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SNES disassembly tool

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This was the best tool I ever found to try and disassemble an SNES rom. Looks like its had quite a few updates lately after being not worked on for awhile. 




The key problem with creating an SNES disassembly is the following:


" The 65816 (processor used in the NES)  has runtime dynamic register sizing (m/x, 8 vs. 16-bit), which affects the disassembly output. The problem is that it's done at runtime, not at assemble-time, thus the only way a disassembler could know what the proper values are to use at that time would be for an disassembler to *also* be a full-on SNES emulator"







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I use it a lot as well. Except, there are so many features I don’t really understand most of them. Could you post a tutorial on how to use some of the more useful features?

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