2023 and consequently for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 seasons in case you want to play all 3 seasons... this includes the date that appears at the end of the regular season. (all the hacks I've seen to date this date is always 199x, in this version I also updated it to the year chosen for the season).

- and lastly, the scoreboard at the end of each quarter, which I changed from the ninja gaiden graphic to a Superbowl VLIII logo in Las Vegas.



Well, there's one thing that bothered me a lot, which is that I used a version that doesn't record progress, meaning if you turn it off you lose the season in progress. and as this made me very upset about having used the wrong version of the room, I'm going to redo the entire project in the September version of the rom, as it makes it possible to save the season... but to do this I'm going to have to map out all the specifications of each player manually, using the TSB manager 2000 application, it does not work for this version...

Well, that was it... now the biggest headache begins, which is redoing this manual mapping...

I hope all folks like the reference images.. and when I finish the saved version, I can check how to share.

caixa tecmo sb 23-24.jpg











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Great news... I discovered how to change player names and abilities in the September version of Tecmo Super Bowl 1 on Sega Genesis..

Now I can edit the hack and still use the cartridge battery to save the season's progress.
and I can also use TSBM2000, as a basis for creating player data... but to apply it to the final rom with save, I first need to save it in the rom without save, which accepts being edited by TSBM2000, and then just copy and paste the data to the version with save and adjust the offsets to start the skills.

at offset 00004060 we will have the value of the beginning of the organization of the player name offsets (this TSBM2000 will do for us automatically) it will take to offset 00005862 - which is the organization of numbers + player names.

at offset 00004064, we will have the beginning of the players' skills, and this value that is in this offset must be adjusted according to the end of the players' names (because in the edition, the number of characters of the players' letters will inevitably be greater than the original, but This doesn't cause a problem because we have plenty of space in the ROM for that)...

important warning, when tsbm2000 exports the data it does not place a division between the end of the names and the beginning of the skills. and this creates a problem in the version of the rom with save... and to solve this it was necessary to map where the difference was, Luckily it was just at the end of the names... the last name will always be that of the last DB of sf49ers, then you need to put an FF in the code and then paste the skills that come from TSBM2000.

It seems complicated, but it's actually quite simple... First, map the numbers and names of the players and then the skills... and take it from the rom that allows it to be edited in TSBM2000 and then put it in the version that has the save.

at offset 00005862, starts the mapping and the number and name off the players... (you can copy and paste form the rom edited o TSBM2000), after the end od names, insert the cod FF, then paste the codes os TSBM2000 for the players abilitys.




from the FF up (Yellow, is the number and name of the players), from the FF down (Blue, are the players' skills)

Well, I was successful in making these edits, now I'm going to work on making all the changes I had shown in previous posts now in the saved version, and when I'm finished sharing the results again here.



hugs and happy new year holidays to everyone.







This is jus to demonstrates that the edit works (i will change the Oilers to Ravens on the final version os the hack)


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Hello @slim_jimmy7

yes, TSBM2000 only works in the rom version without save... this version exists on the forum (I'll post the link later with due thanks).

Well, with this mini tutorial made in the last post, I was also able to transport the information and specifications to the saved version... it's a manual process, but it's simple and it works.


When I finish the desired edits to complete the hack, I can post a pointer guide of everything that was changed and what each thing does... as it can help others who want to edit other versions.

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