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(Other) Space Mutants - Full Game Download


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Space Mutants - Full Game Download

***10/23/23:  I have been working on expanding, improving, and updating Space Mutants for the last five or so months. I have expanded the games size by about 45%! Enjoy this new version of the game! New Bosses, New Levels, New Enemies!


Your name is Arlo, Arlo P. Barnaby. You and a crew of sixty other Miners are sent out to the outer reaches of the solar system and stationed on an obscure desolate moon for the next six months to mine for valuable moon rock deposits. While mining, you and your crew unearths an ancient evil and it awakens to wreaks havoc upon the living! Scared and alone you barricade yourself inside of your living quarters and hide from the evil for days. When you realize it is either you make an escape attempt or wait to die, that is when you venture out into the abyss of evil to save yourself!


Link to Space Mutants Official Page: https://t-bone1.itch.io/space-mutants


Play on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2435230/Space_Mutants/




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