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Play as same team ROM complete


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EDIT: Changed Jack Trudeau pass speed on the Average Joe team was throwing nothing but submarine balls. Also cleaned up the Average Joe NFC team colors to not look close against the NFC All Stars


I've been working on somethings for our online league. I made a rom with the following:

2 sets of Original Teams with fixed playbooks for Minnesota & Washington.

1 AFC All Star team

1 NFC All Star team

1 AFC Average Joe Team. Worst AFC players

1 NFC Average Joe Team. Worst NFC players

1 Famicom Stars Team full of unique players only to the Japan release.

Attaching the same rom but with set command from xplosv with pursuit hack for tougher drones on defense.

Also have the same rom but Washington and Minnesota has their Original WR reverses for those who want to keep it more pure.





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On 4/8/2023 at 1:07 AM, TheFes75 said:

@tecmo_ninja Have you been able to decipher xplosv command list to get rid of the "swing" or "catapult" of defensive players on hooks and slants away from the ball? If you could eliminate that, the game would be completely different. 

I haven't seen that. I'm not much of an editor outside of available programs others have made. I've made some documents and such for myself to make it quicker to edit roms. We have a draft league and it's getting rough playing against Miami offense. Do you have a link to forum post you're referring to? Would love to do that

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